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Crib Time

It took me longer than I thought it would to move Eli to his own crib, but when he was around 4 months old I decided I needed to quit procrastinating and go ahead and move him out of our room into his own room.

I never would have thought that it would be hard for me, but it was.

He has transitioned to his crib so smoothly and seems to love it. We did have a couple of rough nights here and there but for the most he loves his crib.

Before Eli was even born I remember seeing on my friend Jennifer's blog a post about letting her kids spend some play time in their crib. Well last week I was cleaning in Eli's room and remembered this post and thought it would be a good idea for Eli. So I put Eli and some of his favorite toys in his crib and let him play while I vacuumed and dusted in there.

He seemed to love it:

disclaimer: My child does wear something other than onesies. I feel like I only post pictures of him in onesies. I do have to say when we are home hanging out and not going anywhere he only wears onesies, they are comfortable for him.

When we first moved Eli to his crib he slept with his face in the bumpers so I decided to take them out. I do know about breathable bumpers but for us just taking the bumpers out out worked.

Until the other day. I walked in Eli's room to check on him during a nap and I found him like this:

Poor baby boy!! Although I have to admit, he seemed to enjoy it and found it comfortable. I gently moved him back into his sleeping position (after snapping some pics of course) and he continued to sleep soundly.

This was a couple of weeks ago and hasn't happened since, so hopefully it was just an isolated incident.

I'm glad he likes his crib and plan to let him spend some more play time in there from time to time. I want his crib to be something he enjoys and not something he dreads.


  1. I saw that on Jennifer's blog and have been meaning to do it, too. David will talk to himself and scoot around in his crib for a little while in the mornings, but I have never put toys in there for him to play. Glad he liked it! He is the chubbiest little cutie pie ever!!

  2. Hmm, we transitioned to the crib at night too, but we haven't put him in there to play with toys. That sounds like a good idea though. I'll have to do that this week. When we put Alex in his crib the first time, he stuck his legs between the slots as well! What a cutie pie!

  3. HHHAHAHAA!!!! I'm laughing so hard I'm crying! I caught my son with one leg out, but never 2! Ha!!!

    We let my son play with toys in his crib and it worked great. He is a great crib sleeper. Loves having his own room!

  4. I try and put Griffin in his crib to play sometimes and he always loves it! I hope he always enjoys it because let's be honest, he'll be doing it whether he likes it or not. I love Eli's little legs poking through! He is so cute!

  5. what a great idea...I'm saving this post for future reference!

    and I love that photo, what cute little legs!

  6. Once they start crawling they use the bumpers to hoist themselves up over the crib too...good times!

    Cute pics!

  7. Ha! I found Anne Margaret like that a few times and we finally bought the mesh breathable bumper thing for her...that was great for about 4 weeks until she learned to pull herself up. then she would pull herself up but couldnt stand and would let go and fall. after hitting her head a few times on the rails, we put the bumper back in. she stands on it some but its not firm enough for her to use it to get herself over and out...yet :)

  8. My son used to stick his legs through the crib bars all the time. I figured it was better than worrying about the bumpers, and he never seemed to care (or get stuck), so I left him alone. Eli is so cute, and hey there's nothing wrong with onesies.

  9. What a great idea. We don't set up the pack 'n play here at home...but containing my baby girl is sometimes necessary. I usually put her in the high chair with some goldfish. Definitely logging this idea when I need her to stay put!

  10. Hahaha aw poor baby! I guess that's what bumpers are for? Hehe.

  11. Hi Megan! I am a long time reader, but I think the first time I have commented!! My son did the same thing as Eli, but when he tried to get his arm/leg out, it would cause him to wake up and SCREAM! That is when we discovered Breathable bumpers....they saved us! They blocked the slats so he couldn't get any limb through them, if he scooted his way to them, he could breathe through them, and if he tried to step on them for leverage, they would collapse! Just wanted to pass on the info! Eli is adorable, and such a blessing!

  12. Megan,

    I'm glad that Eli liked his crib! I know it's hard to transition from having them in your room.

    With my son, he adjusted really well to his own crib after just a few weeks, but being upstairs away from me was really hard and I always found myself straining on the baby monitor so this time around I am planning to keep our daughter in the room MUCH longer if possible.

    Eli is just a doll :)


  13. That's too funny! Like above, my son's gotten one leg out, but not 2!!!

  14. You're little man is too sweet! We had the same issue with the bumpers and legs ending up through the slats. So I finally got the breathable bumper and it's been great!

    New follower, found you through Life in the Green House's post today!

  15. So glad I found your blog - that sleeping pic is TOO cute for words! x

  16. Lol Alivia has done that with both of her arms hanging out. She also was a face in the bumper sleeper and it freaked. me. out. I would have taken them out but she hates sleeping without the security of them. So. Does that mean I care more about her sleeping than suffocating?? I hope not. I will say that she is almost one so she is fully capable of moving :) Anyway, love your blog, just watched your video and you are too cute!


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