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This Balancing Act we call Life

Right now in my life I have lots of little goals. Luke and I are very goal oriented and we like to write out our short and long term goals for ourselves and our family.

But in order to manage my goals I need to get my life in order and right now I feel like I am scattered everywhere and have no grasp of what I am doing.

This feeling isn't new. I can remember throughout college feeling like I was so off balance and couldn't get my head on straight.

Which is obviously incredibly funny at this point in my life because looking back I can't imagine it was very hard to balance a life of eating as much Taco Bueno as one week would allow, while hanging out with friends, trying to dominate Tetris on the original nintendo, staying up as late as possible and occasionally doing homework.

That paragraph makes it sound like my college time was lame. It really was awesome and fun. Very G-rated compared to the average college student, but awesome and fun all at the same time.

So clearly no matter what is on my plate I find it hard to balance it all. And I know from here on out life is probably only going to get busier. Adding one child to our mix sped things up to lightning speed, I can't imagine what it will be like one day when we add another child and then all that life entails after that.

With that said, it is imperative that I learn how to balance life now.

I feel like I am constantly one (or two or three or four) steps behind. There is always someone that I need to call, someone to meet for lunch, an email to return, laundry to be done, a house to clean, groceries to buy, a bible to be read, a body to get in shape, a husband to spend time with a baby to play with, dishes to wash and of course I could go on and on.

I'm not complaining about all that I have on my plate, because I am thankful for a full life, but I really need help in prioritizing and managing it all.

When I went to my Scentsy convention last week one of the speakers spoke about how when you do something for 21 days it becomes a habit and starts to become apart of your routine. He encouraged us to do something for 21 days such as working out or meditating for 2 minutes in the morning or sending someone an encouraging note everyday for 21 days.

That would be 21 different people for 21 days not the same person for 21 days. That would probably get really creepy.

I was so pumped about this and had it all planned out as to what I was going to do for 21 days. I committed to myself that I WOULD do it. And then got home and did not do it once. It's not that I don't have time. I can find five minutes of my day to sit and write a note to someone to encourage them or 15 minutes to read the Word and spend time with God, but my prioritization is all off and sadly I do not always make time for those things.

So that is what I'm working on now. I don't have a fluffy ending that wraps everything up and explains how I learned to prioritize and boasts that I've got it all together now, because I don't. But I DO want to get it all together. I don't want to be a person who constantly complains about having too much to do, because that is not the problem, prioritizing is the problem and is something I feel convicted about quite often.

I have obviously found time in this day to sit down and write this blog post, but I still haven't exercised, or vacuumed or spent adequate time with God. Three things I planned to do today. And have now been set aside for tomorrow. Again.

I want to make an active choice to prioritize everything in my life.

Maybe someone out there has a suggestion as to how to do this? Or maybe you just want to whine alongside me? Go right ahead.

Hopefully I will be back here soon writing a post about how I have learned how to balance life and prioritize everything on my plate.

If only that plate consisted of Taco Bueno and playing Tetris. Such a strenuous time of life. I'm not sure how I managed.


  1. Can I whine with you??
    Every day I say I'm going to go to bed at a decent hour and wake up early to read the Bible, exercise and get my head together for the day.
    But everyday I find myself putting it off until tomorrow...
    Obviously when my Erin Condren Life Planner comes I'll have it altogether. Right, right???

  2. all together**
    See... I should be in bed :)

  3. I totally hear you. I always feel scattered lately, and while it is from different things in my life, it is stressful just the same, and sometimes I feel like everyone else has it so together. Sometimes my to-do list overwhelms me, so I end up avoiding it. Not the best strategy. I think I need a human life planner to get me back on track! I will have to try that 21 day strategy, I have been thinking it would be helpful (and calming) to try meditating.

  4. growing up (and even now when I feel myself slipping) my mom gave us a prayer chart. Looked like a calendar with a diagonal line through each day. If we prayed in the morning we got a sticker in the top slot. if we prayed before bed we got a sticker in the bottom slot. Mom said that if we could pray every day (at least 21 days) in the month then she would get us a gift. I did! I got a new bible.

    When I was 23 I was going through some rough stuff and wasn't praying often. My mom showed up with a prayer chart and a promise of a gift if I prayed everyday for 30 days. I was excited to put my sticker on each day. I had the chart by my bed. I quickly saw that I was praying more than twice a day and I got more than the trinket my mom gave me. But she knew what she was really giving me...

    Try the prayer chart! Or a scripture chart! Promise yourself something if you do it for 21 days. Get the stickers out. To accomplish your goals they ave to be out there for you to see on a regular basis. Put it on the fridge or by your bed. Good luck!

