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Baby Feet

Recently at work I was asked to help put together a baby shower for a fellow employee and his wife. I immediately looked to Pinterest to help me with ideas for the shower.

P.S. Every time I type Pinterest my computer changes it to interest. It is annoying.

During my search I came across a picture of some baby feet cookies and instantly knew that I wanted them.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Partially because I thought they were cute and partially because I'm in love with baby feet these days. I tend to think that my sweet Eli has the cutest baby feet I've ever seen.

After seeing those cookies I knew I wanted to incorporate baby feet so I ordered some baby feet cookies and cupcakes.

I think they turned out perfect! And they were delicious!

We knew we wanted to put together a gift card tree for the expectant parents so I looked for gift card trees on pinterst. I'm not sure if I was just searching with the wrong words or what but there was nothing on pinterst. NADA.

So I went to Hobby Lobby and bought one of those cute pink trees and hung gift cards from it. Thank you Hobby Lobby for putting your Christmas products out in July, it served useful this year.

I think the tree turned out so cute and now the baby girl has her first Christmas tree!
I wanted something fun for people to do while eating but I also wanted to accomodate the people who do not like to play games so I printed out various baby word games and put them at each person's spot at the table. That way people could work quietly on their own, or loudly if they so chose. I'm usually in the loud group.
My favorite game was the "name the baby animals" game which seemed to be a favorite among the group also.

It was a fun time and I'm glad we were able to help the expectant parents. I'm still using gift cards from when Eli was born and I am so thankful for them each and every time I use one!

Tonight I had big plans to do laundry and tidy up around the house but somehow I found myself on the couch with this masterpiece:

It has been a good night.


  1. LOVE LOVE the tree of gift cards....and the cookies!!!

  2. The baby feet cookies turned out SO cute!!
    You guys did a great job putting together that baby shower :) (I didn't have a shower for any of my kids - I would have been over the moon with what you guys did!) And ummmm... that candy apple looks like heaven!

  3. those cookies are adorable! perfect for a shower!

  4. Oh man. Those cookies look delish!


  5. Where did you find the baby games?

  6. The shower was cute and all that but oh my WORD is that caramel apple looking DELICIOUS. I need one asap.

  7. Love the baby feet cookies and the gift card tree! What great ideas!

    You are a very thoughtful friend. :)


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