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Questions Questions

Since I started using Twitter in 2008 I've used it to ask many, many questions.

In fact it's probably a little ridiculous how many questions I ask on Twitter, but seriously, I ask one question and I usually have multiple answers that give me insight that I obviously did not have myself. I. Love. It.

I'm sure all my real life friends think I'm a bit bonkers for always saying "well I asked my twitter friends and they said...." But to me it's the best place to bring my questions because they are usually resolved shortly after posting my question.

But tonight I decided to branch out from Twitter and use my blog to ask some VERY random questions that have crossed my mind recently. If you feel so inclined to answer please go ahead:

1. How do you store your toothbrush? I feel like those tooth brush holders that go in your drawer make your tooth brush all stinky and moldy but then I feel like those holders that you put on the counter (pictured below)are not very sanitary. I saw somewhere that when you flush the toilet little particles shoot all over and I always picture them going on my toothbrush
Fieldcrest® Luxury Mirror Toothbrush Holder : Target

2. Moms: Did anybody out there use a highchair that sits in your kitchen chair seat and NOT like it? I have one of those high chairs but I'm contemplating taking it back and getting a regular high chair. Thoughts?

3. How often do you mop? Do you consider a shark steam mop mopping or should I be doing something besides steam mopping?

4. Moms: How long did you leave your baby in your room before moving them to their own room?

5. WHAT can we do to get Subway employees to stop letting their shirts touch our sandwiches?!?! (confused? read this). I'm about to quit eating there cause it grosses me out so much and I LOVE Subway.

OK, I have more household type questions but I will save those for a later date. Five is enough for now.

Feel free to answer any of the above questions!!


  1. **I leave my toothbrush on the counter but I rinse it in hot water before each use, and I eliminate the toilet issue by closing the lid before flushing. The idea of toothbrushes grosses me out anyway-putting the same thing in your dirty mouth day in, day out? Bleh. We replace ours monthly but if I were rich I'd do it daily!
    **Love our in-a-seat high chair!
    **Steam mopping is plenty!
    **I decided to do it until he was six months and no longer swaddled. He finally reached the latter, so we'll see in a few weeks if I actually move him over. AAP says rooming until 6 months reduces SIDS.
    **Sorry, I hate subway, can't help ya. ;)

  2. We leave tooth brushes in the kitchen in the silverware drawer. We have a designated tray for them. It comes in handy when dealing with little ones :). Plus I can rest assured that they have not been in the toilet. I randomly run them through the dishwasher too!!

    We have had both kinds of highchairs and I prefer the stand alone best.

  3. Our toothbrushes are in a cup type holder (similar to the one pictured). Our bathroom sink and toilet are in separate rooms though so I've never thought about the toilet germ thing.

    I have both a free standing highchair and a high chair booster seat thing that goes on our dining room chair. They're both great. A bonus to the little chair is that you can always easily take it with you if you're going to need it while visiting someone else's home.

    My 9 month old is still sleeping in our room. He'll probably be sleeping in there until he's about a year old.

    I've never had a steam mop. I use a Swifter and I don't use it as often as I should.

    I don't like to think about what goes on in ANY fast food restaurant. I'm sure Subway's not the only questionable place! It would really gross me out to see shirts touching the sandwiches though.

  4. We have electric toothbrushes that we leave on our counter...potty in separate area so I dont worry about the germs - I have heard the toilet flush thing from others!

    Love the portable high chairs. My parents have one at their house, and I prefer it to the stand alone we have at home. I also think my daughter prefers it.

    Steam mopping is totally good enough!

    I put all 3 of my babies in their own room/crib at 8 weeks.

    Subway shirt issue - disgusting.

  5. I have a toothbrush holder thingy like you've shown, but i clean it weekly and I replace out brushes every 2 months. i also close the toilet lid when flushing.

    baby was in his own crib/room by 6 weeks.

  6. 1. Toothbrush stays in drawer.
    2.I like a stand alone wood highchair that later becomes a toddler chair.
    3.What's a mop??? (Not often enough.):)
    4.All three of mine were in their own cribs from Day One.
    5.Subway. No thanks.
    6.Love your questions. And your blog. You make me smile!!

