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Weekly Weekend Update - College Get Together

This is one of the posts that I was talking about when I wrote this post. I want to blog family events for memory's sake, but I know it will be boring to everyone else.

And I promise I won't give that disclaimer before every post.

This weekend was one of the weekends that I look forward to all year. It was the weekend of our annual "college friends get together". It has become something that we do every year and I hope we continue it for many more years. And of course I have to blog about it every year. 2010, 2009 and 2008.

We usually get together in December but this year we decided to plan it in November. We spent the whole day laughing, talking, eating, laughing some more, attempting to do Cart Wheels in the backyard (these are becoming harder the older we get, we had to make sure we could still do them), playing with babies, eating and just plain having fun.

Every year the biggest challenge of the day is figuring out a good spot to stand for our group. We need to be able to prop the camera in a good place and someone needs to be the person who pushes the button and runs to the group. A daunting task.

The group picture:

And what was once the "girls" picture has now been renamed the "girls and kids" picture:

This time last year Jodi and I were in our 2nd trimester and 26 weeks preggo. Now we have two sweet babies, so naturally we decided to make sure that they wore matching shirts for the occasion.

We both ordered from Lulu McGee and were beyond impressed with the customer service and quality of the shirts. It's a story for another day.

Our little turkeys:
This picture seriously cracks us up. I had to call Jodi the second I saw it. Our favorite part is Eli's hand on Halle's leg and Halle's look on her face like "please help me" but don't they look so cute in their shirts??

Eli in his shirt:
Every year at the end of the day I wish that we could all get together more often but we are all spread out and all have lots of things going on that keep us busy. Plus getting together like this makes it that much more special!

I still vote that we have a summer get together....maybe even at the beach. That sounds nice!


  1. Its so nice that y'all still get together like that! I wish we did that. And by we I mean my college friends. Obviously, WE do get together! had a blast on Friday. :)

  2. Y'all are so cute :-) and Eli is adorable - i love his shirt!

  3. I don't find these kind of posts boring at all! It inspires me to plan more get-togethers with my friends:)

  4. I love that y'all still get together like this! So fun!

  5. Adorable shirts! Love that Eli is already making a move!!

  6. How fun! Eli is adorable in his little turkey shirt! It was so great to see you on Friday!

  7. man...eli is starting early with the girls! love it!

    and isn't it such a blessing to have a great group of friends that you can gather with...I love gathering with my college friends!

  8. What a fun idea! I'm totally going to steal it and make a reunion happen for my college friends. :) Love that you have added babies to the mix now. Sharing life with special people is just too fun!


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