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Weekly Weekend Update

This time of the year is always so busy for us and this year has been no exception. I love being busy and having plans set, but I also love a good weekend at home with nothing to do and no place to go. I'm sure one will come along soon. In the meantime we will go, go, go like usual!

This past weekend Luke was in the wedding of his best friend Will.

Thursday morning we had the wedding rehearsal followed by a beautiful luncheon with yummy food. I'm a fan of anything that has yummy food.

Luke was busy with wedding events the whole weekend so I spent my time hanging out with my grandparents. I love that Eli gets to hang with his great-grandparents. They were so helpful to keep Eli for us while we went to various wedding festivities throughout the weekend.

The wedding was Saturday night and was so beautiful and was perfectly unique to the couple. I love a wedding that fits the couple to a T and doesn't feel stuffy or forced. And most importantly a wedding where you can feel that God is truly going to be the center of that marriage.

I love going to weddings because it always reminds me of the vows I made on my wedding day. It is so easy to get caught up in life and the day ins and outs and forget why you got married or what your purpose is as a couple, weddings like the one yesterday are a great reminder of all those things.

Here we are with the beautiful couple. It was a fun weekend!


  1. I love weddings too...they always make me love my husband a little bit more!

    The bride looks gorgeous, I love her dress!

  2. Small world - We are good friends of Shannon and Will too! We go to church together back in Oklahoma! We live in Tennessee, but are from Oklahoma and I just love reading your blog!

  3. great picture! and I am really wishing for a casual laid-back weekend...thankfully with the baby arriving in just 6 short weeks, we've really tried to cut back on making any firm plans which should hopefully help out!

  4. I just LOVE weddings too!!
    Glad you guys had a good weekend :)
    The bride looks absolutely radiant!


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