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Instead of a post of "randoms" this week I took a different spin:

I confess......

- I still have Christmas printables hanging in my dining room. I keep saying I'm going to replace them yet, there they still hang.

- I haven't had my hair colored since May. My roots are B.A.D.

- I HATE getting pedicures. It is not enjoyable for me.

- I have literally cried over spilled milk. Breast milk that is

- I want to rewatch the entire series of Lost - I just need to convince Luke

- I hate my handwriting

- I have found myself calling Luke "dad" instead of Luke since Eli was born. Yes just like your grandma used to call your grandpa. We are too young for me to call him "dad" I might was well call him Pa.

- I wear a sports bra under my v-neck shirts (and over another undergarment) to take the place of a tank top. It is so hot outside I don't want an added shirt but I also don't want the girls hanging out. Thus the sports bra. I thought it was a smart idea. I might patent it.

See you would have thought it was a tank top:

- I wear contacts longer than the recommended month.

- I've seen Titanic 10904 times and I still cry every time I watch it.

- I don't like taking baths. I don't like my feet to get all wrinkly.

- I leave empty shampoo bottles in the shower for weeks instead of simply taking them out and throwing them away.

- I'm horrible at replying to blog comments but I appreciate each and every person that takes the time to comment. And I'm working on getting better at it.

- I always say I'm going to use coupons and cut them out and save them. We have a drawer in the kitchen full of expired coupons for things we will never buy.

- I regret quitting piano in the 9th grade. I took it for 4 years and then quit. Bad bad.

- I cannot correctly say the word "ruin" the 'R' and the 'U' together are too much for me.

Any confessions?


  1. The sports bra idea is genius! haha! Seriously, why hasn't anyone thought of that before? And I do the SAME thing with the coupons. It's ridiculous. I don't think I've ever used ONE at the grocery store in my life. HA!

  2. I like the confessions idea...and I'm right there with you on a few of those. :) I really need to get better with coupons, especially since I have a cute coupon carrier. Fun post!

  3. I do the same thing with coupons and contacts!!! Love you blog!! :)

  4. I agree--the sports bra idea is genius! :)

    I'm still bitter over the end of LOST. My husband suggested watching it again and I said, "heck no!" :)

  5. I too do the sports bra and a shirt trick. I think it looks pretty great! Haha.

    I love baths and now your post has totally inspired me to take one today!

  6. I still have "winter" pictures in one of our frames that I keep meaning to switch out to more summery pictures. Now that winter will be here before I know it in Ohio, I think I'll just leave it! I also want to re-watch Lost!! My husband won't even consider watching it with me though. :(

  7. HAHA! Might as well leave up the Christmas printables. They have Halloween decorations in the stores, and Christmas will be next! Oh and I totally do the same thing with the shampoo bottles, and the trashcan is like 2 feet from the shower. What in the world?

  8. Haha- I do the same with anything that is empty in the shower oh and razor blades. Awful. Or how about the recycling can is right outside the garage door but I am constantly throwing water bottles away in the trash. I call my husband daddy. lol

  9. too late! I have already patented the sports bra as a tank top idea. ja. Just kidding :) But I have done that too!

  10. I do so many of these things it's ridiculous! The sports bra as a t-shirt is great. And so easy. I loathe pedicures because my feet are too ticklish. I don't do baths because it's gross. I'm the same on coupons and I currently have two empty bottles of shampoo in the shower. So can I just give a big ditto to this post?!?

  11. I'm *convinced* that the "spilled milk" adage was based on breast milk. I had a mental breakdown the first time my husband dropped a bottle!

  12. I'm sure the sports bra works fine, but I discovered a product that is exactly meant to solve your problem. They're called Tank Shores from Hapari ( I love them!

  13. Haha, I can't say rural, at all. Which you wouldn't think is a word that comes up often, but apparently it does for me. I do the sports bra thing too! I hate wearing regular bras in the summer. Glad to know I'm not the only one!

