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A (third) Year in Pictures

Every year, sometime in July (our anniversary month) I do a post of pictures of Luke and I from each month throughout the last year.

2009 is here
2010 is here

One picture for each month, some months are more exciting than others, but I love to look back and see all that we did!

And this year this post could not only be called "a look back at our year in pictures", but also "a look back at Megan getting bigger, bigger and BIGGER." It just keeps happening.

Our third year:

This picture is from the week we found out we were pregnant. What an exciting year we had ahead of us! Also, please note how cute my waist was.

The first pregnancy related purchase:

A Friday night dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant with some friends. I remember clearly this was the first night I wore a maternity shirt. I felt so pregnant. It was also during the phase of 2nd trimester hair AKA BEST HAIR EVER.
Our yearly trip to the fair! I enjoyed the food so much this year! :-)
Luke and I at Thanksgiving at my parents house. Would you believe this is the only pic I have? I look liked a cracked out preggo. I also have that cute lump between the belly and the "girls" from where the maternity pants end but the belly keeps going. This is a picture most wouldn't show on the internet for all to see. I rise above normal standards.

Our first baby shower
I don't have any pictures of us together from February. I have lots of me by myself with my big ole belly, but none of me and my love.

The next chapter of our lives:
Our first night out without the babe.


A weekend at the lake. So there it is our third year. Obviously this past year entailed the biggest change of our marriage, but it was an amazing change. We are still learning the in's and out's of marriage with a child and learning that Eli is now apart of our lives and has not become our whole life. We must still find time for each other along with finding time for Eli. It's all about balance.

What a fun third year it was!


Eli is 4 months!

Eli had his 4 month appointment last week.

His 4 month stats are:
Weight: 14.6
Length - 24.5 inches
Diaper size - 2
Clothes - some (very few)- 0-3 months but mainly wearing 3-6 months now

Eli here is what you are doing this month:

- You discovered your feet this month and you absolutely love them. You are always staring at them and grabbing them and putting them in your mouth

- You have started rolling all over the place. This makes bed time tricky. I need you to stay in one place but you like to move, move, move. The minute we put you on your back you roll onto your stomach for awhile and then roll back over to your back.

- You were eating every 3 hours but lately you want to eat more than that. I think you definitely went through a big growth spurt between 3 months and 4 months. You have started to eat every 2 hours.

- You were once an amazing sleeper. Then momma went back to work and you decided sleeping all night was over rated. While it is exhausting I know this won't last forever and I'm not going to worry too much about training you to sleep all night. It will come.

- You have started singing when we sing to you and if the radio is on in the car you sing along with it. This is music to our ears.

- You are always moving. If we lay your down you roll over, if you are sitting in your swing you are kicking and flailing your arms.

- You started childcare this month and you seem to have adjusted well. I hope it says this way.

- When we eat in front of you you watch us very carefully and follow the food from our plates to our mouths. Very observant!

- We moved you to your crib this month to sleep at night and you are doing ok. Again, not sleeping all night but you still sleep pretty well.

- You have started making it very obvious when you are sleepy. You throw your hands over your eyes and try and bury your head into whatever is near by. You like it very dark when you go to sleep.

- You LOVE being outside. If you are fussy about something and we can't figure out what it is we take you outside and you immediately stop crying. This has not been fun for us as the weather hasn't been under 100 degrees in several weeks, but you love it out there despite the temperature

- When you eat out of a bottle you eat around 6 oz.

- You have started laughing a lot and it is adorable. You do this deep belly laugh that causes us to laugh SO hard!

- You love to pull on anything and everything, your toys, my hair, dad's eyelids, whatever you can grab and pull you do. I'm learning not to wear necklaces and earrings now.

This past month has been so much fun. It is such a blessing to sit back and watch your little personality form. You are so much fun and you make our lives so fun. We can't believe how big you are getting right before our eyes. We look forward to watching you grow this next month!


Weekly Weekend Update

Nothing like a Weekend update on Thursday! But as I've said (about 294024 times) I like to have these recaps for memory.

Friday night we went to dinner with some friends. We went to our very favorite Mexican restaurant. I am excited for the day when I can have a margarita. I haven't had one in over a year!

Eli and I with Kelsey. After Mexican food we went to get frozen yogurt and I ended up being the only one who ate any. Can you guess whose idea it was to get fro-yo? I'm addicted.
Obviously Eli was not a fro-yo fan.

