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Eli is 3 Months!

Another month has passed and Eli is now 3 months!

He continues to grow more alert with each passing day and everyday we go to sleep wondering if we could possibly love him more, and somehow we wake up each and everyday loving him even more!

It has only been 3 months since he came into our lives, but we don't really remember what we did before Eli was here. We think we must have been bored a lot! :-)

The month between 2 and 3 has been the most significant so far. He is really turning into a little baby and not just a teeny newborn anymore. He had a big weight gain this month!

Eli, here is what you have been up to this month:

- You are in size 1 diapers but we are about to move to size 2!

- You are wearing 3 month clothes. Some 0-3 month outfits fit but not a lot of them.

- I don't know your exact weight but I have weighed myself while holding you and I'm guessing it is around 12-13 pounds.

- You have become quite the "talker". You like to just sit and coo and talk and talk to mom and dad. We love it.

- You rolled over a couple of times from your back to your belly, but immediately you do not like this new position and fuss to be rolled back over.

- You have started doing a little cackle, not a big belly laugh but a funny little cackle. It is usually spontaneous and makes us laugh a lot!

- You LOVE your playmat and talk to your octopus friend a lot. We always want to know what he is saying to you.

- You still like your swing, but not as much as last month.

- Mom went back to work part-time this week and although you have been doing such a good job of nursing you had trouble going back and forth between nursing and the bottle (pumped breast milk) but mom is still working with you and you seem to be getting the hang of it again

- When you take a bottle you eat about 4-6 ounces every 3 hours.

- You discovered your hands even more this month and they are ALWAYS in your mouth. You have gotten your thumb in your mouth a couple of times and you love that. I predict you will be a thumb sucker

- You are staying awake a lot more during the day these days.

- You love getting your diaper changed and just talk and coo the whole time.

- You never fuss when you have a wet or dirty diaper. I constantly have to check to see if you need to be changed because you would wear the same diaper all day and never complain.

- You love taking walks and when you are fussy if we take you outside you immediately calm down.
Baby Eli, we love you so much and we are so thankful for you!

Some of my favorite Eli pics from the past month:


  1. I can't wait to meet you and hold this sweet boy on Saturday!!

  2. He is adorable! I love the blue picture with the eyebrow!


  3. It's hard to believe he is 3 months already! Such a cutie.

  4. Look at those leg rolls and those cheeks!! He has really started to fill out. I love it! Happy 3 months Eli!

  5. I can't believe 3 months has passed already! What a sweet baby boy you have

  6. Dude 3 months already. This is bananas.

    Look how big he is getting. Just adorable.

  7. Gosh he's cute! I can't get over how much he looks like you...he looks a little like your nephew in some of these pics too. They grow up so fast. Happy 3 months, Eli! Can't wait to meet you on Saturday!

  8. He is adorable! Love the pictures.

  9. Megan, he is just so cute...we loved seeing him (and you and Luke) last night! I think he really looks like you in the first picture.

  10. He is darling! I love the second to last picture - so cute!!

  11. seriously?!? he's three months????

    bg never let us know when she was dirty either, and still doesn't. she would wear the same diaper all day if we let her because she HATES being changed. i don't know whether to be thankful to her or grossed out by her.

  12. He's getting so big! Happy 3 months Eli!

  13. Tiny babies in Bumbo seats look so cute! He looks so happy sitting up. :)

  14. Oh my. I only wish that chubby legs were as adorable on me as they are on him. He is too cute.

  15. He has gotten so big!! I definitely see so much of you in that sweet face of his.


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