  7. We keep toothbrushes in a holder on the counter. . .I figure it hasn't killed us yet!
    We love our high chair that is on a chair, but we have a small place and couldn't easily fit in a regular one anyway.
    I rarely mop...I don't want to talk about it.
    When we brought our baby home I could not imagine leaving him all by himself in a different room. 3 weeks later, he was in there. We all got better sleep because we weren't waking up every time he kicked or grunted. . .he is a very noisy sleeper. It does help that our bedroom is so close to his, though. We can still hear him easily when he needs us.

  8. My husband uses an electric toothbrush, so he stores it in a drawer. I use a regular toothbrush and store in a holder on the bathroom counter (as far away from the toilet as possible).

    I vacuum once a week and mop every two weeks. I do not use a steam vac, but I use lemon and hot soapy water to mop (because of my allergies, I try not to use any chemicals). I don't think there is a right/wrong answer--if your floor needs it, mop! :)

  9. We left Natalie in our room for 5 weeks before moving her to her crib. The doctor advised us to do so because she thought maybe we were getting up with her too often and too quickly because she was right there. That was probably true. But I think it depends on how long they are sleeping. It was convenient for her to be right there when she was eating every 2 hours at night. But when she stretched it to was nice to have a room that wasn't invaded by baby gear :)

    And're scarred me for life from Subway. I don't think I've gone there since you first posted that...ha!

  10. I am pro-toothbrush-on-the-counter. I try to close the lid when I flush (but usually forget). However, I do send the toothbrush holder and the toothbrushes through the dishwasher about once a week (or whenever I remember). It makes me feel better.

    I think steam mopping is just about as good as mopping. I sometimes get down on my hands and knees for a big scrub, but less than once a month. It's too exhausting. I steam mop about once a week. And spot mop as often as I drop food on the floor (daily).

    And you have confirmed my dislike of Subway. GAG!

  11. I feel you on the tooth brush. My Mom keeps hers in a holder in her room. Danny won't go for that so I close the toilet seat before I flush. I say I for a reason because HE does not so it's probably mute but still.....

  12. We used the stand alone high chair until the girls had a little more control and stability and then we switched them to the one on the chair. Now, our youngest uses it as a booster seat :o)

  13. I was ridiculously excited that you had 2 posts in 2 days :)
    1. We put our toothbrushed in the top drawer of our vanity. Just lay them in there, no case or anything. It IS kinda gross because the bottom gets white from toothpaste, but if I keep up with cleaning it out (IF I do that ;) ) then it's fine. And I heard the same thing about toilets and my mind goes straight to the toothbrush on the counter also.
    2. We have a regular highchair and I wish we'd gotten the one that sits in a chair. The main reason: my dad has the one that goes in a chair, and the tray scoots ALL the way up to Cooper's chest, which means that food doesn't fall down in there, and with our Chicco regular highchair, ther eis a big gap and his seat is covered in food after meals.
    3. We've lived in our house 4 years and I think I've mopped like 10 times, including twice recently bc the house is for sale. Haha. I really wanted a shark steam mop, but I heard it could be bad for wood floors? We have an old house with original hardwoods, so I was nervous.
    4. Cooper stayed in our room until he was sleeping through the night (or mostly doing so) I'm lazy and didn't want to walk 10 feet to his room.
    5. Sick. I think you should contact Subway. If YOU are thinking about not eating there anymore, it's bad :)

  14. 1) Yes, I think about this. I think I saw it on Oprah or maybe Mythbusters! (The myth buster people did find poop bacteria on the brushes. BOO.)

    2) High chair - loved it UNTIL time to be a booster. Didn't fit under our table! If I could do over, I wouldn't have bought the 50 dollar space saver one, I would have bought the smaller one that is also fisher price - 25 dollars I think - because I wouldn't have needed to buy a Prince Lionheart BoosterPod for my son! Honestly, the cheaper one is just as good - my parents have it and my son likes it better. You can always feed in a Bumbo chair until Eli is big enough for the other chair!

