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Halloween 2011

Today was Eli's very first Halloween and I went ahead and stuck with my decision to not get him a costume. In true Megan nature I started hyperventilating about that decision at about 7:00 this morning but by noon my anxiety was gone was gone. I had the necessary cowboy ingredients laying around just in case I decided to dress him up last minutes but alas I stuck with his super cute Halloween shirt that I ordered from Braylabee's.

This year for Halloween our church hosted a Trunk or Treat and it was so great. We had an awesome turn out from the neighborhood kids. Each car owner had to come up with a game for their trunk. Luke took his job seriously and came up with a toss-the-fake-pumpkin-in-a-bucket-game. It was a success. He also bought in his opinion "good candy" and not that "craptastic tootsie roll crap". Those were his words.

I think he has been teaching 7th grade for too long. He is now using words like craptastic.

It was a fun night and great first Halloween together for our family at Trunk or Treat.

Eli keeping watch over our candy:

Eli had a great time. I eventually put him in our K'tan wrap and he loved it. He would just flap his arms and squeal at the kids. It was so fun watching him.
I LOVE this time of the year and I'm so excited to now kick off the holiday season. I won't decorate for Christmas until the week before thanksgiving, but I do start to get into the Christmas spirit before that point. I love all that goes into the entire season, Thanksgiving included. It is just such a magical time full of tradition. Love it.

Happy Halloween!


  1. He is just the cutest!!!
    He makes the shirt look great :)

  2. You look thinner every time I see a new picture of you! I love that last picture!

  3. I LOVE is shirt! Who needs a costume when you have that?

  4. Eli looks ADORABLE and wow those blue eye shine! He is the absolute cutest little thing girl! :0)

  5. I LOVE his spider shirt!! So cute! He is getting too big!

  6. Every time I see a pic of this baby I want to hold him and squeeze him! He has the prettiest eyes ever.

    I'm so excited for the holidays. I can't wait for Thanksgiving...I have turkey and dressing on the brain!

  7. Eli has such beautiful eyes!! Looks like you guys had a great Halloween!

  8. I love his little Halloween shirt!

  9. Glad he had a happy halloween!! Love his shirt! :)

    YAY for holidays!

  10. So cute and the little pumpkin socks are adorable.

  11. He is so so cute :-) I love his serious expression!


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