Saturday night we had a wedding to go to. We left home around noon and went to my parent's house to hang out with the family. We ended up getting stuck in stand-still traffic for over an HOUR on the highway. It was horrible and annoying. The traffic was caused because of construction which made it a million times more annoying!!

The wedding was at 7:30 and was outside. It was in the shade so it wasn't terribly hot even though the temperature was 108. Eli LOVES to be outdoors so he was happy as a lark during the ceremony.

It was so beautiful and I know their pictures are going to be amazing:

The Trees at the wedding. Remember my post about my child melting down?

Case. and. point.

That was only the beginning.

Eli and Luke with the beautiful bride Cassie:
We got back late Saturday night and then woke up early for church on Sunday. We went to eat lunch with some friends and then hung out at home the rest of the day.

All of these pictures were taken on Luke's phone. Sometimes its just the easiest way to get pictures.

It was a great weekend! Now it's almost time for the next weekend!


A Year Later

One year ago today my life, along with Luke's life was forever changed.

In an instant we went from being two carefree kids, newly married, doing what we wanted, when we wanted, with minimual thoughts about what our lives would look like in the future and no real need to figure things out at that point, all the way to two expectant parents freaking out about how they were going to care for another human being, emotionally, spirtually, financially, etcetera, etcetea, etcetera.

I think that was the longest run on sentence ever but that's how it happened in my mind the morning I took a pregnancy test at work. Just one long run on sentence of HOW ARE WE GOING TO DO THIS?

Thankfully, God made pregnancy last 9-10 months for a reason. By the time March 2011 came around we were not only prepared with all of the necessary baby items but we were very ready for our baby to be here.

We had a nursery, diapers, lots of clothes and various baby gadgets scattered around the house ready for the baby. But we had no idea the whirlwind of crying, spit up, poopy diapers, late nights, middle of the nights, early mornings, and living on little to no sleep that was about to enter our lives.

We also had no idea that our hearts were capable of holding so much more love.

The day I took that pregnancy test, I immediately did the math in my head (which might have taken awhile, math is not my strong suit) and figured up that this time next year I would have a baby that was four months old.

Of course at that time I pictured a big Indian baby, and instead I got a tiny white baby. We still laugh about it that our "hairy" baby came out bald!

It has been a whirlwind year that flew by in the blink of an eye. It is crazy how much our lives changed in that year, but also how much they stayed the same.

Our love for Eli is unexplainable. I'm quite certain Eli will never know just how much love we have for him. Part of this is because we can't explain it.

When I look at him there are times that I'm certain my heart is going to bust with all of the love that it is trying to hold.

I can't believe it has been one year since I took that test and walked around in a daze because I had no idea how everything would come together.

We weren't prepared for a child, but God knew we were ready. And I'm so thankful He did!

Working Mom Post

Today I am guest posting on the blog Stafford Stories for Melissa's series on Working Mom's. I am loving reading these posts so far! I truly love to hear different perspectives on motherhood. Below is my post that is on Melissa's blog. I am excited to be apart of this series!

My story began in July 2010 when I found out I was pregnant and realized I would soon face the decision of whether to stay at home or continue with my job. For as long as I can remember my desire in life was to stay home with my kids. Before I was even married I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom. It just seemed like the only option to me. Then when I got pregnant I realized that decision wasn’t as easy as I once thought it would be. I never imagined when I got pregnant that I would be at a job that I loved and enjoyed going to everyday and would get sad thinking about leaving it.

I also never imagined that. I would gain 40 pounds during pregnancy. Clearly pregnancy held several surprises for me. But that is neither here nor there.

Throughout pregnancy this question of whether to work or stay home was always at the forefront of my mind. I felt like I had a jumble of questions and thoughts going through my head at all times:

How can I leave my brand new baby with a stranger?
Will I miss adult interaction if I stay home?
I’ve always wanted to stay home, how can I even think of working?
What if I quit my job that I love and then hate being home and now I don’t have a job?
How can I possibly think I will hate staying home? I will be with my baby. This is my dream.
What if I quit my job and then we have unforeseen expenses come up and we are struggling on one salary?
How can I say I have faith if I don’t believe God will provide?
How could I give up a great job that I love in an economy like this?
How can I think about the economy when it comes to my baby?
Does it make me a bad mom to even consider working?

