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Thanksgiving 2011

There is something about holidays that makes me forget to take out my camera and get some great pictures.

I have about 2000 pictures of Eli with dried baby food all over his face wearing a dirty onesie and mismatched pants.

But take a day where he is looking all cute in his holiday outfit and Luke and I are dressed and look nice and we are surrounded by family, and I completely forget to take out my camera.

But don't worry I do have my trusty phone pictures.

Our Thanksgiving week started off with these beautiful flowers that Luke brought me home, just to say he was thankful for me. I'm beyond thankful for that man. Flowers or no flowers.
Thursday I dressed Eli in one of his adorable Thanksgiving shirts from Lulu McGee and we watched the Thanksgiving parade.
He slept through most of it, while I enjoyed the awful lip syncing (has it always been that bad?) and the floats that seem to be less and less each year.

We then hit the road and spent the next few days with family. Just how we like it. Kind of stressful at times but enjoyable almost all of the time.

Friday we went to a football game, Luke thinks it is important that Eli watch football his whole life. I think it doesn't matter if he watches football at EIGHT MONTHS OLD, however its important to Luke (and he brought me flowers this week) so I held in my opinion - which I might add is almost impossible for me to do and took Eli to the football game.

I'm sure he soaked in all the football and is currently running plays through his head as he sleeps.

Can you sense the sarcasm?

I might be a little bitter though because I had a bit of a traumatizing experience. I brought our Baby Bjorn and thought it would be perfect to use at the football game. It was already fitted to my body because I use it a lot during the day, so I told Luke I would just carry Eli in it even though it would be easier for Luke to do it.

That was before I realized we had parked about 2 miles away. Give or take a mile or two.


I had a 21 pound baby strapped to my front-side trekking through a university campus. I serously felt like a contestant on the Biggest Loser.

If you aren't familiar with the Biggest Loser they strap giant sand bags to the contestants and make them walk across the desert while the people carrying said sand bags look and act like they could pass out at any moment.

Which is obviously JUST LIKE carrying a giant baby in a Baby Bjorn.

Here we are. If I look like I feel like I'm dying its because I DID. I was pretty convinced one of my ribs was cracked. I think it healed on it's own though because it feels fine now.I did learn one thing from this experience. I could never be a contestant on The Amazing Race.

So that was our Thanksgiving. Oh and we ate a lot. I will never get sick of Thanksgiving food. We brought home lots of leftover and I am still eating and enjoying them. Luke is done with it all.

Such a wonderful week. And such a great time to reflect on everything I am thankful for. One thing I'm not thankful for? The Baby Bjorn. I would like to burn it.


  1. You (and Eli) are so cute! I love your hair in the first picture - stunning!

    Your mister is too big for a Bjorn, you should get an Ergo (or ask for one for Christmas). They are spendy, but amazing! My best friend totes her 15 month old in one, and she loves it. I've also used it on multiple occasions and unless you are seriously walking multiple miles, your hips, ribs and back will hardly notice the big lump of love on your chest! Just my two cents :)

  2. Oh bless you! Sorry the football was so traumatic!


  3. You are always making me laugh out loud. That baby boy will soon be bigger than your tiny-self! HA! I'm going to need a baby carrier with having 2 soon. Note to self: do not buy Bjorn. Eli looks precious in his Thanksgiving attire. And I'm the same way - I find myself enjoying time with family and forget to take pics. :)

    So sweet of your hubby to bring you flowers!

  4. haha! I'm glad your rib healed on it's own ;) You look so pretty in these pictures!

  5. Eli is SO cute in his turkey shirt! We traded our bjorn for a beco Gemini about 5lbs shoulders couldn't take it anymore!


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