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A GIANT non-problem

This post could be classified as the biggest "NON-PROBLEM" ever. But I feel the need to share.

What is a non-problem you ask? Something that you know isn't really a problem, but for whatever reason when that problem is plaguing you it seems huge. Even though it is beyond, BEYOND minuscule.

I've mentioned before that Luke is a NY Giants fan by choice, I'm a fan by marriage, and Eli is a fan by force.

We are your modern football family.

There came a point in our marriage when I realized that Luke SERIOUSLY enjoyed it when I would take interest in his passions.

Imagine that? Sometimes I forget marriage is give and take, I tend to think in the forms of take-take.

Part of me is joking. The other part is your typical first born child.

So there are times that I sit down and "enjoy" the game with Luke. Now granted, I have my laptop propped in my lap, phone hand and possibly headphones on my ears, but hey I'M ENJOYING THE DANG GAME.

I will periodically look up and give a cheer or yell, "WHAT?!? WE WERE ROBBED" for effect. It has worked so far.

It took about two days after we found out we were pregnant, that Luke quit freaking out and went looking on the grand ole Internet for some NY Giants goodies for our new baby.
This was obviously in our pre-baby days, and sadly we had no idea what all a baby entailed and that the baby actually has a mind that works and chooses what type of pacifier and bottle he prefers.
So sadly, the cute NY Giants pacifier and bottle that Luke specifically chose for our baby Tree sat in a corner collecting dust because they were never touched. Eli had his preferences and these items did not meet Sir Eli's desires.

While constantly racking my brain for what to get Luke for Christmas this year I decided there would be nothing more appropriate than family NY Giants gear.

The best kind of presents for people you love are those that involve also getting yourself a little something, right?

I scoured the Internet and found some new Giants shirts for Luke, a shirt for me and the cutest little red spirited shirt for Eli.

On Christmas morning Luke was so excited that his family was going to represent the team he has loved since the age of eight.

We wore our shirts proudly for the first game of 2012. We were the picture perfect NY Giants family that Luke had always imagined.

It was like a scene straight from a Norman Rockwell painting.

I gave myself an appropriate pat on the back for my many successes.

Great Christmas presents? Check.

Christmas presents that involve a present for me? Check.

A husband proud of his football-loving family? Check.

My happy thoughts came to a screeching halt when Luke casually mentioned that Eli and I were now required to wear these same outfits every single game day.

Does this man not remember his son's closet? Doesn't he know this baby boy has plenty of clothes to wear, that mind you, he QUICKLY out grows and we only have a limited amount of wearing time available? The last thing that he needs to do is wear the same shirt over and over and over.

See....I told you....a NON-PROBLEM.

The first Sunday I kindly obliged. I'm not a celebrity...and heck if Duchess of Cambridge Kate can repeat outfits then so can Megan and Eli.

The next Sunday I went through an internal battle of what to do. Wear the shirts for the 3rd Sunday in a row? Or take our chances that the Giants could surely win a game without us wearing the same ole same ole outfit.

So I took our chances. But I made sure Eli and I had on appropriate colored clothing.It made sense in my mind. Me with my BLUE scarf and Eli in his BLUE overalls with RED shirt underneath.

When we arrived at church that morning I was met with disappointment from Luke. Clearly it did not make sense in his mind.

Forget my past of fake cheering and sacrificing my hard-earned money for some silly football shirts. ONE DAY of not wearing them and I was in the football wife dog house.

The next weekend I was again met with an internal we are one game away from the Super Bowl. Do I take the chance that we are going to win and not wear our shirts saving them for Super Bowl Sunday......or do I assume we are going to lose and wear them knowing this is our last chance this year and Eil's last chance to wear his shirt before he outgrows it. Such hard decisions.

::::Can we please have a moment of silence for the fact that I just referred to an NFL team that I have no connection to as WE..........thank you::::

I eventually decided that Eli could wear his shirt (with his super cool vest that reminds me of Back to the Future) and I would wear my red scarf in support. Win. Win.

Apparently my team loyalty comes through scarves of many colors.

Well, the Giants won their game and are headed to the Super Bowl.

So come Sunday February 5th our family will be decked out in our Giants clothes. I had no idea just how much wear and tear those shirts would get when I picked them out one December evening.

I plan to stock up on many NY Giants shirts this year.If I'm going to have to wear a shirt every game day maybe I can at least alternate between two different shirts.


  1. My thoughts exactly in marriage (take-take) AND as an oldest child. Our lucky, lucky husbands =)

  2. I JUST NOW put together Eli + Giant Fan Freak Luke!!! I suppose that isn't the REAL reason Eli has his name, but a great coincidence. ;)

  3. My boyfriend is a huge Manchester United fan (he is British) and I have become a fan by proxy. I am taking this blog post as a warning that I should never buy any man u merchandise!

  4. Bahahaaha! I'm laughing pretty hard right. Mostly at the "scarves of many colors" and Eli looking like Marty McFly from Back to the Future :)'re an awesome wife!

  5. Oh how our house relates to this minus the adorable baby. Hubby has his routine with the Carolina Tar Heels that if they're losing, he changes his clothes into the ones that have always brought luck, sits in the same place, etc.

    Sports can do weird things to otherwise somewhat normal people.

    Bless it.

    ALSO, totally pulling for the Giants!

  6. Luckily Eli(and you) only has one team to cheer for.

    Our poor baby will have to cheer for the Spartans, the Bulldogs, the Lions and the Falcons. :)

  7. I love it! This is exactly how our family is about the Packers. Papa Bear is a born fan. I support out of love, and Baby Bear is sort of obligated by being the daughter of a born Packer fan. But it's so cute because if she is awake when the game is on she will cheer with Daddy. I am going to have to find a few items of Packer gear next year for the same reason.

  8. Our house is all sorts of backwards! I'm a huge football fan. Dallas fan. My husband doesn't like football. He is a baseball fan. If he has to watch football with me, he will not cheer for Dallas. Which equals me being in a really bad mood every Sunday! :-) glad you all can at least play nice!

  9. I love Eli's vest... and love your hair. And I"m so happy that YOUR team ... or should I say that y'all are going to the super bowl! Yay Giants! Yay Eli!

  10. If his team wins my husband will wear the same shirt/jersey all season long for every. single. game. If our team scores while one person is out of the room, we've been known to keep that person in that same other room for the remainder of the game. Silly sports superstitions!


  11. Love it! We're cheering for your Giants from the Superbowl city of Indianapolis! :)

  12. I seriously love this! Isn't it funny how our team always becomes "we"?

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