And so on and so on and so on.

It really was exhausting living in my mind during that time. Actually I think it was exhausting just living WITH me during that time. Just ask my husband.

All these questions were weighing on my mind on a daily basis, and I still wasn’t coming to a decision easily. For a while I avoided the subject all together. Avoidance is my spiritual gift. I can avoid anything like a champ.

But obviously, avoiding the issue wasn't going to solve anything in this situation.

Eventually I was offered a part time job at my current place of employment and I could not have been happier. It seemed like the absolute best solution. I would still be contributing money to our family income while keeping adult interaction in my life, and using skills that I spent four years at college obtaining, all the while, still spending time during the week with my baby. It really seemed too good to be true.

I have now been back at work for a little over a month, and while I’m still in the early stages of the back to work process I can say that this new lifestyle is working out wonderfully. I work 20 hours a week at the beginning of the week leaving me with the remainder of the week to fulfill my SAHM dreams.

I have to say, nobody, I mean NOBODY was more shocked than I was when I realized that I loved working part time. I had excepted to go through a period of being down about it and wanting to give up and thinking it was too hard to balance with all of the motherly duties that life entails, but in a weird (and ironic?) way I have found going to work to be good for me.

Yes, it is hard to balance everything that life holds. Cooking, cleaning, spending time with God, spending time with my husband, exercising (remember that 40 pounds?), reading books that I want to read, blogging, and the various other things that life throws at us along the way all the while balancing being a new mom which we all know is no doubt a full time job in itself.

I am coming to terms with the fact that I will never feel that I have everything perfectly balanced. There will be times when my house is immaculate and clean as a whistle, yet I haven’t exercised all week.

Or I will be on top of my game in the exercise area but I haven’t cooked all week.

I am learning to relax and not try to do it all. And realize that each week is a fresh start. Just because I didn’t cook last week doesn’t mean I can’t meal plan this week and get back on track.

I will admit, there have been times when I have felt guilty for enjoying work. I’m not sure if I actually feel guilty or if I feel like I’m supposed to feel guilty? I enjoy my time at work and then wonder if it’s wrong that I enjoy that time? Shouldn’t I be sitting and crying about how much I miss my baby?

I do miss him, but I also enjoy the time at the office. Which is why I feel like working part time offers me the best of both worlds.

Plus, as with everything this is just a season of life. This is something that I feel like God reminds me daily and it has helped me get through so many areas of my life. Believe me there were many times prior to going back to work that I pouted and had adult versions of a "temper tantrum" but ultimately I knew this was what God wanted for our family in this season and I could sulk about it, or choose to follow Him and learn and grow. He has shown me that just because I think I HAVE to have something doesn't mean it is the very best for me or for my family. If I seek to find my happiness in Him and not my situation I will truly be happy. And I am.

This is what works for us now and I love it.

Maybe one day I will have it all together. My house will be clean all the time, I will cook nutrious and delicious meals every single night while finding time in my day to exercise, do my devotion and spend adequate time with my husband all while reading the latest and greatest books, oh and being a #1 mom all the time.

Ha! Probably not. But a girl can dream!

Here is a picture of Eli and I at my office a couple of weeks ago. I had to go in for a meeting on my day off so little man went with me. Being a working mom is also all about being flexible!!!


Never Say Never

Saturday I did something I swore I would never do.

You would think I would learn to never say never. The jeggings sitting in my closest are proof that I most certainly do things I say I wont.

Before I go into what I did that I never said I would do, I have to set up the night.

Saturday night Luke and I had a wedding to attend. It was the wedding of a close friend of his from high school. Normally we wouldn't take Eli with us but there were going to be a lot of people at the wedding who hadn't seen him yet so we decided to take him.

P.S. I always said I would NEVER take my baby to a wedding.

In the words of the Biebs; never say never.

At this point I could go into long detail about how it takes me several attempts to get dressed these days because I have these new HIPS that make my old clothes look different on me and I change my clothes a million times and I wear this sexy nursing bra that is thick and shows through everything.

Basically I'm feeling top notch these days.

But I won't get into all of that (more than I already have). This story is about what I did that I swore I wouldn't do.

