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Seasonal Food

In the middle of the winter when I am constantly freezing and can't seem to get warm I make a vow to myself that I will never EVER complain about the heat once it comes.

So that is why I'm sitting in 113 (seriously) degree weather with a forced smile on my face.

But even though I can't go outside without feeling like I just walked into an inferno and when I drive with the window down I feel like I'm walking through a blow dryer, I still know that I would rather be hot than cold.

It's just how I'm wired.

Plus I like the feeling of hot denim better than cold denim. When I get in a cold car in the winter and the seats are freezing I feel so uncomfortable in my jeans. The cold denim feels weird on my legs, but when the denim is hot, I don't feel that uncomfortable.

I'm a complicated soul.


Something that might be equally as weird as cold denim is the fact that I consider myself a seasonal eater. I have certain foods that I group into summer food or winter foods and I only want them in their appropriate season.

For example:
Chicken Spaghetti = winter food

Chicken Salad = summer food

And so on and so forth.

However, I must say, just because a food is hot in temperature does not necessarily mean I consider it a winter food.

For example:
Crock Pot chicken = summer food.

Crock pot chicken has become my "go to" recipe for the entire summer. Also known as the summer that I just had a baby and don't have the desire to cook big meals that take lots of mind power. Mind power is at a minimum these days.

I simply take some chicken breasts, put taco seasoning on them, pour a jar of salsa over it all and and cook for about 4-5 hours and BAM, crock pot chicken is born.

Hopefully Luke never grows sick of this because I intend to prepare it A LOT.

So the other 2 days of the week when we aren't eating crock pot chicken (I made that name up by the way) I like to find a cool summer type salad to eat.

I got this particular recipe from the Kraft website and Luke loved it.

Mexicali Pasta Salad:

4 cups wagon wheel pasta, uncooked
1 can black beans, rinsed
1 cup frozen corn, thawed
1/2 cup chopped red peppers
2 green onions, thinly sliced
1/2 cup light ranch dressing
1 tbsp Taco Seasoning
1 tbsp fresh lime juice
1/2 Mexican style cheese
1/3 cup cilantro

Cook pasta as directed, rinse with cold water, drain, place in large bowl
Add next 4 ingredients, mix lightly
Mix dressing, seasoning mix and lime juice, add to salad, toss to coat, add cheese and cilantro, mix lightly.

Recipe can be found here.

Here is what it looked like when I prepared it, not as fancy as the Kraft website:

Obviously I'm not a big fan of cheese.

This salad is wonderful and goes along nicely with crock pot chicken.

I have several other summer time meals I will share soon.

Is anybody else a seasonal eater? Is that weird?

And just in case you were wondering Sandwiches and Spaghetti are neutral. They can be eaten in any season.

It all makes sense in my mind.


  1. I swear I love reading your posts just because it confirms that there are other weird people out there. I mean weird in the most positive way possible. Maybe I should say finicky or particular instead of weird. I certainly don't mean to offend because the first time someone called me finicky I was taken back and thought it was a negative thing... but you know what? I am glad to be that way!!! I like certain things a certain way and notice odd things that no one else takes the time to consider; such as hot and cold denim. I am on the OTHER side and am much more enjoyable in temperatures between 15 degrees and 80 degrees. Hence why hubby & I only survived in AZ for a year. Woah, Nelly! I happily reside in the Pacific Northwest where I enjoy PLENTY of days under 80! HA!

    Thanks for being funny, Megan!

  2. I'm totally a seasonal eater. Although it stays on the cooler side here in Scotland. We've not been above 70 degrees all summer. And now summer is gone. Leaves are changing and its constantly in the 50's, raining, and no sunshine. Se La Vi.

    Here is my favorite summer recipe.It is a summer sauce for pasta. Its cool. It is so freaking easy!! You just dump everything in a bowl and let it sit. Boil up some pasta, then dump the sauce on the pasta. Viola.

  3. I have seasonal foods too! Just last night, I told my husband that I couldn't wait for fall so we could eat soup again. He looked at me weird and asked why we couldn't eat soup now... Duh, honey, because it is summer and we eat burgers! Come on, now.

  4. I try and eat seasonal too but I have found myself really craving chili lately, ha!

  5. Not weird at all! I thought I was the only one! There are certain meals and recipes I won't even touch from May-September. Thanks for funny!

  6. You are so not weird! I am a seasonal eater too. Also a seasonal drinker and a seasonal dresser (in terms of the colors of my clothes) and a seasonal nail polish wearer ha! :) I want to try this recipe. it looks yummy!

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  8. This has become a joke between me, my fiance, and my mom- my mom and I have definite rules about certain foods, but my fiance we are weird and insists that there is nothing wrong with eating Cincinnati chili in July. I'm glad to hear one more person agrees with us!

  9. i am so with you girl. i love making pumpkin muffins and occasionally having a pumpkin spice latte from SB - but i can only do that if it's the fall. i am so craving my pumpkin muffins recently but it's just too "summery" still.

  10. This cracks me up...I thought it was going to be a post all about the benefits of "seasonal foods", as in eating summer vegetables in the summer, fall veggies in fall, know...part of the whole new food movement. Instead it's about crock pot chicken and chicken spaghetti...and I think that's hilarious! But you're right...some foods just sound better at certain times of the year.
    And I also prefer the heat to the cold. I know everyone keeps saying they are ready for fall, but not me. I would take the heat and sweating over being cold any day!

  11. We are very much seasonal eaters in this household. Chili is definitely winter food and sandwiches are summer food to us. I can't eat hot soups in the summer, that's just weird! I'm glad we are on the same page with this. ;)

  12. I totally do the same thing. I love cold pasta dishes in the summer, but really don't like them in the winter. In the winter we eat soups and chili one or two times a week. In the summer? No way!!

  13. I'd rather be hot than cold too, any day of the year! I might not turn the oven on when it's 100 degrees outside, but I will never wish for it to be below 60, ever.

  14. I'm a seasonal eater, too.

    Anything "Pumpkin" must be eaten in the Fall. Unless it's Pumpkin Ravioli from Wolfgang Puck's.... that can be eaten any time of the year.

    Chili is only for November - February.

    I have certain salads that I'll only eat during the summer.

    However, we are the opposite when it comes to complaining about the weather. When it's freezing in Florida, I vow not to complain about it because summer will come and torment me.

  15. Absolutely! Soups and chili are definitely winter foods! Actually, I ate soup last week at a friend's house and it totally threw me off! But Brunswick stew is totally a neutral food.

  16. I too promised not to complain about the heat. I do not like the cold, winter months.

    And I am a seasonal food person as well.

    So you aren't all that weird ... you and I, along with a few others, are the normal ones. HA! HA!

  17. My mom told me she made chili a couple weeks ago, and I was like, "Is it January?" I don't think she understood.

  18. Everything you said makes perfect sense to me. I feel the same way about winter. Thank you for reminding me. :)

  19. Definitely a seasonal eater! Like chili and vegetable soup? Who wants that in the summertime? We make crock pot chicken at our house too, but it's more like fajitas. I add a can of chicken broth to the ingredients you mentioned and a chopped onion. The chicken shreds and is delicious in tortillas!

  20. I am such a seasonal eater. There are certain foods that I will just not eat in the summer. I am glad we can be season eaters together!! :)


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