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Random Musing

I usually save my list of random musings for later in the week when my brain is mush and I have nothing to really talk about - but sadly it's all I've got today. I've been looking for my brain lately and I haven't been able to find it. I lost it during pregnancy.

Random thoughts floating around in my head:

1. This Saturday we have our first set of professional pictures as a family of three. These pictures will then be used for our Christmas card. Eli's outfit is set and planned (of course) but I have NO idea what Luke and I are wearing. I have bought approximately 150 outfits for myself trying to narrow it down. I will take back the outfits that I don't wear which will be a pain driving these outfits all over town, but right now it seems worth it. My goal is to figure out what I'm going to wear tomorrow so I can then focus on Luke. We better cherish these pictures FOREVER.

2. I really need a new pair of jeans but jeans shopping since having a baby is NOT fun. I never had a problem with jean shopping pre-baby. Now I hate it. Today a store employee made me try on a pair of jeans I promised her wouldn't fit (it was the only size the store had) she swore they would. I KNEW they wouldn't - these hips don't lie sister. Once it was obvious that the jeans weren't going to fit I wanted to throw them at her. But I didn't. WWJD. Also, what kind of store only carries ONE JEAN SIZE? Jeans are not ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Sorry, I'm done now.

3. Our poor little Eli is sick. He has a runny nose and a pitiful cough. It is either a cold or allergies but I am hoping it goes away quick. It is so sad to hear his little cough. And trying to clean his nose is equivalent to trying to catch a running squirrel. HARD and IMPOSSIBLE.

4. We went to the fair with my family this past weekend and I didn't take one picture. I didn't take my camera because I didn't want to carry it around and planned to use Luke's phone for pictures, but then I just never thought about it again. We had a lot of fun though. I love my family's fair trip every year.

5. A couple of people asked me if they could order Scentsy from me even if they don't live in the same state as me. The answer is yes! The order will be shipped directly to you. I have customers (and people on my team) who live all over the US, so shop away!

6. I've always had a freakishly small head. Beneath that head of hair Luke also has a small head. Now it seems that Eli has a small noggin. His head is in the 10th percentile. We are a small headed family. Small heads = big brains.

7. I am seriously so excited about taking Eli to the pumpkin patch this year.

8. I'm trying to decide what to give up in my life so that I can put that money towards a house cleaner to come and clean our house. And yes I know I sound RIDICULOUS and PATHETIC with that statement. I mean I only have one child and I only work part-time surely I could find time to clean? Probably but it would be so nice to have somebody come every couple of weeks and deep clean and then I could take care of everything else. I'm sure I could go without food for a day or so if it meant I could pay somebody to clean my house. Or makeup, I can give up makeup. I hear the natural look is in right now.

9. I think I have the oldest iPhone in existence. I might donate it to a museum. But I'm saving money for a house cleaner so I can't donate it just yet.

10. In college one of my best friends and I decided to form a bunco group. Yes it is usually a game reserved for "older" (I use that term loosely) women, but we loved the game and wanted to play so form a group we did. We had an amazing time until everybody graduated and moved away. So rude. Since the day that group dissolved my heart has longed for a Bunco team. But my heart has found happiness because my friend Katie and I decided to form a group of our own. Be watching for a super fun post about our awesome bunco group soon.

11. Last week I bought Eli an inflatable bath tub. When it was time to give him a bath I simply blew up the bath tub. That day when Luke got home from work he asked if I wanted him to blow up the bath tub, I told him I had already blown it up. To which he replied "Wow, I can't believe you blew it up with your one little lung". Hm.. I actually have two lungs. So, that's kinda weird that my husband thinks I only have one lung? I did have a lung collapse, but I assure you I still have two normal working lungs. A collapse does not mean it disappeared. However I'm now seeing I can use this to my advantage. Please imagine this scenario with me:

Luke: Babe, can you help me mow the lawn? (he has never asked me to mow the lawn but it could happen one day)
Me: Aw, I totally would but my one lung is giving me the fits today so I can't, sorry!

Noted and tucked away for future use.

Happy Monday! (now Tuesday)


  1. I've been wearing yoga pants and maternity jeans since I had my baby 5 weeks ago because I'm scared to even see what size pants I wear. I know pants shopping will be a traumatic experience and I am in denial about the whole thing.

  2. I just bought a pair of jean I just "knew" had to fit. Well they didn't. I'm now depressed. Having a baby seriously changes everything. I'm now mad at mu husband because nothing about him changed when we had a baby. So. Not. Fair. I feel like a hippo.