  14. Oooh yes, the trick of the training bra. I have used that one for years and I love it!

  15. How about we confess that you are SO skinny and don't need to be on WW! Haha I'm not sure I can be accountability partner anymore now that I see how little you are! :) you look great though!

  16. You fake a tank top, too? This summer, I finally decided to wear a sports bra instead of a tank under my shirts, and I've felt scandalous ever since. Glad to know I'm not the only one! :-)

  17. Confession: When using the microwave I canNOT wait for it to "beep"...I have to stop it with at least 3 seconds left. Not in an OCD kind of a I have no patience kind of way.

    I am right there with ya on the coupons. Good intentions...not so much on the follow through.

  18. It's natural to call your husband the name that your children call him. We have children that range in age from 16-28 and I still tell the 28-year old "Your Daddy.......". It's kind of sweet I think!

  19. Love the shampoo bottle confession-I do the same thing!!

  20. To put you at ease - you don't have to only use contacts for a month. One of the perks of having an optometrist for a father is that I know i can use those contacts as long as I want - which is usually a few months - just until they start bothering me.

    And I have empty shampoo bottles in my shower right now. Sigh.


  21. I wear my contacts longer than I'm supposed. And I clip coupons and never use them too.

  22. I hate getting pedicures too. Love the finished product, hate sitting there, wasting my time, having my feet fondled.

  23. I'm glad you wear your contacts longer than recommended too! I've worn the every day wear ones since high school, but they've discontinued them! So I'm supposed to go to monthly ones, but I'm delaying that as long as I can. Then I do plan to wear them for at least 6 weeks because I don't sleep in them.

  24. Megan,

    I love a good Confessions post as much as a Randoms one :)

    You're not alone with wearing contacts longer than the recommended use. For one, I get lazy about switching, and two, I want them to last as long as possible because I hate going to the eye dr more than my OB!

    I like the idea of a sports bra in place of a tank.. I think I may have even done it before. I need to come up with some creative ways as I get ready to breastfeed soon, (let the countdown begin for my due date :)

    I love taking baths, but have to agree with pedicures. My feet are so ticklish that it's almost painful to try to resist jerking my foot away.

    Happy Friday

  25. I LOVE the sports bra under the v-neck. I have actually used it with low cut dresses too! Heck its so hot outside I can't image anything else touching me.

    I also am completely guily of leaving of bottles of everything in the shower. I even move them from the shelf next to shower door to grab them easier but it just never happens :(

  26. I could never do that sports bra thing. Those things are so hard to wrestle into. Sometimes that's the very thing that keeps me from working out-at least that's what I tell myself.

    Try saying Rory. That's a hard one.

    Definitely have cried over spilled breast milk. Once, my husband left some out after a trip and I made him taste it before throwing it away to prove it was really spoiled.

    It's hard commenting on blogs-especially if you read from your phone. That's why I've really started to enjoy twitter. Okay, shameless plug/beg to be allowed to follow you on twitter. @amdavee

    We swore we'd never do the dad/mom thing and I do it all of the time. I tell myself it's so Monroe will know that my husband is daddy to him and not Freddie, but we do it with the dog too and yesterday I caught myself talking to myself (another confession) and refering to my husband as daddy. Now that's embarassing.

    Confession-I put a picture of me from our wedding day on my husband's dresser. He'd never do that. :)

    Cannot remember to redeem a grocery store coupon to save my life, but a restaurant-I'm all over that.

  27. Why didn't I think of the sports bra idea? That's awesome. I also wear my contacts too long. I don't keep track of when I put them in. Empty shampoo bottles? All over the place. Your blog is fun to read. Your honest and straightforward and I like that.

  28. I'm convinced that breast milk is liquid gold and definitely ok to cry over.

    Loved your confessions.

  29. I m 5' 109 lb and bought a small, I am 36B, this bra give me enough support I wanted for spinning and work out at the gym they are a little bit tight and its what I like of them I plan to order just my size briefs


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