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Remember when I blogged?

That was fun.

At the beginning of July I made a personal commitment to blog everyday.

And then July happened.

Does anybody remember July because I sure don't.

It seriously flew by. I had lots of blog post ideas in my mind, but those are long gone.

I can't believe I never even blogged about going to see Harry Potter. I love love loved it and want to see it again before it leaves the theaters

Eli even wanted to get all dressed up for the Harry Potter movie:
My sweet HP.

So now I commit to blogging more in August. I had so many stories I wanted to tell to remember and just completely let them slip away.

I blame the heat for the reason I haven't been blogging. Who can blog when it is 110+ degrees every single day?

Not me!

Happy August!


  1. I don't remember July either! I don't think it really happened. I love that picture of Eli!!

  2. could he get any cuter?! Summer has gone by really fast -- and it has been really hot!

  3. I think that is the cutest picture I have ever, ever seen. He is precious!

  4. Eli looks so adorable! July really did fly by I can hardly remember what I did!

  5. most adorable HP baby ever! love it. and seriously, why do the summer months fly by, but months like january and february drag on forever?!

  6. Oh my gosh! Sweetest photo ever!

  7. July did pass VERY quickly!! I absolutely love this picture! It cracks me up and is adorable!

  8. That picture is hilarious! I'm sending this post to a friend who looooves Harry Potter!

  9. Love that pic of your little man. Love love!!

    I didn't blog much in July either... NO TIME!

  10. Love the pic! So adorable! I think you might have his Halloween costume all figured out ;).

  11. What a cutie! I feel like It was just the 4th of July.

  12. Oh my gosh...Eli is hands down the cutest Harry Potter.

    And I completely agrree--July flew by and it's way too hot to do much of anything.

  13. Eli is the most adorable Harry Potter ever! Move over Daniel Radcliffe :)

    I loved the last HP movie too!

  14. How cute is that picture of Eli??

  15. OH.MY.WORD. Cutest picture EVER!!!!! What a stud!


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