  3. you absolutely crack me up. And I would totally use that one lung excuse ;-)

  4. Ohhhh you are going to have the most beautiful family photos! And it'll be cute no matter what you guys are wearing, I'm sure.

    And I don't even understand how there is only 1 size of jeans. Blows my mind. I'm rocking a pair of LOFT high waisted flares right now because they hold in my excess-food-intake nicely.

    And if you think you have the oldest iPhone ever.... I don't even have a smart phone. Yeah, think about that.

  5. I can't wait to see the family photos. I don't know how to play bunco, but I love games and would so join your group if we lived closer.

  6. I wish I lived near you and Katie! I would totally play bunco with y'all!
    The one lung thing made me laugh out loud!!

  7. Hahaha, you crack me up! Okay, I am still so jealous of your bunco group (in the making) I really might start one here. But, I don't know how to play bunco...I'm sure I can learn, haha. I'm sorry Eli is sick! That is no fun. Especially with a drippy nose! Those are tricky on the little ones.

  8. love your random posts! and I'm already trying to budget in a housecleaner and our little one hasn't even arrived, I just think that someone who could do the deep cleaning would be such a blessing! ha!

  9. I started a bungo group here in my town about a year ago!! I love it and look forward to the outing once a month... such a nice break from the husband and kids. :)

    Good luck and have fun!

  10. Psh, I don't even have a kid (but I do have a full-time job and a very large, hairy dog) and I spend a good part of my time trying to figure out how I could pay for a cleaning service. Let us know how it turns out! If you're going to play the lung card, what better place to play it than here?

  11. I have no baby and we have a housekeeper. WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY. She comes every two weeks and just cleans our downstairs since no one currently lives upstairs... she does all the stuff I hate like cleaning the floors and the bathtub. The every two weeks deal is actually quite reasonable and seriously, I'd give up a lot of things to keep the housekeeper!

  12. Haha!!! Love it..."wanted to throw the jeans at her but WWJD..." love your blog!! I'm 9 months pregnant and your post about breastfeeding really helped me out. I had soo many questions and that post really helped me!

  13. Maybe he's still apart of the facebook group called "Save Megan's One Lung." Whoever is the administrator should probably send an update to remind everyone.

  14. My son is sleeping right next to me and I almost woke him up laughing at the disappearing-collapsed lung comment. Gurl, you funny. Also, at least you have an iphone; I have a dumb phone that only serves to call people and text. Not even internet! Prehistoric, I say.
    And the pumpkin patch awaits us!

  15. Five years after my third and final child I STILL hate jean shopping... I prefer wearing my lulu lemons and that's that. It's pathetic and I am pretty sure I could be on an episode of What Not To Wear. Actually I am surprised I haven't been nominated yet.
    And I am dying over here about the lung thing... just go with it is what I say ;)

    Happy Tuesday!

  16. Oh how I loathe jean shopping. Seriously.

  17. I would give anything to have someone come to our house and clean a couple times a month! My husband things I am nuts for even asking. :(

  18. I'm pathetic and have someone that cleans my house every two weeks. I say lose the make up girl. ;)

    The lung conversation cracked me up. That sounds like something my husband would say. Hilarious.

  19. When I was in 7th grade, I had my first and last mowing experience when I almost ran over my foot with the mower. Now, at 26, I still use the excuse! :-)

  20. Hey Megan,

    I'm a first time commenter (although we have chatted a tiny bit on Twitter over the deli meat ban while pregnant...I missed turkey too!), but wanted to ask if you have you tried any jeans from the Gap? I had a baby in May and am now able to wear my pre-preggo Gap jeans even though my body is definitely a different shape. I like the Long and Lean cut (don't let the Lean part fool you...I am curvy and they still fit great) and the Perfect Boot cut. I also have a pair of their Real Straight jeans, and like those pretty well.

    For the record, I think you look pretty amazing for just having had a baby. As for the housekeeper, I too only have one child and am working full time, and we just started having someone come in once a month to clean our house. It is worth every penny! If you are anything like me, when you have down time when the baby is sleeping, the last thing I feel like doing is scrubbing toilets or vacuuming. I am not trying to convince my husband to let her come twice a month! I know that if I stop working housekeeping is the first thing we cut, so I am enjoying it while I can!

    Good luck with the pics. I'm sure they will be great!

  21. Hahaha, you crack me up. Oh, my lung is acting up... I'm going to need a house cleaner!!!


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