    3. I mop a lot more now than I ever did. You don't have to worry about mopping for your kid until they crawl! And then its a losing battle since he will also be spilling a lot! I say take a month vacation from mopping!!

    4. First baby moved at 4 weeks into his nursery. It helped me sleep A LOT better! I had him sleep in his moses basket IN the crib for a month. Second baby is 7 weeks and is still in our room in a mini crib - I think she is nearly ready to move to her brother's room for their shared nursery!

    5. One time a Subway employee used his gloved hand to wipe his nose. Mid sandwhich. I asked him to start over with a clean glove and got the dirtiest look! I haven't been a subway fan since then. Try Chipotle - they have taller counters and I have never seen this issue there!!!!

  15. I store my toothbrush in my drawer. For some reason I think it is cleaner that way.

  16. 1. how do you store your toothbrush- in a typical toother brush holder like your picture. We have a seperate room for toilet, but I had never thought about the flushing part- ick.

    2. highchair: I have had both, I used a regular high chair for both of my babies and oce they were a year, I moved them into the seat that fit in the chair.

    3. How often do you mop? Do you consider a shark steam mop mopping or should I be doing something besides steam mopping? I use the swifter wet jet and do a deep steam clean on the tile once a month.

    4. Moms: How long did you leave your baby in your room before moving them to their own room? Until they were sleeping thru the night, or mostly thru the night. At about 9-10 weeks. Or until they outgrow the bassinet.

  17. the comment about the myth busters finding poo on a toothbrush -just made me gag! my toilet's in a seperate room than my sink but i buy new toothbrushes every month b/c just their everyday sitting out freaks me out. (i also buy a new one anytime i have a cold/sore throat0.

    it's been a million years since i had a baby but i used both (the in-chair is great for travel) and my daughter was always in her crib unless she was sick.

    i have 2 labs so i dust mop/ wet mop with the swiffer once a week and i have a housekeeper come twice a month.

    i'm a quizno's girl but you should just ask them before they start to please make sure your sandwich doesn't touch their clothing.

    i wouldn't worry too much about these things... i've never read an obituary that said someone died from using a dirty toothbrush. LOL!

  18. I actually had the honour of getting to participate in a Safe Infant Sleep expert advisory group meeting here in Canada through work, with Safe Infant Sleep researchers from all over North America. It was EXTREMELY interesting.

    The consensus around experts is actually 6 months in the parents room! This may seem steep but it's what the research showed to be the safe time. One of the doctors brought up the very obvious point that it wasn't always realistic. He recommended 3-6 months.

    This is one of the documents that was made prior to the meeting, but the doctors agreed with everything here.

  19. 1- My husband and I both used toothbrushes that are battery powered. They stand up on their own so they both sit on the shelf in our medicine cabinet.

    2- Not a mom yet, but my BFF has the kind you put in the chair and they seem to like it. They're still using it and they're on their second baby.

    3- I vaccume a TON (like every day or every other day) because our dog sheds like crazy. I usually use a swiffer wet jet to clean the floors. I typically do that every 3 or 4 days maybe? Plus I use that for small clean-ups in between. I have a regular mop too but I don't use that very often- just if I feel like it needs an extra harcore clean.

    4- can't help with that one.

    5- So so so gross. Blech!!!

  20. 1. Our toothbrushes sit on our something similar to what you have shown. I have heard the toilet thing once before, but I guess I try to shut that out of my mind!

    2. Looking forward to these answers, we were leaning towards one of the booster-type ones just because of the room it would save us in our kitchen! Why are you considering buying a regular one?

    3. We have hardwood floors and I really don't "mop" that frequently. I have a Swiffer sweeper that I use for the dog hair, crumbs, etc. and then my Swiffer wet jet for those super-cleaning days!

    And that's all for now!

  21. Our toothbrushes are in a cup on the counter. But we close the lid before we flush. And we replace our toothbrush heads (we use electric brushes) every 3-5 weeks.

    My SIL has a in-the-chair booster seat type high chair. It has completely destroyed the wood finish on her kitchen chair. She loves it, but is pretty pissed that she has to either re-finish or replace her chairs now.

    Subway completely grosses me out anyway, but after seeing that? I am dang sure I will never eat there again!

