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Thursday Thoughts

Time for random thoughts.

1. Several people made good points on yesterday's post. If it hadn't already happened, Friends definitely jumped the shark when they had Rachel kiss Joey. I seriously can't watch those episodes where they "try" and become a couple. It is weird and unnatural.

2. On days when Eli and I stay home all day I do not wear makeup, I consider this a money saving tactic.

3. On days when I do wear makeup I try and wash my face as early in the evening as possible. I hate *hate* washing my face at night, but I also cannot sleep with a face full of makeup. The inner mind dialogues between washing my face vs. not washing it are stressful.

4. I'm currently dreading washing my face. I'm already struggling with the great debate of whether I can fall asleep with makeup on. The answer is no.

5. I am so thankful that a year and a half ago I decided to sign up for Scentsy. There were a couple of times after Eli was born that I thought about quitting, but I'm so glad I didn't. I am loving this journey that I am on with Scentsy. Can't wait to see what the future holds!

6. I think 3 Musketeers is my favorite candybar. So good.

7. I didn't eat enough Cheesey potato's over Thanksgiving. I need more.

8. I can't wait to share our Christmas cards on here! They turned out super cute (mainly because of our teeny tiny Eli addition this year). (actually he isn't teeny tiny, he's a pretty big chunk, but I still like to call him my teeny tiny). I will be linking up once again for Faith's Christmas Card Carousel on December 14th!

9. The other day I had the grand idea to make a Christmas bucket list of things for the Tree family to do during the month of December. I thought my idea was so great. Then I saw like 2 million Christmas bucket lists on the Internet. So I'm thinking my "grand idea" was something I had previously seen and then it implanted itself in my subconscious and I thought I came up with the idea myself but I didn't. Anyways, I don't want to do it now cause I don't like to be a follower.

10. Which means I will say I won't want to do it for about a week and then I will cave and do it. But I refuse to read any other bucket lists cause I want mine to be all my original thoughts. I'm weird.


  1. I definitely think Friends jumped the shark during the whole Rachel/Joey thing. I agree with you that it seemed unnatural and awkward. I hate watching episodes from that season.

  2. We call Amelia our teeny-tiny too. She loves it and will call herself that after Alex wraps her up in a towel after bath time.

    Can't wait to see your Christmas card - no doubt it's adorable. You guys are one cute family! :)

  3. Almost every day I try and fall asleep with my makeup on. And then I lay there for so long thinking about how I need to wash my face . . . I always end up getting up and washing it anyways!

  4. You must, must, must buy these.

    You can get them at any store by the face washes. I use them every night to wipe my makeup off because it just feels so much less terrible than splashing water all over my exhausted face! They get all of my makeup off so easily. Make my skin feel delicious. LIFE CHANGING! Do it!

  5. I hate washing my face too. But I can't sleep with make-up on either.

    My sister sells Scentsy and loves it. Sometimes it's a lot of work, but she makes decent (extra) money, and I think they are much better than candles.

  6. I'm laughing at the face-washing debate because I am the same way. There have been nights when - gasp! - I decided not to wash my face, and by the time I got upstairs to get ready for bed, I felt too gross and had to. A clean face is a happy face. :)

    Can't wait to see the Christmas card!

  7. Can't wait to see your Christmas card! I'm a no make-up on days at home girl too. No sense in wasting the time, energy and money, right?

  8. I can actually relate to your inner dialogue w yourself. That means either we are both weird or we are the normal ones and everyone else is weird ;)

  9. Oh Im the exact same way with makeup. Every time I start to put it on when I'm not going anywhere (which as a stay at home mom is pretty friggin often!), I'm like, noooo thats a waste and that will just mean i have to buy more sooner! Glad I'm not the only one that sees this as a waste!


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