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Junk Food

What is it about this time of the year that makes me want to eat and eat?

Last year I had the "excuse" that I was pregnant so that is why I was eating a lot.

But in reality I just eat A LOT during this time of the year.

During most months of the year I can walk past a bag of mini Reeses cups and not even bat an eye.

But when December rolls around and I pass by that same bag I act as if I need a Reeses cup in order to save my life, or those around me.

And don't even get me started on the Smore's pop tarts. I know they have nothing to do with Christmas but for some reason they have been calling my name this month.

When I was pregnant I ate two smore's pop tarts everyday.

Then I whined and cried and COULDN'T UNDERSTAND why I was gaining so much weight.


42 pounds later and one tiny six pound baby later (you do the math) I vowed to never eat smore's pop tarts again.

Yet here I am enjoying the gooey deliciousness that happens when the marshmallow and chocolate cream mix together beneath that graham cracker crust with a hard shell on top.

But I vow to never eat two a day for more than two consecutive days. I think I can handle that.

Sadly we don't have any Christmas parties to go to this year, so I feel like I'm making up for the calories that I would normally consume at parties.

I will be consuming them at home. By myself. Eating poptarts on the couch while talking to people I don't know on the internet.

Hmm. Maybe there is a reason we weren't invited to any Christmas parties. I'm obviously TOO COOL for parties.

I've also decided that the Reeses mini cups in the shape of Christmas bells do not have a good chocolate to peanut butter ratio. They have too much chocolate.

And now that I've successfully talked about JUNK FOOD for an entire post I think I will go to bed now.

While visions of Reeses cups bounce through my head.


  1. I love this. My 38 lb. gain during pregnancy was from Butterfingers, so I can relate.

    And I've not had the Christmas bell Reeses, but I have to say the Reeses eggs around Easter are pretty spectacular!

    Clearly I have a problem when it comes to chocolate and peanut butter. :)

  2. I am so scared of gaining a ton of weight during pregnancy. I'm already "not skinny" by any means so I don't want to turn into a real live Free Willy or anything. Yowza!

    My favorite junk food things are: potato chips, brown sugar pop tarts, ice cream, spicey cheese its, dips of any sort... And who knows what else! What really gets me is that I love to cook AND bake. I always say I would be skinnier if I didn't know how to cook. ;-)

  3. I need to try that flavor of Pop-Tarts!

  4. I craved pop tarts when I was pregnant with my first kid, and now with my second? No way. Strange.

    I second that opinion on the Reese's bells. But the trees? Perfection!

  5. I had never tried smores Pop Tarts until you mentioned them- and then my co-worker brought a box to work to share and they are SO GOOD. Junk food is definitely more tempting at this time of year!

  6. I gained 40 lbs and I blame it on my sweet tooth too!

  7. Megan - long-time reader, first time commentor. I'm 34 weeks pregnant. You need to stop talking about these s'more pop tarts. It's all I've been thinking about all day. I'm probably going to make some irrational stop at the store after work today because I haven't had those things since high school and it's all I want now. :) Thanks for reminding me of their gooey-deliciousness.
    By the way, I think you're hilarious.

  8. Haha, I've been eating non-stop since the low's dropped below 50. I want pasta, soups, desserts (I'm not really a sweets person), mashed potatos, really anything and everything!! There is no bone in my body that wants to think about a salad or a piece of fruit... Something's going to have give, and I hope it's not the buttons on my pants!

  9. This is my biggest fear. Not being able to stop eating that stuff when I'm pregnant one day. A friend of mine ate ZERO sugar while she was pregnant and I might have to try that. I think it would be really hard for me to stop once I started eating sugar. But you look great anyway so I wouldn't have known you had gained 42 pounds minus the baby!


  10. I have been CRAVING s'mores poptarts for quite some time now. Not pregnant. Just because. I see a stop at the grocery store after dinner tonight...

    And I love the Reeses Christmas trees so much. I don't typically eat reese's, but things taste better when they're shaped like an evergreen.


  11. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and hard core craving Smore's Pop Tarts!! I thought I was the only one! I stop at least twice a week to get them on my way to work! :)

  12. I loooove the Smores poptarts! So tasty!

    Also, no Christmas parties? Fly to Charlotte next weekend and come to my ornament exchange :)

  13. since i've tweeted about our shared love of sausage balls and coneys, i guess i'll mention that i love s'mores pop tarts here. :)

  14. I see no problem in making an entire post about junk food...because I basically feel the same way! I am 28 weeks pregnant and have already gained 23 pounds so my vision of only gaining 25 for the entire pregnancy is definitely NOT going to happen. And using the pregnancy excuse to eat whatever I want is all too convenient. Now I really want a s'mores pop tart...

  15. I've come to the conclusion that grocery shopping is the most fun, but dangerous, this time of year. Take any old food, slap it in a red or green box, and I feel the need to put two of them in my cart. This also explains how I've ended up buying Four,FOUR, large bags of M&Ms in the past two weeks.

  16. OMG - Reeses are my FAVORITE! I happen to think the best ration comes in the form of the Reeses pumpkins, haha.


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