  5. Oh my gosh, I feel like I could have written this post - minus Taco Bueno cause we don't have those here and minus the sweet baby cheeks.

    I feel SO similarly - except for the fact that I haven't even been blogging! Life just moves so stinking fast. Where does all the time go??

  6. I am with ya! I feel like my head is spinning most days. And I obviously DO have time to get things done because I find time to read blogs and look at Facebook, but my priorities are way out of whack and thus far I've been too lazy to do anything about it. I recently started trying to prioritize. Earlier in the year when I felt like the housework was KILLING me I printed out Proverbs 31 to read every day. Think I might head back into doing that again. It's a good reminder of God's job for this season in my life. I'm thankful for it, but it does wear me down sometimes!

  7. Um, when you figure it out, I will pay you to come teach me. This is like the #1 thing I suck at in life...I know what all I need to get done, just somehow cant find the motivation to do it. Ugh. I am currently reading "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin and I think you would love her book. Basically, she is a happy person and has more than she could ever ask for but is trying to find the ways to glean the most out of life. She focuses on one area a month for a year and has written about it. I am halfway through the book and totally motivated. They are SMALL things to do so its not overwhelming, but it all adds up to be a lot. Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think!!!

  8. You are reading my mind. I am spinning in circles with all that I need/want to do on a daily basis and it is driving me crazy.I know that I will get it figured out eventually but right now it's just so overwhelming that I'd rather just turn on Bachelor Pad and forget about it.

  9. As you can certainly see, you're completely not alone! Lief is so crazy and I think anyone who acts as if they have it ALL together, is just lying to themselves. Sure, you can feel at peace with where you are at, but I think it's virtually impossible to please everyone, all the time, and still be happy with yourself. Good luck girl, I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else has to say on this subject!

  10. You are not alone!! I feel the same way every day!! I have two step kids and they are at their mothers every other weekend... I keep saying I will get so much done while they are gone for the weekend. Never happens! Between Family, Kids, Work, Friends, and life its hard to keep up with it all! When you find the answer please share it with us!! :)

  11. Hi Megan, I'm a working mom as well. My daughter is 15 months old and I just now feel like I'm catching up on things. But, I still lack a lot when it comes to prioritizing what needs to be done at work and at home. I read a post on Blue Eyed Bride about how she put together a notebook to help prioritize her life and that it is working for her. So, I'm in the process of doing this now. I hope it will help me stay a little more organized and my head won't feel like it's spinning all the time. The hardest priority I struggle with is getting up earlier than my daughter, which is pretty early, and reading the Word and having a quiet time with God. Isn't this always something that needs to be improved? It is for me.

  12. Hi Megan! I have followed your blog for a while, but I have never commented. From the comments above you have probably figured out that you aren't alone! Anyone out there that tells you that they have a scheduled and prioritized life (i.e. they have it all together) is either 1. an empty-nester over 50 or 2. a really rich mom with multiple nannies and a maid!

    We all struggle. Being a young, working mom is tough! Hang in there. I'll being saying prayers for you!

  13. Totally normal to have all of these feelings. Its not fun to work and be a new mom, and struggle with everything else, and try to keep things with your hubs like it was before baby (as if possible). BUT you are doing a great job of it, and you seem like an awesome mom, daughter, and friend!

    I've been a working mom full time for the past two years and constantly felt defeated by satan and doubted if I was a good mom for being gone so much. I tried finding balance to lose weight, workout, go to church, be active in a life group, serve in our church, be a good friend and get together as much as my one or two days in the weekend allowed, all while feeling torn being away from my own husband and son. NOT easy, but I finally found balance.

    I am about to turn a new chapter and start my new job as a SAHM as we welcome a daughter next month and I will then have two children. I'm nervous and wondering if I will again find balance.

    I love the comments about the prayer chart. I should probably make one for myself.


  14. I am with you!
    I was stressed in college, as a new grad, as a newlywed, and now as a mom of 2. I always have kept myself busy. I load my plate with so much that I truly can barely get it done.
    Your sentences about being stressed in college with Taco Bueno and Tetris cracked me up!!!
    THAT WAS ME!!!!

    I was talking to my sis last night and we can to the conclusion that there are ways to manange your time better but at the end of the day, you have to tell yourself that "I did the best I could do."
    Pat yourself on the back for managing what you did.

    I am with you about wanting to make sure my priorities are God first, Family 2nd, and then my house work, etc.
    One time I try hard to devote to prayer and uplifting music or talk cds is in the car heading to work. I am by myself and I can get my head right.
    I will be looking for your "I've got it figured out post." :)

    Keep up the good work....Being a mommy and wife is hard work!


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