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Sick and Canvas

Well, Eli has his first little sickness. He has croup. :-( Poor baby boy. He sounded bad Monday when he woke up but I just thought it was a cold or he was just congested, but the babysitter called me around 10:00 to let me know that he was getting worse. So I quickly made a Dr appointment, went and picked him up and took him home and just held him. Sure enough he had croup.

We had a 9 month appointment scheduled for next week so the dr just combined the appointments (praise the Lord only 1 co-pay). Eli is 21 lbs and 27 inches long. I love our pediatrician so much and I'm so thankful that friends recommended him to me. However I've realized I always have this weird thing where I fall in love with my doctors. Not in a romantic, creepy way, but in a s/he-saved-my-life-I-love-him kind of way. Even if they didn't save my life. I might need to look into that a bit, I'm sure there is some sort of name for that disorder. I bet WebMD will tell me.

I'm happy to say that I have all of our Christmas shopping done and I did it ALL online. I am also proud to say that we were able to pay for all of our Christmas using money I have made through Scentsy. Such a blessing.

I can totally see how people get addicted to online shopping. It is the funnest thing to come home and have tons of packages waiting for you! Even if they aren't FOR you it is still fun to have them there on the porch. Everytime I'm home and I hear the package THUD on the porch and then the delivery man ring the door bell I yell YAY! It might become a bit like Pavlov's dog and Eli might spend the rest of his life yelling YAY! whenever he hears a door bell ring.

Also, something else I've become addicted to is canvas buying.

I am a crazy woman it comes to photography and getting photo sessions scheduled for the appropriate events in life - but when it comes to actually getting those pictures printed out and hung on our walls I am awful.

But lately I've found all these amazing deals on canvas prints so I've been taking care of all those pictures I needed to get printed.

I started with some of Eli's 6 month photos:
Then I got our family picture made into a canvas - - but it's the same picture I used for our Christmas card so I don't want to show it just yet.

Then I got one of Eli's 3 month pics made into a canvas:
All of these were purchased through Easy Canvas Prints. They have amazing deals and the quality has been SO great. One picture I sent wasn't high enough resolution and they personally emailed back and forth with me several times until we got the picture to the correct quality.

Confession: The whole time I thought I was emailing back and forth with a man named "Art" and then on the last email I realized I was emailing with the "Art Department" duh.

They are having a really good deal going on right now, an 18x24 for only $34.99, which is the same good deal I used for our family picture.

I really want to take advantage of this good deal but I can't decide if I want to use a newborn pic of Eli or one of our wedding pictures....

The only problem with the newborn pic is I don't have the rights to it (hence the watermark in the top corner) so I would have to purchase the rights and then buy the canvas. Hm....

But then I also don't want to be a person who has way too many pictures in their house. Which I've never met a person like that I'm just saying....I don't want to be that person. But I would like to have a wedding canvas print for our bedroom. Decisions, decisions.

Well that's all the randomness I have for tonight. Don't forget to enter in the Oreck giveaway if you haven't done so already!


  1. I vote wedding pic- it's a gorgeous pic, it's cheaper and you already have 3 Eli canvases. :)

  2. I vote for the wedding picture too-it's so beautiful! Plus you said you had to purchase the rights for Eli's newborn pic anyway, so this way you'd save money and still get a beautiful picture to have for your bedroom. So, yeah, I vote (not that you're taking votes- haha) wedding canvas!

  3. My son has had croup three times (which is not really normal). The first time it got really bad in the middle of the night, and we took him to the ER. But once we got there he was better. I was embarrassed but the doctor assured me that this was very normal for croup. He was probably just saying that. Hope Eli feels better soon.

    I have to tell you that all the pics are great, but I really like the wedding picture. You know because I'm sure you hold the opinion of a complete stranger in high regard.

  4. Aww - hope the little guy feels better soon! I vote for the wedding pic too - that is a fabulous shot! I've had to cut back on the pics because I have that habit of wanting to put everything in a frame!!

  5. Where are you finding that price on their website? I can't find it but would live to take advantage of such a great deal!

  6. Wedding pic for sure... although the newborn picture is precious, you and your hubby are the cornerstone of your family

  7. Wedding pic....not that you asked. You will always have pics of Eli, but you will only have this wedding day once....hopefully.:)

    Poor Eli. Croup is a scary sounding thing! Just prayed for him.

  8. I would go for the wedding picture! It is a great picture!

  9. Poor Eli! While I love his newborn picture, I LOVE that wedding picture. Look at your waist! It's so tiny!

  10. Love all of those pictures! I love the canvas idea and I've pitched it hard to the husband :)

    Poor sweet Eli! I hope he gets to feeling better.

    Also, I LOVE the fact that you thought the guy's name was Art! I would have too no doubt. But what awesome customer service for them to reach out personally like that.

  11. I love the wedding pic! gorgeous!

  12. I think you should buy BOTH of the pictures - although that wedding pic is absolutely STUNNING. Seriously - so gorgeous.
    I have been so bad for getting pictures developed - I am going to have to do look into something like this with the kids and my pics.

    And I know I have said it before - but I am SO happy to be working under you and Scentsy has been SUCH a huge blessing to me also :)

  13. You have some great photos to choose from! I love the wedding one. I agree with Kodi, you have Eli need that wedding one. :)

    Sorry your babe is sick. Ditto over here. :(

    And I'm the same way with doctors...sometimes. With my OB, anyway. I don't tell anyone the internet searching I did for my doctor...for what? To be friends? No, Laura, he just did your surgery, he isn't your friend... ;)

  14. I vote for the wedding picture. If it was good enough for a centerfold in a magazine, it's definitely good enough for a canvas :)

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  18. I love the wedding picture! I think it's beautiful and would look really great on a canvas! But I also love the canvases of little Eli you already have!!

  19. I would skip the hassle and just go w ordering the wedding one. They are both great photos though!

  20. I vote wedding pic! It is beautiful!

  21. Love the wedding pic! That's my vote :) I cannot wait to buy our own house- I will definitely be that person with way too many pics. Or canvases, thanks to you ;)
    P.S. Eli is gorgeous! I've been reading for a few months since I had my son this year too (January).

  22. I too vote wedding picture! Baby Eli is sweet, but the wedding picture is so pretty!

  23. I hope E is feeling better...poor little guy! :(

    LOVE those canvases!!


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