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Thursday Thoughts

This is all I've got today.......

1. Luke is on Fall Break today and tomorrow. Eli and I are loving having him home with us. Luke let me sleep in this morning and took care of Eli since he decided to wake up at 5:00. It was so nice.

2. I am LOVING this cooler weather. It makes me want to buy new boots. I can wait till Christmas though. I will put them on my list.

3. One of my best friend's from college who moved to Houston a couple of years ago is in town and is coming to hang out with us today. She hasn't seen Eli since he was 2 months old so naturally I'm so excited for her to see him. They will have so much fun together!

4. A blog/twitter friend is hosting an Online party through my Scentsy page. If you need any Scentsy this month you should order from her party. All online orders will be put in a drawing for a free plug in of your choice! Click on Amanda's Party to place an order!

5. My hair has faded so much since I got it darkened. I knew this would happen because it always does, but I thought I wouldn't care. But I do and I want to go get it colored dark again, BUT the point of getting it darkened was so I wouldn't spend money getting it colored. Ironic?

6. The other day I was going to the grocery store and I called Luke to see what he wanted, he said some kind of chips, I said what about Cheeto Puffs and he said THAT'S TOTALLY WHAT I WAS THINKING. We are clearly soul mates.

7. We are soul mates only when we aren't hanging curtains. When hanging curtains we pretty much despise each other. We hung some in our living room the other day and it was scary. Then after we hung them I stood back looked at them and admitted I wasn't sure if I liked them. Then it got really scary. I have come to love our curtains. Believe me. They are the prettiest curtains ever.

8. Well I usually try to come up with 10 random things but my friend is here now and I would rather hang out with her!

9. So this will be my last random thought

10. For today


  1. Just buy some dark color from Target. I used to dye my hair darker with drugstore color all the time. I feel like it is easy to do dark color yourself, but hard to do lighter yourself.

    Enjoy Luke's fall break!

  2. If you can agree on chips, you are definitely soul mates. Plus he let you sleep in. That = true love!

  3. Ha ha:) Ryan and I have completely opposite taste on almost everything but I guess that is why we fell in love;) From food to decorating...

  4. Enjoy your friend and having your man home!!

  5. I love Cheetos Puffs!! They are the best chip-product! We got a new dining table and chairs the other day, and we put together some chairs last night and I thought of our twitter conversation about the curtains because we totally go into it about putting together the chairs! And then, once I got one put together, I silently thought to myself that I don't think I really like them. Hahaha. Too late!

  6. oh the hanging of curtains. been there. totally understand. so glad you survived!

  7. OK, so you always bring a smile to my face with your blog posts THANK YOU!

    Oh, I'd add painting together on the same list as hanging curtains!!



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