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1. Tuesday night we had the craziest storm come through our town. We woke up around 2:00am to the scariest sounds and no power. The wind was blowing so hard we were pretty sure some of our trees were going to fall over or our windows were going to bust. We brought Eli in our room to wait out the storm. Eventually the storm calmed down and we went back to sleep. We still didn't have power in the morning so getting ready for work was interesting. The effects of the storm can be seen all over our town, trees are down everywhere, trampolines blown in yards, signs snapped in two, it's all pretty crazy.

2. Our town has a new outlet mall and I went to it for the first time today. I'm in love. I've ALWAYS wanted an outlet mall in my town and I have one now! Yay! Gymboree outlet and Gap outlet?? YES PLEASE.

3. When Eli was born all of my nephew's clothes were passed down to us for Eli to wear. I was so pumped that I didn't need to buy any baby clothes for necessities, only outfits that I just HAD to have. Well I am sad to say that Eli has outgrown those clothes. My nephew was in 3-6 month clothes in the winter and Eli is in 3-6 month clothes in the middle of the summer. Hopefully one day it will come back around and the seasons and sizes will line up but for now they just aren't. Yay for that outlet Gymboree and Gap!

4. Thanks to everyone who commented to let me know they can relate to not feeling balanced in life. I plan to make an origination binder sometime soon - I just need to prioritize time for it. :-)

5. I went jogging tonight for the first time in a month and it felt so great. I now consider myself a "runner" because if I don't go running I really miss it. I think it's time to tackle a 5K for sure and then make bigger running goals after that. I love that it has become something I enjoy and not just something I feel like I need to do.

6. Each morning I spend a fair amount of time washing and drying and straightening (sometimes curling) my hair. Wednesday morning when we didn't have any power I didn't even really look at it. I put a comb through it and put it halfway up and left the house without a glance in the mirror. I got so many compliments on my hair that day. The day I spent less than 2 minutes on it. Go figure.

7. Wednesday was pajama day at Eli's daycare. I love that we found a good childcare situation for him and seems to be a fun place as he gets older. Here he is in his pajamas ready for the day! (this was also the morning we didn't have power)

My cute chunky boy:
Sidenote about pajama day. I can remember pajama day in high school and I would go buy cute new pajamas to wear. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the pajama day? I almost did the same thing with Eli until I realized that would be ridiculous. And Luke said no.

8. I need a pedicure in the WORST WAY. We are on a strict budget LOCK.DOWN. this month so this is a no go. Luke has told me to wear close toed shoes until September if I think my toes look that bad. I won't tell you what I said in response to that.

9. I think I might be becoming a shoe girl. I've never been a shoe girl but I find myself drawn to shoes more and more. Of course it happens in the month of BUDGET CRACK DOWN. I blame Trina!

10. I miss diet coke. I don't miss the way it makes me feel. I get so bored with water I need to find something else good to drink.

Happy weekend!


  1. Have you tried the flavored carbonated drinks at Whole Foods (no caffeine)? La Croix, I think they are? Yum. Also, I love Diet Arizona Green Tea. And Vitamin Water Zero.

  2. I just discovered rooibos tea (aka red tea). It's chock full of good things for your body and no caffeine. Score! Of course I limit myself to one cup a day, but I cherish it. The rest of the day I drink water.

    I'll gladly take the blame for the new shoe obsession :)

    Ps my word verification was "retch". I found it funny lol

  3. I'm in Edmond, OK and we had an awful, awful storm like that on Tuesday too. My son is 12 months and he woke up right around when we lost power and thought it was time to play from 1-3 so we were up with him. Our power came back on around 6, but I'm 7 months pregnant and was SO hot all night from the power being off and the loudness of the storms and sirens all over I couldn't sleep. So I feel yah! Today we had normal, nice rain though and it was far more appreciated!

  4. Cute baby. Funny blog post...It meets all my requirements!!!! Love it!

  5. We live about twenty minutes from San Marcos, TX which has a huge outlet mall. Dangerous!

    Eli is so cute. And he looks adorable in his pajamas.

  6. It always seems that when you put the least effort in getting ready (outfit choice, hair, makeup, etc) that it gets the most compliments. Go figure ha!

    Yes I remember Spirit week at school and you had to have the perfect outfit everyday and you had to have the brand new PJ's and bedroom slippers that didn't look "worn", otherwise you would look like a skank ha! Oh the good ole' days of Highschool! (am I really about to celebrate my ten year reunion?? wowza!)

    Kudos on kicking the diet coke. I love it too, but ALWAYS get reflux and find myself coughing a lot afterwards. Not cool. I second the comments about trying the teas or non carbonated waters to make the plain water situation better. Maybe drinking it from a straw would make it more appealing too.

    Happy Friday Megan!

    ps- LOVE the chub Mr Eli is sporting. He is!

    pps-totally feel your pain on the spending LOCK DOWN! As we get ready to welcome our little girl in just a few weeks, I constantly find myself wanting to add more and more to the "wants" but my hubs has stuck with his strict "we're done" policy lol

  7. Oh my word...this is too funny! They are building an outlet mall about 10 mins from us and! I'm hoping for a Carter's outlet too!

    We also recently had a major storm and it took out both of our TV's and our Wii. Ruined! I'm terrified of storms now!

  8. In order to drink more water while pregnant, I have been using those Crystal Light packets. Pretty good actually :-)

  9. The Crystal Light packets are really good...My favorite is the Cherry Pomegranate & Fruit Punch! I just can't drink plain old water all the time!

  10. That storm WAS crazy! Glad you made it through okay. Also, where is the new outlet mall - I'm dying to go!

  11. Oh, I'm hoping we can make it to the outlet mall sometime this fall!!

    I see a lot of you in the picture of Eli! too cute!

    Oh, I need a pedicure in the worst way, too! I HATE paying for them so I won't allot for them in my budget either. I just don't think it's worth it and I'm ticklish! I've attempted to lean over and paint them..looks rough.

  12. Oh the Budget Lock Down. We are in one of those, too, thanks to my car needing a new head gasket and radiator all of the sudden. Yeah, that was awesome. Good luck. I'm hoping to break through in September. (-:


  13. Yay for running! I am starting the couch to 5k to lose this baby weight.


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