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My Blog Purpose

Four years ago I created this blog for no particular reason other than the fact that I had been reading some blogs on the internet and I decided that I wanted to start my own to document my life.

I figured I would either be getting married soon, OR I would be breaking up with my then boyfriend because he wouldn’t propose, so either scenario would create good blog stories. It seemed that I would have enough material for a good year or so.

I had no idea that I would still be blogging several years later with no intentions of quitting anytime in the near future.

With all that said, shortly after I started blogging I saw a blog post by an older male who talked about female blogs and how they only blog about their life. He went on to say that this type of blogging by females was completely vain and the most prideful self-indulgent thing a person could do.

I'm sure you know what is coming next.....true to form I began freaking out that my blog was vain and did I really need a spot on the internet to talk solely about my life and all that it entails? I mean sure my breakup with my boyfriend, or hopefully wedding stories would be entertaining to myself but was it completely vain to write it all out on the internet for other people to read?

I really struggled with this and went back and forth as to whether I should continue with my blog. I had journaled on various other sites on the internet prior to my creation of “The Life and Times of Megan” blogspot (that was my first blog name, creativity is not my strong suit), but after reading that post by that man (who I now picture as a grumpy and bitter man and obviously had a very blog) I sent myself into a tailspin of doubt and worry about possibly being vain.

Ultimately I decided that I was blogging for me. I enjoyed writing and using that creative outlet and it would be an added bonus if some of my friends and/or family read it. I never really thought anybody outside of people I knew in real life would read it. I can still remember my first few blog comments from other bloggers. It was like I had won the lottery. I was freaking out more than I should admit.

I’m still friends with those first few commenters, which in itself is so cool and is a testament to the fact that blogging goes way beyond what those outside of this "world" can see. These are real relationships, real friends, and real emotions.

However, still after four years, that man's post is never far from my mind. In fact I like to think that it holds me accountable. I think of it often and it helps me to reevaluate my blog and what my purpose for this little corner of the internet.

Clearly, it is important to me because I take the time out of most days to come on here and share crazy and sometimes pointless stories. But why?

Obviously one reason is because I want to journal my life and retell the stories of our lives that otherwise might get lost in the mix only to be forgotten years from now.

I mean obviously when we are 80 we will want to remember the time Luke called me a giant. Good times people.

I think it is always good to reevaluate why we do what we do. Maybe one day I will step back and know that it is time to take a break form blogging, or maybe I will still be blogging when I'm 80.

Will we have robots that clean our house by that point? Please say yes.

After reevaluating I can that my purpose for this blog is to be myself, to tell silly stories, share random facts, record my baby's growth, record my crazy mom freak out incidents, form friendships, gain wisdom, glorify Christ, journal conversations between my husband and I, seek advice, and basically try to be the best blogger that I can be.

And that in a nutshell is my blogging purpose.


  1. Nobody cares if he thinks female blogs were vain. I'm female and I LIKE reading other female blogs. I like following the happenings of your life. If HE doesnt find it intersting, doesn't mean your blog is vain or completely about yourself. It is YOUR blog and you do what you want with it. THe fact that so many people read and comment is already proof that you're liked and other people like (in my case LOVE) your blog. Keep blogging. What does HE blog about? Building cupboards and painting walls? Gee. How interstring.

  2. Me again. I just wanted to add that when you and other female bloggesrs announce that you're married/pregnant or any other happy incident, I am GENUINELY happy for you guys. It's real emotion. Emotion I feel for someone I've never ever met and prob never will. WHo IS this man by the way. He sounds like a typical male chauvinistic pig. Ugh. These kinda males disgust me so much I had to comment twice. :P

  3. I couldn't agree more. I love the people I've met through blogging and some of the relationships are so much deeper because I think people are TRULY themselves on here. So you really get to know a person. I also love being able to look back and see what we were up to three years ago. There is no way i would remember anything if it weren't for this blog!

