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Photo book and the History channel

I'm so behind on my blog!

Usually by this point in the year I've posted a recap of the last year, goals for the new year, books I read the last year and an update on my previous goals.

Basically I was awesome in past years and this year not so much.

We spent a lot of our holiday time traveling and due to the fact that I am getting old it pretty much exhausted me. I had lots of plans to organize and clean around my house, but it never got done.

You see, during the Christmas season I decided to hold a 1st birthday for Eli in March. I had gone back and forth back and forth back and forth about this but decided once and for all (with the help of Luke) that I was indeed going to hold a 1st birthday for my baby boy. So the planning began in my head.

And somewhere in that planning I decided that I wanted to complete the book that I started of Eli's first year so that it would be at the party for people to look through.

So I sat down to re-start the book and got completely addicted. I am having so much fun putting together the book and looking at all the pictures of Eli from the past several months.


Sidenote complete.

Plus it is a good distraction from the dumb shows my husband has started watching on the History channel. Has anybody noticed how the History channel (I use the word history lightly) has become all about the end of the world and aliens?!?! And Big Foot. I mean WHAT is that about?

So every night I work on Eli's book and Luke flips back and forth between football and a show about how the Nazi's were really aliens. Please, try not to be too jealous of our life. We are a wild pair.

But then one night, sometime between working on Eli's book and blocking out the creepy man's voice from the History channel I realized that I will want Eli's first birthday IN the first year book so finishing it before his birthday is not an option.

However, despite the fact that it does not need to be completed by March I'm still heavily engrossed in putting together the book.

So I still plan on recapping our last year on my blog (I know you're on the edge of your seat) and setting my goals (please calm down I promise I will get to it).

But I will not be recapping books I read in 2011 because I only read two. Unless you count furiously flipping through every book about babies trying to figure out if I'm doing things right reading. Which I don't. I call that FREAKING OUT.

Not as much as I freak out when I've been a good wife, sitting and watching the scary shows on the History channel only to look one and realize that my sweet, sweet, annoying, husband is ASLEEP. And then I wonder HOW LONG HAS HE BEEN ASLEEP? It causes more frustration in me than it really should.

Basically I just wrote this post because it bothered me that I hadn't blogged in 2012 but I also didn't have time to recap our last year and I still need to think through my goals for the next year.

I blame the aliens.


  1. This post made me smile!! Especially this: So every night I work on Eli's book and Luke flips back and forth between football and a show about how the Nazi's were really aliens. Please, try not to be too jealous of our life. We are a wild pair.

    Yes, Megan, you are hilarious. Thanks!

  2. LOL. "Sidenote complete"....too funny! You still have a few days in 2012 to complete your recap of 2011!!:)

  3. You are too funny, sweetie! I love when I get engrossed in a crafty project - I bet the baby book is going to be amazing!

  4. You never cease to make me laugh! My hubby has a crazy knack for falling asleep, too. UGH!

  5. Thanks for making me laugh this morning! You're hilarious :)

  6. You always crack me up! And I feel your pain with the history channel, for whatever reason my husband likes watching it too and I don't get it.

  7. What is it with the History channel these days?? We have all these weird shows in our netflix from History.

  8. You crack me up! So stinking funny and I'm so glad you posted, been missing your randomness!!

  9. haha this post cracked me up, I just love you :-)

  10. Oh my goodness, my husband has been watching those creepy alien shows too. They are horrible!

  11. My father-in-law and I have a running joke about Ancient Aliens. Basically we just dramatically draw the conversation back to aliens at random times. Just like the show. It's so ridiculous!

  12. You make me laugh...and I love that about you!

  13. This post is hilarious and I love it! I am way behind on recapping the end of the year also.

  14. Oh my gosh, my husband does that with MOVIES! He picks these awful, old movies and then starts falling asleep halfway through. It drives me nuts! Hahaha I'm so glad I'm not the only one.


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