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Changing it up; Canvas Style

Every year when I take down the Christmas decorations I have this crazy urge to redecorate everything in my house.

I'm not sure what it is about taking down my decorations that causes this but it happens every single year without fail.

I wish we could rearrange the furniture in our living room but we have one of those living rooms that can only go one way. Believe me I learned this the hard way when I was in my 3rd trimester and LARGE and decided our furniture needed to be moved RIGHT THAT MINUTE and tried to rearrange it by myself. Luke walked in and flipped out on me. Apparently its not advised that pregnant women push heavy furniture. I didn't care I NEEDED A NEW LAYOUT.

After about an hour or two of pushing and standing back to look we decided that the furniture only looks good one way. Bummer.

So this year instead of moving our furniture only to move it back to its original place, I took to our walls. I decorated when we moved into our house in March of 2010 and everything has stayed the same since then. It was definitely time for an update.

I mentioned in December that I had become CANVAS CRAZY and ordered several through good deals I found on the internet. I've had several people ask me where I got them. I got them from Easy Canvas Prints they have the best deals and the quality is amazing.

I had originally planned to group all my canvases together on a wall in our living room, but ultimately I didn't like how it looked so I decided to use them throughout the house to change it up a bit.

I'm sure you will be tempted to pin every picture but you must know that every pic was taken with my iPhone so they are SUPER AWESOME quality. Proceed if you must. (I sure hope you sense my sarcasm?)

First I added this table (that I got at Hobby Lobby) in our entry way. I've always wanted an entry way table and the start of a new year seemed like the perfect time to add one! And then of course the sweet canvas from Eli's 3 month photo shoot. I mean HOW SWEET IS THAT BABY?

That canvas is a 16x20

Next is our dining room. I've wanted to change it up in there for awhile but I didn't know what to do. So I decided to do a smorgasbord of "stuff" if you will. Lots of various things are now on this wall including the canvas of Eli on the bottom left corner:
That canvas is an 11x14

And last but not least one of our family pics from Eli's 6 month pics and also the picture I used on our Christmas cards. I hung this in the hallway and replaced our engagement picture. I moved that to our bedroom. It just seemed more appropriate that way.
That canvas is an 18x24

I've taken a bit of a "time out" 'from ordering canvases. I know I will want to order some from Eli's 1st birthday pics so I'm just holding out (and saving money) for those.

I love changing things up around the house, it feels so refreshing!


  1. Love your arrangements, sweetie! We're planning to move soon and despite my horror of packing, I am so looking forward to setting up home!

  2. I love love LOVE that picture of Eli in the entryway. Holy COW he's cute!

  3. love your canvases! i bought some of the deals from groupon and plum district, i just can't commit to which pictures i want to order! :/
    i have that same table from hobby lobby, too. i'm sure you'll be happy to know that so far it had stood the test of time. we bought it right after we got married (almost 5 yrs ago) and it has withstood a move, various arrangements, and now the hiding place/resting place for a certain toddler :)

  4. LOVE them all! We have a corner fireplace and I HATE it it makes arranging the living room SOOOO difficult. You want to know the worst part....we CUSTOM BUILT OUR HOUSE. I chose that corner fireplace!!! and our VERY reputable area builder didn't say oh you might hate that :) LOVE all your arrangements. A 1st birthday canvas is a MUST. We put a GIANT one that my husband thinks is insane in our playroom from her photo session cake smash!

  5. It looks great! Love the little table from Hobby Lobby. I get the itch to redecorate after Christmas too. I think it's the combo of a new year/fresh start and the emptiness of our house after all the decorations are down!

  6. Looks so good! I love Canvas Art, too! We won a free copy of any of our wedding photos on canvas, and I love it so much. :)

  7. Because of your canvas love - I've about decided to do a huge wall in all different sizes of canvases. I was going to do framed pics but I think canvases would be easier and I love pics on canvas! Thanks for the inspiration. Whenever you see a good canvas deal - let me know! :)

  8. I browse your blog alot and knew I had to comment on this post. If you want a cheap way to make your own canvases: Order prints at Sam's Club or Costco and buy the same size canvas at Hobby Lobby. Just mod podge the back of the picture and the front of the canvas and stick the picture on it. Use a dry towel and smooth so there aren't any wrinkles. Let dry about 15 minutes. Then put 2-3 thin layers of mod podge on top of the picture and on the sides. Let dry completely and hang. They look awesome and are sooo cheap to make! I have my 4 kids' pictures on the wall as 20x24 and they look so awesome!

  9. your entry looks so cute! love it! You did a great job with the gallery too. I love that picture from your Christmas card, such a gorgeous photo.

  10. I've never commented before, but I found your blog through blue eyed bride. Our boys are almost the same age, mine was born at the end of March! I too love canvases, and now that Christmas is put away I'm trying to redo my mantel.. I just can't decide which picture to put on a canvas! Such tough decisions! Your house looks great though!

  11. That picture of Eli in your entryway is absolute perfection, so cute! You have me convinced I need to order some canvases now!

  12. I've never commented before, but have started reading lately and I just have to say Eli is just adorable!

    I love Canvas' and have a few that I need to order...but just cannot seem to decide which pictures to use! Ha!

  13. I am equally obsessed with canvas prints, and had the same thought that I would put them all together on our family room wall! I agreed that it was too much, and am trying to figure out how to decorate our little apartment with them. I love how beautiful your color ones are! (We have all black and white).


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