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Weekly Weekend Update

Fall is here and with it comes busy weekends! We have full weekend for the next couple of weeks and this past weekend was no exception!

Friday I spent all day cleaning. I had a Scentsy open house at my home on Sunday so I wanted to get our space as clean as possible. There were many times while scrubbing toilets and dusting base boards that I wished I had a house cleaner, but I just feel guilty spending the money on one when I can clean myself. Maybe one day I will change my mind.

That night Luke and I had our date-night-in. I never showered from my day 'o' cleaning and we spent the evening watching episodes of The Wonder Years on Netflix. Proof that a date-night-in does not necessarily mean romantic.

Saturday we woke up bright and early for our family pictures. My goal was to get a good picture for our Christmas card. I scheduled our photos to be taken at 8:30 because that is what time I did Eli's 3 month pics and it worked great. Lightning doesn't strike in the same place twice. This time it was a disaster. Eli did not want to smile AT ALL. Oh wait yes he did, IN BETWEEN PICTURES. When the camera was pointed at him he was all serious. So our Christmas card will be a very stoic picture this year.

I started to get stressed and then I realized I was getting stressed over PICTURES. So dumb. If I'm going to waste energy and brain cells getting stressed I want it to be over something better than pictures. So I chose not to get stressed. But I almost let it in for a second.

After our pictures we met up with Luke's parents who came to visit us for the day and went to a local pumpkin patch. Last year Luke and I went to this same pumpkin patch and talked about how we would have our baby with us next year! Awww.

My love on the hay ride. Also, please note his face, You will see this exact expression again on our 2011 Christmas card.

The Trees:
Our Eli cowboy:

It was such a fun and beautiful day!

Sunday I hosted an open house for Scentsy at my house. You never know how those kind of things will turn out, but this one ended up being great. Lots of people came, yay!

The setup:

So that was our weekend! I love that fall is here! Now I'm ready for it to get cold!


  1. we had our pictures taken this weekend, too. and i'm pretty sure you'll be seeing the exact same faces on our christmas cards! it got to the point that i said i didn't even care if they were smiling/crying/sleeping whatever - as long as they were looking in the vicinity of the camera it was a keeper. :)

  2. Glad you had such a good weekend. And if it makes you feel any better, our little one hasn't even arrived yet, but me and my husband have been watching The Wonder Years on Netflix almost every night. Once you start, it's hard to stop! :)

  3. Sounded like a fun weekend! I have gotten stressed over pictures too and you're so right, I try to tell myself it isn't *that* big of a deal (easier said than done sometimes :)), and we can't take pictures to heaven right? ;-) But oh, these cute little people smiling when the camera isn't on or great at home and then on location, nothin'! or while the camera isn't shooting :) Sweet sweet babies! I'm sure it will be super cute no matter what!

  4. Eli will be cute in the pictures, smiles or not. Now, I hope you and Luke were smiling...

  5. I'm sure your christmas cards will be adorable - because Eli is just the cutest no matter what expression he's making :-)

  6. Some of the best pics are those that you can look back at and laugh. And Eli is adorable smiling or not. :)

  7. My kid does the same thing! They must think they are super models or something, keeping a straight face. Your date-night-in is a winner in my book.
    P.S. Love the Wonder Years! Man, what ever happened to good shows?!

  8. Oh yeah, great food display btw! Very festive yet elegant :)


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