  22. Hi Megan! I have been reading your blog for awhile now, but have never commented. I have enjoyed hearing about your precious baby boy, especially since I am on my second pregnancy and this time it is a boy! Anyway...
    1) I got these suction cup toothbrush holders at Kroger a long time ago and they have been super! The toothbrushes are covered and they just stick right to the mirror! When I pack for a trip I just pull 'em off and stick them up wherever we go.
    2)I had two high chairs with my daughter. She started eating rice cereal at 4 months and I LOVED the high chair that attaches to the kitchen chair because it kept her hands away from the food, it pushed right up to her chest, and the best part was it tilted back because she couldn't sit up yet. I now have her in the Eddie Bauer wooden high chair and it has been fine...also looks nice in the dining room, ha! I have already bought another high chair to put on a kitchen chair (fisher-price space saver high chair) to use with my son. I figure my daughter can move to the booster seat it turns in to when he is ready for the Eddie Bauer seat.
    3) I use a swiffer wet jet on our laminate floors...I think you are doing enough!
    4)I exclusively breast fed my daughter for a year and at around 4 months I moved her into her crib. I had started letting her nap in her room to get used to the bed and wanted to give her a chance to cry it out in the middle of the night and go back to sleep. That did not work all the time at first, but did help in her sleeping through the night! I also found I slept better without worrying that my husband was going to wake her up when he had to go to work.
    5) I am still scarred from the time a fly landed on my sandwich while they were making it and they didn't care...I made them get me new bread!
    Hope some of this helps!

  23. Toothbrush - They make a great toothbrush cover that covers only the bristles and it says it prevents bacteria (you can buy them at the baby stores for sure)... I don't know if it does but it makes me feel better. I also read about the toilet particles and always picture the exact same thing!

    Moving baby - I think the sooner you move them the better. They adjust quicker and you sleep better but I HIGHLY recommend the Angelcare Monitor if you are a worrier like me! I sleep so much better with it on my boys (19 months and 11 weeks).

    Highchair - I don't have a lot of space in my kitchen so we started out with one of the chairs that sits in our chair and then I went to a resale shop to buy a regular highchair. It makes life SO much easier. Get one with wheels so you can move him all around the kitchen while you're cooking and stuff. They also lay back quite a bit so he can go it sooner.

  24. 1) Same dilemma here! I was JUST thinking about this yesterday!

    2) I have a regular highchair that we use at home but I have the one like you have that we take out to places.

    3) I don't mop nearly as often as I should.

    4) I moved my son when he was 8 weeks and we both slept so much better. I'll do it earlier next time around!

    5) No help here...I don't eat Subway that often!

  25. I keep my toothbrush in the drawer separator and use a toothbrush sanitizer every few days. I have the "Violight White Zapi Toothbrush Sanitizer" and I love it.

    Mop - only have carpet and wood floors in my apartment.

    I've never noticed Subway employees' shirts touching my sandwich but EW that's disgusting!

    I only have dogs so I can't help ya with the baby questions ;-)

  26. * No idea about the toothbrush - we use the holder on the counter, but I totally remember hearing that toilet thing. Gross.

    * We use a real highchair (not a strap on) and LOVE IT. You just can't beat the tray, and our Chicco one reclines, which was so nice when he was tiny! We did buy a strap on booster (Fisher Price) for when we go places.

    * I DEFINITELY consider steam mopping mopping. I do this about 1 time a week, if that. :)

    * We moved our son after 2 weeks. He made too many noises.

    * Ewwww about Subway. I would put a comment in their comment box or call the store and talk to the manager (so they won't know who you are hahaha).

  27. 1. toothbrush on counter in similar holder thing - toilet is in a separate area.
    2. our high chair straps in. takes up less space, easy to clean and store and we love it.
    3. uhhh i need to mop more frequently :)
    4. 5.5 months - til she was rolling over, etc. i agree with the first commenter.
    5. ew.

  28. The only question I've got an answer for is the toothbrush one. I clean it off and store it in my medicine cabinet every day. Partly b/c then it can't get toilet spray and partly b/c I can't stand a cluttered counter so that keeps it out of the way.

