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Out of Town and Prayer Request

Last week I went to Fort Worth, Texas Wednesday through Friday for a Scentsy convention.

I had mixed feelings about going. I was excited to go and spend time with friends and learn more about the business that I'm involved with, but I was also extremely sad to leave Luke and Eli.

I missed them both so much but Luke made sure to send me lots of photos of our sweet little guy that melted my heart each time I received one. I wanted to go through my phone and kiss his sweet checks.

This was my favorite picture that Luke sent shortly after he had sent a picture of Eli crying. Obviously he just needed a little food to make him feel better (and probably his momma).

He is becoming quite the chunky little guy.

Without getting too personal, I will say that being gone for two days was not good for my "supply" and Eli is now completely on formula. This was pretty hard for me and I shed lots of tears over this. I'm happy that I was able to breastfeed for 5 months but I had much longer goals in mind.

Eli is doing just fine on formula and has adjusted well. So, as long as he is ok I will be ok also!

Plus a major shout out to my husband who kept Eli all by himself for 3 days. I had full confidence in him that he would be able to handle it while I was gone, BUT it is still hard to be out of state and hand over the reigns completely. I know he was very ready for me to get home and relieve him a bit! :-)

I am beyond thankful that I not only found an amazing husband, but also so thankful that my husband is an amazing daddy.

Changing gears.....

Would you please take a minute to pray for my friend's son Caden. I met Becca through blogging several years ago and developed a friendship with her through blogging and emails. The life she and her husband have built is so inspirational and one that completely reflects the heart of Christ. I met up with her in Atlanta last year and she is just as sweet as she appears on her blog.

Last week their baby boy Caden was born and shortly after birth they discovered some heart problems. He had open heart surgery today and is in recovery now and needs our prayers. Please take a minute to pray for them and even leave a note of encouragement at their blog. They are reading comments to Caden while he recovers.

Their blog is: The Stanley Clan

Thanks friends!


  1. Megan,

    Sorry to hear about your "supply" and I remember having the same emotions about having to switch my son to all formula around 5 months too. I got really sick from the flu and it swiped my supply. Luckily I had "liquid gold" stored in the freezer to supplement some, but I still felt convicted, as if I had failed him somehow. (looking back, silly I know right?)He ended up doing fine with formula, and we went about life as normal, but I totally feel where you're coming from.

    Glad you had fun at the conference and Eli is SUCH a cutie ;)

    Sending your friend and baby Caden up in prayer as he recovers from his heart surgery. I can't even imagine how hard that would be, and I pray for his recovery.


  2. I need to see Eli, so I can give him a big squeeze! So cute!

    I'm praying for Becca and her family.

  3. Praying for the Stanley Clan.

    I am so thankful that God gave you such a great husband who is such a great father too.

  4. So jealous you got to go to convention! I wish I lived closer so I could have gone. I watched some of it online, though, so, that was kind of fun? :) What do you think of all the new stuff?

    Sorry to hear about your supply. :( I had every intention of breastfeeding, and I had to stop at almost 3 months because I couldn't keep up. Having mom guilt is the worst - you did it for 5 months, and that's awesome! Good for you. :) I hope formula continues to work out great - I'm sure it will.

  5. Congrats on making it 5 months breastfeeding. I made it 3 weeks! Don't look at like you only made it 5 months. Look at it like "Wow! Five months is almost half a year!" That's pretty awesome in my book.

    Also, will definitely pray for Caden.

  6. praying for Caden. and dont be too hard on yourself on the bf stuff. i am totally a bf advocate but you are doing an awesome job and making it 5 months is NOTHING to play down. its HARD work so be proud of yourself. you have a happy, healthy, handsome little man and thats all that matters!

  7. MEG! That baby has chunked out! He looks so sweet! 5 months is awesome, and I cannot believe Luke kept him, that is incredible. My Joey is 3 deep now and would have never been able to keep 1 for 3 days :)

    Praying for that sweet baby Caden, I have been bawling for the past 10 minutes reading her blog :( XOXO



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