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Father's Day Weekend

We had another great weekend here in the Tree household.

I love that Luke has Fridays off so we get to spend the whole day together.

Friday morning we woke up and hit the ground running. We had several errands to run and a special trip the hospital to see a new baby scheduled for the day.

It was so weird to be back at the same hospital where I delivered Eli. I feel like it was forever ago, but at the same time I feel like it was yesterday.

While I was there I asked one of the nurses if it was normal to become obsessed with your nurse while staying in your hospital. She gave me a pitiful-bless-your-heart-sweetie kind of look and said "oh no are you one of those girls that tries to become our friend on Facebook?". True story. So I'm thinking no, it is not normal to become obsessed with your nurse while staying in the hospital.

However I still stand by the fact that your hormones are OUT OF CONTROL while in the hospital and you cannot help what your emotions do during that time.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

It was fun to see our friends and their new baby. He is absolutely precious. I can't believe how big my baby looked next to their newborn. Time is speeding by! Eli was asleep in this picture:

Saturday we woke up and started some work in the yard before it got too hot. Our flower bed has needed some work for awhile and still needs work but at least we trimmed our rose bushes and got some mulch down.

And I'm pretty sure that Luke and I are the LEAST qualified people in the world to own roses bushes. They were planted before we moved in and I think we have successfully led them to their last straw, or last 'petal" if you will (I seriously crack myself up).

Saturday shall also be known as the day of alarms. Luke's car alarm, that we had NO IDEA HE HAD would not stop going off all morning. Eventually it locked down his car and nothing worked and it wouldn't turn on. After further investigation (calling the car dealership) we found out that this is what his particular car model does when it needs a new battery.

Ummm what? Dumbest idea ever Japanese car maker who shall remain unnamed.

So Saturday we spend money on mulch and a new car battery. Fun times.

Sunday was Luke's first father's day and Eli wanted to wear his "I heart my dad" shirt. So of course I let him. I thought he looked extra precious for his daddio.
My two boys together. So handsome.

And for the extra observant crowd, yes my husband is in fact wearing the same shirt he wore on Friday. Don't worry I washed it in between wearings. Once he finds a t-shirt he likes, he wears it a little too much. There is nothing I can do to break him of this. I have tried. I'm sure there are 5 million pictures of him on this blog in the same blue NY Giants shirt. I love the man, not his habits.

So that was our weekend! It was a great one! I'm so thankful that I have an awesome baby daddy for my son and also thankful for a great dad myself. Happy Father's Day Dad!!

Now it's Sunday night and I'm ready to kick off the weekend tomorrow. I'm hoping it's a great week!!


  1. Ugh. My husband is the same way, he wears shirts until they are covered in holes and worn down to a different color. Men.

  2. Eli looks so cute! Alex comes home some days (from work) dressed like a clown. All he needs is a big red nose and he would fit the part perfectly.

    I'm like, "did you wear that to work?"
    And he's like, "yes."
    And I'm like, "it doesn't match." And he's like, "I know."

    I just have to laugh and let it go! :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I became obsessed with my delivery nurse as well. Don't worry, I hope it's normal too! You just feel this special connection to the woman who helped you bring this precious baby into the world not realizing she has done it 20 times today for others ;)
    Love reading your blog. As a mommy of 3 littles I can so relate to what you write about. Keep up the great a mommy and a writer <3

  5. Eli's such a cutie! American ;)

  6. Eli looks adorable in his Father's Day outfit! As far as the nurse thing goes, at least you know from her statement that you are FAR from the only person who has tried to be facebook friends with them! :)

  7. My husband still has shirts from high school. We're 30! Men . . .

    Eli is getting so big and so cute.

    And just so you know, I didn't get obsessed with my nurse in the hospital. I got obsessed with my son's NICU nurse. I wanted to bring her home with me.

  8. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! Eli is too cute!

  9. LOVE your blog!! My hubby wears the same pair of gym shorts ALL the time and it drives me, I can totally relate!

  10. "I love this man...not his habits!" is one of the best lines I've heard in a LONG time! I so hear you!

  11. Eli is just too cute. And my husband is the exact same way with clothes...though I think for him it has less to do with favorites and more to do with what is at the top of the drawer. ha.

  12. sweet baby and sweet family! hope you guys have a great week!

  13. Ty does the same thing with his clothes. It cracks me up.

  14. I did notice the shirt, too funny. My husband is the same way with clothes... but I kind of think I am too. I'd like to think I don't let my need for comfy over take a decent fashion sense, but I think it does a lot. I'm just a jeans & t-shirt girl, oh well.

    Kind of weird about Luke's car? My SUV's alarm goes off randomly causing the battery to die (like when I'm in a store or something for over an hour and it's going off & I can't hear it?) But I'm fairly certain it is from our crazy dog tearing apart part of the dash one year because some idiot was letting off fireworks right outside of it... Sure, insurance fixed the interior but I think there's some wiring mixed up or something b/c my Toyotas and Hondas have always been awesome cars!!!

  15. i LOVE Luke's shirt. I want it.


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