Fast forward to the wedding; the ceremony was outside and was beautiful, it was hot but Eli is a fan of being outside so he was great during the ceremony. He just sat and stared at all the trees and didn't really make a peep while the vows were being said.

Then we headed into the reception around 8:00

AKA: Eli's fussy time.

Upon entering the reception I realized that Eli needed a diaper change so I headed for the bathroom. Sounds like a simple enough task, but no, it wasn't. As I was about to enter the bathroom I realized it was labeled Doe.

Pause. Why on earth do restaurants think it's cute to use any words other than MALE or FEMALE??? I can think of about five restaurants off the top of my head that do this. It is annoying.

I'm sure during another time of my life I could have easily identified what a doe was, but in this moment when my only concern was a quick diaper change before we had a blowout I had no idea what a doe was. Apparently it's a female deer. A buck is a male deer. WHO CARES. My child had a dirty diaper that needed changing and I needed a bathroom that said "female" asap.

Because of the fact that I normally don't care what other's think of me I loudly yelled to Luke across several tables: WHAT IS A DOE? IS THIS THE GIRLS BATHROOM?

People thought it was funny. They were laughing AT me. Not WITH me. Big difference.

Anyways (this is getting entirely too long) I got Eli's diaper changed and decided to make a mental note that a doe equals female. For a teeny tiny bit all was well in our world, and then Eli started melting down.

As each second of Eli melting down passed I started to lose my cool. I mean I was already reeling from the fact that I didn't know what a freaking doe was and people laughed at me and now I was the girl at a wedding with a crying baby.

And nobody wants to be that girl.

I usually don't get flustered when Eli is fussy but I was already uncomfortable in this setting so getting flustered was an easy goal to achieve.

At one point, my usual very helpful husband was off laughing with the guys oblivious to the Eli meltdown of 2011 and I was struggling with our melt downer who was currently SPAZZING. OUT. One man who had previously laughed AT me for not knowing what a doe was looked at me and pitifully said "um do you need some kind of help?"

Great. Not only were people laughing at me, now they had pity on me.


All I needed at this point was for my sexy nursing bra to be hanging out of my dress while my child flailed in my arms as I tried to discreetly glide across the room and throw him at my husband while everybody stared at me.

Oh wait that did happen.

Luke gave Eli a bottle while I tried to regain my composure but even after eating Eli still was super grumpy and so was I. It was time to pack up this sleepy baby and head home.

At this point I had been wrestling my baby for several hours and I was exhausted. Yes, I realize I sound pathetic. I don't really care. Sometimes I fussy baby can take ALL of your energy.

As we were packing up our stuff to leave, we started to say bye to a group of people at a table and I noticed a cute, young, pregnant girl watching me with my baby. This is where my story goes downhill.

I looked at this cute, innocent, young girl and said:


"so are you ready for this?
(pointing to my crying baby) Your life is about to completely change"

UGH. I'm cringing right now thinking that I actually said that.

I still cannot believe I did that.

People would say that to me when I was pregnant and I hated it and thought it was the most annoying and rude thing ever.

AND I DID IT. I actually said it.

And not only did she hear, but a whole table of people heard.

I was mortified and I did it to myself.

Hey Megan, here is your mouth, why don't you go ahead and insert your foot for the millionth time?

Immediately I regretted saying it and talked about how it was also the best thing that could happen to your life. But it was already out there and there was nothing I could do about it. With those words I looked like a ragged mom who was exhausted and bitter and needed to learn how to cover up her ugly bra and figure out what a female deer is called.

After we left the wedding I bawled to Luke about those words I said. I felt like the worst mother in the world. It wasn't Eli's fault that he was tired and uncomfortable and was ready to be in his home in his bed. Yet with those words I made it seem like he was an inconvenience to me.

I wanted to go back in time and take back saying those words, but I can not do that.. So naturally, I contemplated Facebook messaging this girl (that I don't even really know) and apologizing.

Anybody remember when I Facebook messaged my nurse the I don't know?

Please. Somebody delete my account.

Eventually I dried up my tears and vowed that I learned my lesson and I would never do it again.

It's a day later and I still get sick to my stomach thinking that I did this.

I never want to come across as a mom who is grumpy and annoyed with her life. I'm so thankful to be a mom. I'm so thankful for that baby who was just tired and worn out from an already long weekend.

