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4th of July Weekend

One of my goals was to blog more for myself and to record memories and not just my thoughts. So that will apply for this post. I love recording the details of our lives and looking back to read them throughout the year(s), even if they are a bit boring.

Our 4th of July weekend started on Friday. Right now I LOVE Fridays because both Luke and I are home together, except this Friday I had to go into my office for a couple of hours so Luke and Eli stayed home while I ran to work to take care of some stuff.

I got home mid afternoon and then we ran some errands and then picked up Mexican food (I was craving it so badly) to eat at home and watched Friday Night Lights on TV.

Sidenote: I'm not sure I've blogged about my love for Friday Night Lights but I will be doing it soon as next week is the last episode ever. Seriously I will cry. I already cried watching a preview for the last episode ever. I cannot adequately explain my love for this show.

Sidenote over.

Saturday we really didn't do much but hung out around the house. Luke had to work for a bit in the morning so Eli and I hung out and cleaned and watched some TV. It was a calm day.

Sunday after church we spent the day with my family celebrating the 4th of July a day early.

The three of us on the 3rd of July:
Thankfully we were celebrating America's independence so Luke couldn't wear his England shirt that he has worn in every other picture. God Bless America.

Eli put his feet in the pool water for the first time. He was a bit indifferent about it.
One cool dude: Too bad his mom broke his sunglasses. He still looks cool though.
My favorite picture from the weekend:
Another favorite:
Eli and I with my youngest sister:
It was such a great day with my family. I love days like that!

Monday (today) we had planned to go to our town's parade but Eli was still sleeping soundly this morning and we saw it as an opportunity to sleep in.

So sleep in we did.

Then we got up and Luke made us waffles and scrambled eggs. It was wonderful.

Later that afternoon we went to a friend's house and enjoyed the evening with some friends from church. It was such an enjoyable and relaxing time.

My red, white and blue family:
The best pic of Eli in his outfit before a blowout diaper occurred:
Eli hung out in the Baby Bjorn for awhile. We were all a fan of it.

I was just snapping away on my camera and didn't even realize Luke's face in this picture until I looked at it on my computer:
Obviously, Luke is not a fan of the camera.

Obviously, I am not a fan of him wearing the same shirt EVERY TIME I TAKE A PICTURE.

Life goes on.

So that was our weekend. I'm sad to see the weekend end. I enjoyed every minute of this one.

Happy 4th of July!


  1. Eli's little hat is so cute! Glad you had a great weekend. :) I was sad to see it end myself!

  2. Love your sweet weekend recap!! Looks like the perfect 4th!

  3. I love Eli's plaid 4th of July outfit, he's too cute!

  4. Eli is looking good! Love that picture of him and Luke. Pictures of Griffin and Tyler are my favorites. Glad rare you had a fun weekend!!

  5. Rare? How did my phone auto correct "to see" to RARE. Geez.

  6. Girl, you look FABulous!! So tiny!! I love the pic of Luke and Eli smiling at each other! So sweet!

  7. glad y'all had such a good weekend!! you look awesome and that eli is a doll!!! i'm also a huge fan of the picture of your two boys looking at each other. so sweet :)

  8. LOVE the picture of Eli and Luke looking at each other!

    These picture's show Eli's personality is coming out! Too cute :)

  9. Ok, let's talk about how amazing your legs look! Seriously.
    I'm glad y'all had a great weekend!

  10. Didn't you just have a baby?!? You look amazing!

  11. You and Luke are hilarious! Love the picture with Eli on the fence! SO CUTE!

  12. the baby bjorn is too cute! Great pics!

    Totally agree about Friday Night Lights. The show is getting better and better! Why can't it go on forever??? The mr and I will be so sad to see it go! Why couldn't they continue on with Coach Taylor coaching in college and follow that for 4 years? Or continuing in Dillon? Why did they wait so long to bring back Tim? We LOVE watching it on Friday and will really miss it:(

  13. You have such a cute family! The fact that Friday Night Lights is ending makes me want to cry. Seriously- why does it have to end!?

  14. I love Eli's hat. I love the fact that Luke couldn't wear his England shirt on the 4th of July. I don't love the fact that I'm imaging diaper blowouts right now. Has one of those ever happened while he was in the Bjorn? Oh dear lord, please say no!

  15. Looks like a great weekend. You look fab!

  16. What a fun holiday weekend for the Trees :) Love Eli in his red, white, and blue! Also, you already know my thoughts on FNL....SOB!! I don't want it to end :(

  17. Oh I have so much to say ;) you look amazing, do not apologize for your posts, you know we love them all and they are such great memories, Eli looks absolutely adorable, and the not wearing the England shirt on the 4th cracked me up, annnd we LOOOOOVE FNL, prob our favorite show, so good, Hubby is obsessed too! Wish we could all watch it together! Hugs!

  18. Your family is adorable and it looks like you had fun on the 4th weekend! But what I really want to tell you is that you look awesome-- glad you are getting your pre-baby body back!

  19. My favorite part of this post was "God bless America"!!! lol!

  20. OMG!!!! I LOVE the cowboy hat and sun glasses, so precious!!!

  21. My husband seems to be wearing the same shirts in every photo I take also. He has a closet full of things to wear and he goes to his trusty t shirts!! I love reading about your handsome little guy!!


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