  4. I too like remembering that man's comment. It keeps me in check. I sometimes struggle with *Do I show my house re-do?* and *Am I bragging about my LITTLES?*, but I love to write AND read and I use it as a journal....printing it into a book every year. You will be SO glad when Levi grows up that you did this....his wife will be too! Keep writing girl....I miss you when you don't!!

  5. I love reading your blog! Mine is the ONLY record I have of my two year old's life. The baby book is completely empty and all of our pictures are still on the memory card on our camera. So, I am thankful that we have such an easy way to record our lives! And if others read along the way, so be it!

  6. Yikes the start of this entry made me nervous! I love your blog. Keep up the good work!

  7. I recently read something along the same lines...basically that a "good" blog causes the readers to look beyond themselves, goes to the heart issues, isn't selfish, etc.

    And while I do try to throw the occasional post in there with the random deep thoughts that come into my mind--I dont' want to completely change who I am, and how I write. That's part of me. And like you, ultimately my blog is for me.

    I've been writing in an online journal (first livejournal) then blogger in 2007, for over 10 years. Holy cow. So its kind of hard to break me of the habit ;)

  8. I love your writing style and I'm glad you blog about your funny conversations and "cute as a button" son! Your stories are quite entertaining to those of us who read them and you will enjoy reminiscing over them in the years to come. :)

  9. That dude sounds like an asshole.

    Maybe its just me, but I love the voyeuristic nature of blogging - I like to see people's everyday lives - what they're cooking, wearing, what shows they're watching, what they do on the weekends... I think the "mundane" things make us who we are just as much as the life changing events.

    A thought-provoking post every once in a while is always a bonus - but life is made up of the little things - I think personal blogs celebrate that!

  10. I love this. I don't have a ton of followers, or commenters and I really don't comment on all that many blogs either. But I blog because I enjoy it, because one day I do want to have a record of my crazy pregnancy thoughts and I want to have a record of the times when I was farthest from God but also those times I come back to Him.

  11. Hey! Just found you through another blog. I have a little girl who will be 5 months on the 26th, so I enjoyed reading Eli's update. Keep blogging away. There are other mamas (like me) out there who enjoy reading about the little things. :)

  12. I think blogging is a more modern-day arena for women to reach out to one another and connect among shared experiences and offer each other support and advice.

    I would not stop blogging due to some silly man who thinks you may be vain.

  13. I think everyone thinks that sometimes. But the truth is this blogworld is a huge form of support. You dont only write for you, you write for your readers. Much of your new mommy advice has helped me in the first few weeks of this crazy adventure of thank you :) xoxo

  14. Thanks for writing this. I've gone in and out of blogging and recently decided to give it another go.
    Whoever wrote that comment was probably bitter that his own blog wasn't reflecting his true self and therefore wasn't gathering readers.
    Yours, on the other hand -- I have never met you and I feel like I know you. My husband and I both read your posts during the day and we talk about them after work. Blog away -- no matter what your purpose, we love it!

  15. Megan, you know I love your blog. We've been commenting on each other's blogs for what...2-3 years now? I just wrote a post today about rude commenters and how every mom (or blogger) is entitled to talk about whatever he or she wants!! And what interests one person, may not always interest another. But who cares??!! I say if someone doesn't like something they are reading...stop reading it!! Just don't visit that blog anymore! So if that ass thinks that women's blogs have no substance, then he can stop reading them! I for one enjoy reading about other women's lives and their experiences so blog away sweetie!!

  16. Sometimes I have the same thoughts on blogging that you do but I know it's the devil trying to break me down! It's funny how the negative comments and things people can say are what sticks with us. I want to use my blog as a positive and supportive experience! Glad you are going to stick with it girl! :)

  17. I just started my blog this year, and I too really struggled with whether it was vain or not to do so. But people kept pen and paper diaries for years and no one thinks that's vain, right? Blogging is the only way I've been able to journal about my life and take pictures consistently so I'm a total blogging convert :)


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