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Weekly Weekend Update

Nothing like a Weekend update on Thursday! But as I've said (about 294024 times) I like to have these recaps for memory.

Friday night we went to dinner with some friends. We went to our very favorite Mexican restaurant. I am excited for the day when I can have a margarita. I haven't had one in over a year!

Eli and I with Kelsey. After Mexican food we went to get frozen yogurt and I ended up being the only one who ate any. Can you guess whose idea it was to get fro-yo? I'm addicted.
Obviously Eli was not a fro-yo fan.

Saturday night we had a wedding to go to. We left home around noon and went to my parent's house to hang out with the family. We ended up getting stuck in stand-still traffic for over an HOUR on the highway. It was horrible and annoying. The traffic was caused because of construction which made it a million times more annoying!!

The wedding was at 7:30 and was outside. It was in the shade so it wasn't terribly hot even though the temperature was 108. Eli LOVES to be outdoors so he was happy as a lark during the ceremony.

It was so beautiful and I know their pictures are going to be amazing:

The Trees at the wedding. Remember my post about my child melting down?

Case. and. point.

That was only the beginning.

Eli and Luke with the beautiful bride Cassie:
We got back late Saturday night and then woke up early for church on Sunday. We went to eat lunch with some friends and then hung out at home the rest of the day.

All of these pictures were taken on Luke's phone. Sometimes its just the easiest way to get pictures.

It was a great weekend! Now it's almost time for the next weekend!


  1. Well, you certainly look like you've lost all your baby weight that's for sure. Eli is such a cutie.

  2. Hello hot mama!! Love the dress you wore to the wedding!

  3. Hi there-- Visiting from Jimmy Choo's and Tennis Shoes.. Can't wait to read more around here! Have a great day! :)

  4. You look fabulous! And poor Eli, why oh why wouldn't he be excited about some froyo!

  5. Nice article, thanks for the information.


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