  29. I'm like Mays, I have a suction cup holder that goes on the mirror. It takes up a hardly no space at all and is far enough away from the toilet that the gross factor isn't an issue.
    The other questions: my kids are grown but both slept in our room until I was done breastfeeding at about a year.
    The mop thing: I use just a basic mop. My swiffer got chewed up by the dog :)

  30. Oh, about the highchair- we used a regular stand alone highchair for both.
    I can't stand Subway and the shirt thing just reinforces my feelings, yuck!

  31. 1 - We have electric toothbrushes. They have a little cap (Which admittedly gets nasty) and a sonic cleaner! Love it.
    2 - We have the space saver high chair. It works okay, but isn't a space saver. We can't push the chair back in the table, so it sits off to the side, the same way a stand alone one would.
    3 - Not often enough, maybe 3 times a year.
    4 - He moved to his room at 1 month. (which was longer in our room than I originally intended)
    5 - I have nothing to say about Subway except - gross.

  32. So I saw a tv program once about poop particles and your toothbrush. It was pretty gross and it said there was very little to keep the particles off the brush, ie: it would have to be in another room. Space in the bathroom doesn't matter. I don't know how true that is but... I just try not to think about it. Mine is in a holder on the counter. This is gross.

    I never mop. I wet swiffer and consider it done.

  33. Oh, and BG moved out of our room at 5 1/2 weeks. :)

  34. I just heard the thing about the toothbrush! I'll be sure to close the lid before flushing because ours have to sit on the counter. I need the easy access plus they need the chance to air out.

    I mop once a week. I did use a swiffer but then I invested in a different one that created less disposable waste. I can make my own cleaning solution in it too. I have a steam mop but don't use it much. That is probably the best thing you can use with a little one because it will clean and disinfect without chemicals:)

  35. toothbrush on the counter for me, holder for husband. but both gross me out, honestly. why is there not a solution for this?!


  36. We have an electric toothbrush and it stays out on the counter. It is on the opposite side of the bathroom as the toilet. I watched an episode of Mythbusters once and they tested that "poop particles" idea by keeping toothbrushes in the bathroom and one in the kitchen and when all was said and done, even the toothbrush they kept in the kitchen had those particles on it. You could probably look it up on youtube or something.

    Also, we have three dogs and bamboo floors so I mop once a week with a shark steam mop. I love it and feel like my floors are really clean after using it. If I feel like they are particularly dirty, I will sometimes use method antibacterial cleaner and lightly spray the floors before I mop.

  37. We always close the toilet lids before flushing. Our toilets are crazy and throw water and whatever else that is in the toilet everywhere if we don't shut them. Gross I know. And we use a toothbrush holder. But we have two sinks so our toothbrushes do not come in contact.

    I'm wondering about the highchair thing myself. We had a regular high chair with my son, but it always seemed to be in the way. Let me know how the whole high chair thing works out.

    Our son stayed in our room for 3.5 months. Then when I went back to work we moved him to his room. I didn't want to wake him up when I got up in the mornings, and I found it hard to sleep soundly with him in our room. I bought a video monitor because his bedroom is on the other side of our house.

    I mop at least once a week. I use the swiffer, but then I mop until the pads come out almost completely clean. So does that mean I mop more than once a week?

    No idea what to do about the Subway employees. But that is gross.

  38. 1. We have a medicine cabinet and keep our toothbrushes on a glass shelf in there

    3. About twice a month, but we should totally do it more. I want a steam mop so badly, but J thinks it's a waste of money. I might just go get one anyway. I'd do it more if I had one.

  39. Our toothbrushes are in a tooth brush holder on the counter, way far away from the separate room of the toilet, and I get new toothbrushes quite often.

    I use a highchair, highchair. And I have loved it. I plan to get a cheap one that straps to the chair (they are super cheap) for when we go places (grandparents, hotels, etc.) because loading up our curent highchair takes up way too much room.

    I don't ever eat subway unless Steve goes in and gets it for me. I can't watch people make my food - nor do I like to watch fast food places with my food either.

