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Odds and Ends

1. For whatever reason I have become fully engrossed in the Casey Anthony trial. I watch it everyday when I'm home and at work I listen to it as background noise. I find it all so sad and interesting. I was in 6th grade during O.J. Simpson's trial and I very clearly remember a lot of it; people talking about it and my parents watching it on TV. I know it has been said that this trial is the "OJ Simpson trial" of this generation and I think that is completely true. Everybody seems to be talking about it.

2. Luke has pointed out to me that as of lately most of my posts have lots of mistakes and I need to proof read before I post. I am sorry to say that I don't proof a lot of my posts and usually just try and get them done real quick so I can go play with my baby. I'm totally pulling the baby card on this one. If you see mistakes please forgive me. I will try and get better about it and this does not reflect who I am as a person.

3. Diet coke makes me feel weird but I continue to drink it. I mean WHAT is that about?? Completely ridiculous. But it tastes so good. I love the way it burns. I have problems.

4. I could really go for some Mexican food in my life right now. I am hoping that there are chips, queso, salsa and tortillas in my future this weekend. Along with a big diet coke.

5. I started the last Harry Potter book last night. It has taken me entirely too long to get through this series. But I love the movies and wanted to read all the books. I love the books also but they take me awhile to get through as I'm not usually a "fantasy" person, but I absolutely cannot wait for the last movie!!! Every single time the movies are on ABC family I sit and watch them all, several times. There is just something about them that I love. I will be so sad that there won't be a new movie to look forward to.

6. I'm sure most of you know that I sell Scentsy. Well I got our July warmer of the month last week and I was SO excited. Look how adorable it is!!! It is the first 3 piece warmer that Scentsy has made. I predict this will be a big seller! The cute warmer:
7. I am a HUGE Big Brother fan, in fact I think I've blogged about it on here before. I have watched every season (except one when I was in the hospital for the beginning of it and didn't get hooked like I usually do) and cannot wait for the new season to start. I heard through the Big Brother grapevine (I follow several Big Brother gossip sites on twitter) that they are bringing back past powerful couples. I cannot wait to see who they bring back. If they bring back Dr. Will Kirby my heart will be SO happy.

8. I'm almost done with my product review of our top 10 favorite baby products for months one through three. It was hard to pick our top 10 but I think I did it.

9. I left my razor in the hotel when we were on our trip last week. Right now I am REALLY missing the days when I was pregnant and didn't need to shave. I didn't fully appreciate just how awesome that was. I'm at Target 15 times a week, you would think I could remember to purchase a razor. It's sort of a necessity.

10. I need to admit, I cannot get into pinterest. It just doesn't float my boat. I might change my mind later but for now, no thanks.


  1. That warmer is SO cute!!! That would be a perfect thing to give as a birthday gift! Love it.

    I am sooo excited for Big Brother to start next week!! I am even MORE excited to see who they're bringing back!! Fingers crossed for Will and Mike Boogie being one of the duos! :) :)

  2. I'm sorry. I got so depressed after I read that you were in 6th grade during the OJ trial, I had to take a prozac.

    I was a freshman in college.

    I never realize how old I am. I still think I'm a 20-something. LOL

  3. Love the warmer! That would be so cute in my step daughter’s room. I love that it has a top... smart thing if you plan on putting it in a six year olds room!

    I was just writing a post about how much I love pinterest! Ha.

  4. Ok, how much is the warmer? I LOVE Scentsy and would LOVE to put them in my girls' rooms! Can I buy Scentsy from you even though I'm in Indiana?

    I almost applied to be on Big Brother this season. I went as far as filling out the entire application but then didn't send it in for fear that they would pick me and my husband can't cook or bathe the girls. I'd come home in 100 days to starved, dirty kids. I WILL apply some year though! (although I would then be considered the "old" person in the house)

    Have a happy 4th!

  5. I crave Mexican food more than anything else and could probably eat it 5 times a week. Hubby is not quite that enthusiastic about it tho. And at least you have a the "baby card" to pull--I have mistakes because I rush through everything in my world for no apparent reason.

    Also, the whole Pintrest craze is one that I'm a little confused on. I'm trying tho.

    Happy Thursday!

  6. I love the cupcake warmer! I just searched all over the Scentsy website and couldn't find it. Is it available for purchase now or will it be soon?

  7. I am a Big Brother addict too! I hope they bring back Chill Town!

  8. I love the cupcake burner!! I NEED IT!! I love pink, green, and cupcakes.

    I love Pinterest...try will love it.

  9. I'm excited and sad about the last Harry Potter movie too! I'm crossing my fingers that maybe J.K. Rowling will come out with another awesome series in the future?! :)

  10. There are so many things about this post that I want to comment on.....

    First and foremost..... EEEEEEEEEKKKK!!! The idea of the duos coming back literally made me squeal. ChillTown, Dick/Daniele, and Jeff/Jordan are my picks.

    I'm both thrilled and sad that the final HP movie is only two weeks away.

    I'm living in the land of the CA trial (ie, Central Florida). It's all anyone is talking about, here. In fact, when one of our studios isn't playing it, I can hear the feed from one of our DJ's computers, lol.

  11. I'm watching all of the trial that I can as well!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BB!!! Can not wait until next Thursday!!!

  12. Love Big Brother!!

    You need to research the symptoms of aspartame sensitivity. If that is why Diet Coke is making you feel badly, you should probably quit drinking it! I had to give up Diet Dr Pepper and Coke Zero for this reason. It was hard, but the things aspartame does to us is scary!

  13. Cant wait to see the top 10 baby list!

  14. PLEASE let me know when that cupcake warmer comes out!! I'm definitely want to buy one!!

  15. Mexican food and diet coke pretty much sounds like perfection right now . . .

  16. I went on Pinterest and "pinned" a few things trying to get into it, but I'm with you; can't do it. Oh well.

  17. i LOVE big brother! i'm in a bb fantasy league. this will be my 3rd year doing it. i can't wait for next thursday!

  18. I LOVE that scentsy warmer! SO CUTE!!! How much is it??

    I too am a HUGE BB fan!! I've been watching since season 3! LOVE IT! I really hope DR. Will comes back and NOT jessie and Natalie!! Please Lord don't let it be Rachel and Brendan!!! Ha!!!

  19. That Scentsy warmer is adorable! Someone bought me a warmer as a gift and I'm a little confused as to how to use it ( felt good to admit that). But at least it looks cute!

  20. I was the same way about Pinterest - until I found some pictures I wanted to remember & save. Then it hit me how handy it was. I think you'll really like it when you want to get ideas for Eli's party - or Christmas ideas - that's where its handy.

    OH MY - a friend sent me the link to vote for Jordan & Jeff to come back on BB... I secretly voted for Evil Will & Boogie!!! YES!!! Love Dr. Will!!!!

  21. I remember being in 6th grade during OJ's trial, too!! I was taking a math test during the verdict reading, and my teacher let us all stop and listen to the radio, haha.

    And wait?? I don't have to shave my legs while pregnant??!?! YES!!!!

  22. I am engulfed in the trial. It's bad. So bad I can't wait until it's over so I can get back to doing things I should be doing. Like cooking. Laundry. Cleaning. Showering before 5pm. ;)

    I'm a Scentsy consultant, too. I love the warmer, but I didn't think Happy Birthday was as great as I was expecting. :\


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