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Goals: An Update.

Goals. 2011. An update.

If that's what you want to call it. What is the opposite of an update? A down date?

Perhaps we could just say ZERO PROGRESS. That might best sum up my update of my 10 goals I set for myself for 2011.

At the beginning of January I set a lofty list of goals for the new year.

And out of the 10 goals I stuck to 1 of them. ONE.

You would think it would be the one that said "spending more time with God" because it is so importnat.

Or perhaps the one where I vowed to cook for my husband and plan new meal to cook every weak.

But no oh no, it was neither of those.

I set so many wonderful gaols for myself, and I had every intention of sticking to them all, but sadly, here I am at the end of June 2011 and it seems that I only stuck to one goal. I do not say this with pride, but instead I'm a bit ashamed to admit that the only goal I have stuck to is putting all new black plastic hangers in our closet.


I only memorized 4 bible verses for the year so far, I use my trusty ole camera phone instead of taking the time to learn my camera, and I haven't bought one Christmas present like I planned, but by golly I've got a closet almost completely full of black hangers.

Priorities people. Priorities.

And because I'm an overachiever I actually upped the anty in that particular goal. Instead of merely replacing all the hangers in my closet with black hangers, I only replace clothes that we wear. So at the end of the year if any clothes are still hanging from those yucky wire hangers, I will know that the article of clothing on that hanger has not been worn in a year and can be removed from my clost and donated.

I was pretty proud for coming up with that particular goal.

I'm not sure where the downward slide of not sticking with my goals occurred.

Maybe a week after I set them?

No, I take that back I did stick to memorizing scripture for awhile, and I did a good job at updating my Project 365 on my blog for a couple of months, and I even tried a few new recipes.

But then at the beginning of March I gave birth to a HUMAN and all lofty goals and desires to stay on track went out the wayside.

If I had been thinking - or better yet if I knew what was to come I would have made one goal and only one and it would have been: Learn to function on as little sleep as possible.

I acheive that goal each and every day.

Lately I had been thinking about how sad it was that I didn't stick to my goals and I was a failure, and then I though, WAIT, it's only mid year. Sure I have failed in most of my goals up until this point, but I can use this time to reevaluate and then move forward with my goals.

So that is what I am doing to help to get myself back on track. Just because I haven't stuck to my goals up till now doesn't mean I just need to give up for the year. I can get back on track.

Consider this my midyear review. I'm giving myself an E for Effort for the first 5(ish) months and going to try and get a P for Progress for the reaminder of the year.

I imagine my goals will be a little different next year. I will cut myself more slack next year and I will probably have more goals centered around my family time and Eli.

But you live and learn.

Did you set goals for the year? Are you sticking to them? Do you need to give yourself a midyear review?

I really do love goals and holding myself accountable. Hopefully I have better progress at the end of the year. And more sleep. Yes Lord, please, more sleep.


  1. "I gave birth to a HUMAN" tehehehe

    You totally get a pass for the first 6 months.

    But true girl you still have 6 more months.

    And the hanger thing is genuis I tell ya.

  2. You make me laugh. Don't be too hard on yourself. You had a baby for crying out loud :)

  3. HAHA! I am totally in the same place with my "goals"....but we are new Mommy's afterall ;-)

    Love your always makes me smile to read your posts!

  4. Hangers are an easy, tangible goal. Perhaps if you break up some of the other goals into smaller goals. But it doesn't matter. Giving birth gives you a pass for at least 18 years :)

  5. I think having a baby would totally kill any goals -- esp. around things like cooking. I hardly cook without children.

    I HATE wire hangers. Whenever my husband had clothes on wire hangers I sound like a scene from "Mommy Dearest"

  6. I'm in the same place with my goals, and I havn't had a baby this year! So that should make you feel better :)

    I definitely need a mid-year review :)

  7. i think i actually commented on your 2011 goals post and i said i was going to copy some of your goals. apparently i'm also copying you and not following through with most of those goals.
    from this day on, i vow to do better.

  8. Blame it on the time it flies by very fast, after all your not the only one who hadn't put up with their list, I don't even remember what I was planning for this year except making sure the kids won't use the living room wall for their artistic ventures=)

  9. I think birthing a human gives you six months of forgiveness! But you realized wha you want to achieve, so go do it girl! You can do it! What's your next goals to be checked off gonna be?

  10. Ugh, I definitely did not keep one of my big goals this year which was two memorize two new Scripture verses a month. I stopped around March...

    I feel your pain and I didn't even give birth! :)

  11. I love to make goals, but then life happens, plans change, and new ideas come to mind.


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