    Addy slept in our room for 2 days, in a pack and play and I was so worried one of the dogs would jump in and grab her so I moved her to her bed and it has worked out great for us. I have a video monitor that I would never have been able to live without (or she would have stayed in our room much longer!)

    Those are the only questions I remember!!

  40. I love you for so many reasons and this post is one of them!! HAHAHA!

    I have a sonicare, so I just put the cap on it every morning/night after using it.

    I like our regular high chair better than our one that goes on the chair.

    I consider steam mopping better than any other mopping.

    I kept A in our room for the first 6-7 months. LOL She didn't have a problem going from our room to her crib when I finally decided to move her.

    See you Saturday!!

  41. Number 1 is the eternal question....and I hope you get a great answer to number 5. That icks me out too!


  42. Toothbrush? Drawer.

    Highchair? I used a stand alone with C. The seat reclined. In the upright-most position, it still didn't sit her up completely. We didn't like that because you shouldn't be reclined when eating. I put towels behind her back to make her sit up more. It was totally a waste of money. I never used it with J. He used the Chicco that attaches to the table. S uses the same. I like it so much better. None of them ate solids when they were tiny. I waited until they were 6 months to begin solids. I like the one that attaches to the table because they are with us at the table. I think they like being at the table, on eye-level with everyone. Ideally, I would like a seat made of plastic or oil-cloth so it is easy to clean. I would want a removable tray which would also make it easy to clean. I now use a hippo mat that has a lip that fills perfectly the gap between the seat and the table. Don't stress.

    Mop? I wipe under the table often, more than once a day. I use a swiffer, but I think nothing works like good-ole elbow grease.

    Sleep? C stayed in our room for 6 months. J was out when he slept through the night for a week, which was around 11 weeks. S is still in our room, but only because we don't have a room for him, yet... we're looking for a house to buy.

    Subway? I don't eat there. I like it. Just go in and ask them to not let your food be infested.

    Have a great day!


  43. We have a firm rule in our house...put the lid down BEFORE you flush the toilet. (I saw the same thing on TV).

    I used to mop more...before I had kids. I say mop as much as you can while you still have the energy! :0)

    Also, I had to stop eating at Subway (or maybe try a different location) because the teenagers working their grossed me out. You could also try talking to the manager or leaving one of those comment cards?

  44. I don't have kids, so:

    Keep the toothbrushes in a holder inside the medicine cabinet. We also close lid before flushing because we're extra OCD that way. be honest, every few months? We have wood floors and sweep/ use a washable swiffer type thing that is better for the environment to get the dirt off. Mopping the hardwood is infrequent! Don't judge :)

    GAH SUBWAY employees!!!!! They also happen to open and close the microwave and toaster with those same gloves they wear to prepare the sandwiches. Subway is cheap and delicious so it's a dilemma. I still eat there and I am too much of a wuss to say anything to them but once the guy in front of me said "change your gloves." before he ordered and the employees didn't seem to mind. Speaking up seems like the only way but it's tough.

  45. I love you and your questions . . . but I'm basically just impressed that you mop at all! :-)

  46. I'm a little late on the questions since I am catching up on my blog reading after being on vacation last week, but here goes!

    1. I have an electric toothbrush so I just leave it on the counter with the cap on. Our toilet is also in a separate room so I don't have to worry about any particles flying!

    3. I just use a Swiffer wet jet on the floors. I should probably do a deep cleaning of the floor soon...

    5. Seriously...Subway employee shirts touching my sandwich freak me out. I cringe every time and sometimes would love to tell them not to lean over the counter so much. Or at least move my sandwich to the side first! So, I don't eat there so much anymore.

  47. Obviously I'm way behind on my reading of blogs ... but I have a sonicare toothbrush and I store the head of it in an ultrasonic cleaner every day to clean the germs from my mouth off and to keep the outside germs off it so I won't put them in my mouth. Gross!

    And mopping ... it happens when Luisa comes every other Monday. I vacuum all the floors every few days ... but the mopping doesn't happen nearly as often as it should! Honestly, I don't even know where the mop is in my house. Major fail, Jane! :)


Thank you for leaving a comment. I try my best to respond to all comments but don't always succeed. I do love reading each and every comment though!