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Staff Dinner

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Every year our church staff goes out to eat in December for a little Christmas get together.

It is amazing to me that this was the 7th year for Luke and I to partake in the staff Christmas dinner. Longer than we've been married. We've had a lot of fun times at those dinners!

My grandparents drove up tonight to take care of Eli while we went out to eat. We are beyond thankful for all of our family that thinks of it as a privilege to be able to take care of Eli for us. Anytime we need a babysitter we have a line of family members ready to come take care of him, regardless of the travel (we don't live in the same town as any family). Such a blessing. And as I've said before I love that Eli is able to have a relationship with my grandparents. They have been such a big part of my life and I know they love being able to spend time with their great-grandbaby!
I had my grandma take a picture of Luke and I and as you can see at the bottom of the picture Eli didn't understand why we were taking a picture without him. He sat at our feet, so we of course scooped him up for the picture.

We went to a local steakhouse and I ate so much I made myself sick. It has been a long time since I've eaten in an actual sit down restaurant. Oh the things that take a back seat once the baby comes and the money goes away! ;-)

All the girls, such a fun group.
I think this might have been my most favorite staff dinner yet. Maybe it's because I am deprived from eating out so I was bound to have a good time no matter what.

We are so thankful for our church family.


  1. You look so pretty in these pictures...your curled hair looks great!

    I love tat your grandparents are close enough to make the trip to babysit Eli on a week night. That is so kind of them!

  2. You look so pretty, Megan. The curled/wavy hair is a great look on you. :) It is a blessing to have family members willing to take care of your little guy. Glad y'all enjoyed a night out!

  3. Your hair looks so good! I'm glad you got a night out.

  4. Great pictures.

    One of the things I'm really grateful for is that my grandparents are still living and are really involved in my son's life. They are in their late 70s, but they are always ready to play and hang out. I think it's a real blessing.


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