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Santa and a Christmas Program!

Phew! We had a busy, but fun weekend.

Our weekend kicked off on Friday night when we went to the mall to visit Santa. I thought if we got there early we could beat the rush, but right when we got there Santa went to "check on the toys" so we had to wait around for an hour for him to get back.

As we were standing in line, Santa walked up with his familiar white beard but something was missing; HIS SANTA SUIT. It seems this Santa wears a bit of a different outfit, this is his "workshop" outfit.

I guess I expressed my disgust out loud because Luke asked if I wanted to go somewhere else, but that seemed petty. So I've resorted to just complaining about it after the fact.

Waiting in line:

And the big Meet:

I felt bad complaining about our Santa because he was awfully sweet.

Eli started to fuss a little, but didn't really cry. However he was glad to get off that man's lap!

Here he is afterwards, he was exhausted from the trauma of the Santa (without his Santa suit) meet and greet.
The next morning we woke up early and headed to the church for our kid's christmas program rehearsal. I didn't know Eli was going to be in it, but he ended up having a small part as a baby star in a wagon. He was the best baby star ever. Here he is rehearsing his part:

We had to get Luke's oil changed that day and it ended up take MUCH LONGER than we thought it would. Eli was a trooper but when he started melting down we took some pics. He loves to look at pictures and videos of himself.
We spent the rest of the day at home just hanging together.

Sunday was the Christmas Program. Eli played his part wonderfully, and the other kids looked so cute and sounded great! I had to pull the wagon that Eli and two other babies were in so we didn't get any pics (Luke was of course on stage). I'm hoping somebody else in the church got one.

Here he is "backstage" in the wagon with two of his friends.
I really wanted to get a picture of all of us together today but Luke was running around like usual and I didn't want to interrupt him, so I snapped some pics of Eli at home in front of his tree in his room (complete with remnants of his lunch on his outfit)

It was such a wonderful weekend. I know I say it every weekend, but I am truly thankful for Luke and Eli. It has been so fun sharing the Christmas season with our new baby. We are having a blast!


  1. Santa looks JUST LIKE Tim Allen in the face! Reminds me of the Santa Claus movies!

  2. We have been going to see that same Santa for years. At first it bugged me too that he wasn't in the suit, but now I just get over it. We went tonight, got our pager, waited an HOUR then they called us and said that we had to come back another day because their internet was down!

    Arrgh. SO frustrating.

  3. I can relate to you being upset about Santa. I took my puppy to Petsmart yesterday for a Santa pic. Santa turned out to be a teenage girl in a metal folding chair in front of a piece of green cardboard and the camera wasn't working. For $10.00? No thanks!!

  4. That Santa is such a cute little man! But I can see why you were thrown off by no Santa Suit!

  5. Oh my goodness...he is such a pretty baby. He's one of my faves. :) Love all of the pictures!!

  6. That Santa is so classic. I just can't laugh without seeing him. And Eli's face is icing on the cake! It's one of the best kid&Santa pictures I've seen all year. SO cute!

  7. Too cute! I have never heard of a Santa wearing a workshop outfit! Eli is just presh! :)

  8. All I can say about that Santa? GROOOVYYYYYY MANNNNN!!!! :)

    Eli is just growing up to be the cutest little thing ever. I had to laugh though.. I thought at first, why do those babies have gingerbread men on their faces... like they were real masks or something. Michael Jackson style :) Its Monday... early... give me a break ;)

  9. Whaaaa Santa where's your FAT MAN SUIT? That's so crazy.

  10. Both of those outfits are adorable. I love little sweater one pieces.

  11. A Santa with no suit? Never heard of such a thing! Regardless, the pictures are great. Eli is such a cutie!

  12. Ummm Santa?? I don't get that outfit.

    But Eli is adorable. And your hair in that top picture is amazing. Major hair envy over here.

  13. Oh my gosh those pictures of you and Eli together are so beyond precious!

  14. He was so good for Santa! WTG ElI!


  15. Eli is so precious!! For some reason your blog is not on my list anymore! :(

    We took my little one to a charity event to see Santa. It didn't phase her, but she's only 2 months.

    Check out my blog, I'm hosting a giveaway!

  16. Eli is so stinkin' cute! And tha Santa is so pretty. Sad he didn't have on his santa suit! And your hairlooks GREAT! :)

  17. Somehow I missed some of your posts! The horror! Eli is SOOO cute. Can't wait to get him and Chloe together this Sunday!


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