It was just a moment of weakness, beginning with a nursing bra that is not flattering to a restroom labeled doe all the way to being the girl at the wedding with the fussy baby.

I've beat myself up about it enough I'm petty sure I will will never utter those words again to an expecting mommy.

I'm also pretty sure I'm going to learn all possible forms of the words male and female. Just in case.....


Random Bits

1. Wednesday was Eli's first day of daycare. I went back to work at the beginning of June but instead of starting daycare at that time both my mom and Luke's mom took turns keeping Eli. Now he starts going to a daycare for 20 hours a week. I thought it was going to be really hard on me when I dropped him off that morning, but I did surprisingly well. I know that he is in good hands. Here are his first day of "school" pictures! :-)

2. When Eli was tiny and I was on maternity leave I had him on the best schedule and he was such a good sleeper. Somewhere between me going back to work and now he has completely gotten off his schedule. I'm not a hardcore baby scheduler but I had developed something that worked for both me and Eli. But now we have nothing and he has quit sleeping through the night and wanting to take naps. During maternity leave I could lay him down and he would put himself to sleep, now it takes a lot of effort to get him to sleep. I feel like a mommy failure but Luke reminded me tonight that he is still so young and we are learning everyday. It made me feel better.

3. I went out to eat with some good friends tonight. It was so much fun and was made complete with some yummy cheesecake at the end of the night. Cheesecake is my favorite.

4. I want to make a digital memory book of Eli's first year starting from the night he was born. I keep wanting to start it as I feel like it will be easier to keep up with little by little instead of trying to do all at once at the end of the year. I'm trying to figure out what program would be the best to use for this. I need to get started ASAP. Anybody have any good photobook sites they would suggest using?

5. Just the other day I put Eli in his swing and ran to my bedroom to grab something. When I came back out he was staring straight up at the mobile above his head for the first time. It looked like he had just discovered that there were "friends" up there! He was like "hey guys, I didn't know you were up there!" Now he stares up there all the time. I love watching his little brain work!

6. I have now gone one whole week without any diet coke. A friend commented on my post last week and told me to google aspartame poisoning, so I did and I totally had several of the symptoms. I decided to quit putting it in my body and I have felt SO much better. It is amazing. I will probably do a full post about this sometime. I haven't really even craved it too badly. The feeling of "feeling good" is better than diet coke tastes!

7. It's Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family this weekend!! Yay!! You know I love my HP movies!

8. Several people inquired about ordering Scentsy from me. Anybody can order Scentsy products through my website, which you can get to by clicking on the Scentsy button at the top of this blog. Everybody that orders this month by clicking on "July Online Orders" on my website will be entered into a drawing for a half price full size warmer of your choice!

9. Big Brother started tonight. YAY!!! It always officially feels like Summer when BB starts!

10. Before Eli I NEVER went to bed with makeup on my face. Since having Eli I have done this a couple of times and I hate it. When I do it I can FEEL the wrinkles forming, but sometimes I'm so tired I just want to crawl in bed!

Happy Friday!


Perfect Hair and Perfect Sleep

Lately, I've found that getting a full night of sleep is very similar to having a good hair day.

What does that mean?

Well, there are some mornings when I wake up, put my feet on the carpet for the first time that day and start going through my morning routine.

With sleep still in my eyes I stumble into the bathroom and hop into the shower. I wash my hair with shampoo and then put a bit of conditioner in it.

Once I am done with my shower, I blow dry my hair like always and 9 times out of 10 I will straighten it. There are times when I curl it, but I prefer my hair straight so most days it's a straightener kind of day.

I will then put on my make up, pick out the outfit for the day, get dressed and look in the mirror.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. Some days, very few days, I will look in the mirror and stop and think, "whoa".

And it will be because I'm having the best hair day ever.

As I'm looking in the mirror I will recount every last step I did that morning, down to the simplest details, trying to figure out what caused this normally mundane hair to turn out so beautifully.

You know what I'm talking about. An EXCEPTIONAL hair day is few and far between and must be treasured when it is here.

As I retrace my morning process in my head I will realize I did everything just as I normally did. No new steps, no new hair products. I will have no idea what happened to create this wonderful hair day.

I feel a bit disappointed but maintain hope that the next morning I can somehow recreate this EXCEPTIONAL hair.

So, the next morning, when I wake up and put my feet on the carpet for the day, I will try and remember every.single.thing. I did the day before to ensure a beautiful head of hair.

