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My Life in Binders

This is a recap to the disaster that is known as my vlog.

I mean seriously. WHY was the sound SO off? And WHY do I keep talking about it?

Mysteries of life.

In my vlog I think I mentioned that I have a serious obsession with binders.

I said *think* because I refuse to watch it again.

But this blog post is about some of my binders that help me in my life.

I am a binder girl. Here is a pic of some of my binders I put together while at my old job:

Like I said, I love me some binders.

I don't only make binders for work but I also have several binders that I incorporate into daily life.

I have a recipe binder that I wrote about here.

I also have a prayer journal that I use. I think I've written about it before but I can't find that post.

This is great and serves multiple purposes. You can use it to take to church or your bible study and take notes in, and then you have your notes right with you to review when you sit down for your devotional time with God.

I don't use my prayer journal as much as I once did, as I've been doing more concentrated bible studies that come with homework that I use during my devotional time, but I come back to this journal from time to time.

My tabs are:


I think they are all pretty self explanatory. I just move through each tab. First praising God and thanking him, the second tab is a confession of sins, third is journal where I spend time talking to God (I'm a writer, obviously, and it helps me sometimes to write my prayers out) and lastly requests to bring before the Lord. I also added a Luke tab. I did this after I read "Power of a Praying Wife" which I think every wife should read. Ladies, we really should be praying for our men!!

Also, as promised here are the links to the printables I used for my home organization binder:

So those are my binders! As always let me know if you have any questions about anything!!

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  1. I thought I was a "binder girl" but you definitely have me beat! I am driving my new husband crazy with my desire to organize. Oh well, he doesn't know what's good for him.

  2. While I loved your vlog and think you should do more... You're totally cute. Thanks for including the links to print outs!

  3. I am a HUGE binder person too - work, home, house, planning... I think it's so easy to move through tasks and stay organized.

    Yours look awesome!

  4. So just to let you know, even though you hate your vlog, it inspired me to make a home organization binder. This is my first week using it, and I already love it. :)

    Maybe I'll even write about it sometime soon. Or vlog. Haha.

    Much love,
    Ashley -

  5. I love Lauren's comment above. Hilarious! These are impressive, that's for sure! And your vlog was great! I had a binder at one point, it's now outdated and dusty. I probably should resurrect the idea again and start trying to actually get some stuff accomplished!

  6. Love love love your prayer journal!! My hubby and I both write in a journal every night but I love the separation of praises and things! So going to do this :)


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