I will try and wash it the exact same length of time, I will try and put the exact same amount of conditioner in it that I put in it the day before. 1 tablespoon or two? I get very technical when trying to master the ingredients to a good hair day.

I even try and estimate how much time lapsed between me blow drying my hair and putting the straightener on it. Did my hair cool down completely. Did that create some sort of scientific formula that allowed my hair to lay oh so perfectly?

However despite my hardest efforts there is nothing I can do to repeat the perfect hair day. In fact some days, when I try my hardest to repeat all the steps to ensure a good hair day, it will end up being a horrible hair day.

Go figure.

So how does this relate to Eli sleeping?

Well there are some mornings, where I wake up around 6:30 or 7:00, feeling completely refreshed and then it hits me.


It's just about the best feeling in the world.

When I wake up feeling all refreshed I picture myself as a Disney princess, gracefully waking up, stretching my arms above my head, with pristine makeup on my face and beautiful cascading hair down my back while birds chirp outside my window and I break out into song about what the day holds.

If you've lived on few hours of sleep for severals nights in a row you understand what I mean.

So in similar fashion to repeating my good hair day, I will try and recount every step I took to make Eli sleep an entire night.

What time did I last feed him?

Did I kiss him on his right cheek or left?

Did Luke lay him down in the crib or did I?

I want to follow every single step to ensure a full night's rest once again.

I need to perfect the best recipe for a good night's sleep.

That night when Eli's bedtime sneaks up on us I will try as best as I can do repeat the exact same steps as the night before.

I will do everything the same as the night before, down to the smallest details.

And then when he wakes up at 2:30, 3:30, 4:30 and so on, I consider the recipe a FLOP.

I'm currently still working on perfecting both recipes.

If I can somehow achieve a perfect hair day on the same night Eli sleeps all night I will consider it a personal victory.

Heck, I consider showering once a day a personal victory these days.


4th of July Weekend

One of my goals was to blog more for myself and to record memories and not just my thoughts. So that will apply for this post. I love recording the details of our lives and looking back to read them throughout the year(s), even if they are a bit boring.

Our 4th of July weekend started on Friday. Right now I LOVE Fridays because both Luke and I are home together, except this Friday I had to go into my office for a couple of hours so Luke and Eli stayed home while I ran to work to take care of some stuff.

I got home mid afternoon and then we ran some errands and then picked up Mexican food (I was craving it so badly) to eat at home and watched Friday Night Lights on TV.

Sidenote: I'm not sure I've blogged about my love for Friday Night Lights but I will be doing it soon as next week is the last episode ever. Seriously I will cry. I already cried watching a preview for the last episode ever. I cannot adequately explain my love for this show.

Sidenote over.

Saturday we really didn't do much but hung out around the house. Luke had to work for a bit in the morning so Eli and I hung out and cleaned and watched some TV. It was a calm day.

Sunday after church we spent the day with my family celebrating the 4th of July a day early.

The three of us on the 3rd of July:
Thankfully we were celebrating America's independence so Luke couldn't wear his England shirt that he has worn in every other picture. God Bless America.

Eli put his feet in the pool water for the first time. He was a bit indifferent about it.
One cool dude: Too bad his mom broke his sunglasses. He still looks cool though.
My favorite picture from the weekend:
Another favorite:
Eli and I with my youngest sister:
It was such a great day with my family. I love days like that!

Monday (today) we had planned to go to our town's parade but Eli was still sleeping soundly this morning and we saw it as an opportunity to sleep in.

So sleep in we did.

Then we got up and Luke made us waffles and scrambled eggs. It was wonderful.

Later that afternoon we went to a friend's house and enjoyed the evening with some friends from church. It was such an enjoyable and relaxing time.

My red, white and blue family:
The best pic of Eli in his outfit before a blowout diaper occurred:
Eli hung out in the Baby Bjorn for awhile. We were all a fan of it.

I was just snapping away on my camera and didn't even realize Luke's face in this picture until I looked at it on my computer:
Obviously, Luke is not a fan of the camera.

Obviously, I am not a fan of him wearing the same shirt EVERY TIME I TAKE A PICTURE.

Life goes on.

So that was our weekend. I'm sad to see the weekend end. I enjoyed every minute of this one.

Happy 4th of July!