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Baby Products We Love - Months One - Three

Three months ago I started a post about our favorite baby products for Eli's first month.

And then life happened and I forgot to update it.

So I decided to make it more specific and make it about our top 10 favorite baby products for the first through third months of life with a newborn.

In no particular order, here they are:

These blankets are so great and worked great to keep Eli extra tight. The swaddle blankets come with directions on the side, in case you don't know how to swaddle (or your husband doesn't know how to swaddle) so it makes them so easy to use. Plus they come in lots of super cute designs to choose from. And the fabric is soft but just the right consistency to keep it extra tight. It's like it sticks together or something. Clearly I'm not doing a good job of explaining them but I love them.

Another swaddler that I love. This one has velcro so it was good for getting it extra tight. Eli was a little escapee artist and started escaping from his swaddle pretty early, so the velcro helped to get it tight, although he would still get out of it. But its great to keep in the house when somebody else is babysitting who might know how to swaddle. Anybody can put velcro together!

3. Aden and Anais

Yet another swaddle blanket I love. Can you tell we are all about swaddling over here? These are awesome. They are so soft, really big, thin and made of natural muslin. I find myself using these for all sort of things, not just swaddling but also wiping up spit up, and lots of other things. They come in super cute patterns. I found out this weekend that they make great bibs. I will definitely be scooping up some of those!

4. WubbaNub pacifiers
You have probably seen the WubbaNub pacifier in LOTS of our pictures of Eli. We LOVE the WubbaNub. Prior to having Eli I had noticed these pacifiers on other blogs but didn't know just how awesome they were. In January I got one as a baby shower gift I was excited, but still didn't know much about the pacifier. Then when Eli was here and couldn't keep any pacifier in his mouth I remembered I had two of these stashed away. I quickly got one out sanitized it and stuck it in his mouth. (well when I say I, I mean my mom did all of that because I was too tired to eve think) It was love at first suck. These pacifiers are SO GREAT. When he was tiny the animal on the end provided enough weight to hold in the pacifier, and also enough length that allowed us to swaddle over it and hold it in place while he slept. Now that he is a bit older he holds onto the animal and sometime he can even get it back in his mouth without assistance. I suggest the WubbaNub pacifiers to EVERYONE. Plus you can throw them in the washing machine for easy cleaning!
I struggled with deciding whether we should get a video monitor or not, but I am very glad we decided to get one. Our house isn't super big or anything so at first I didn't see the necessity in getting a video monitor, but now I understand that the size of the house does't matter. When Eli is sleeping in his crib it is so nice to be able to watch him to see if he is sleeping, or just staring off, or if he came unswaddled or any sort of thing. I'm sure as he gets older and moves around more I will love this product even more!

6. Bouncy Chair
This bouncy chair has saved us many times. First off, despite it's name of a bouncy chair, it does not bounce. I'm not sure why it is called that? I mean if I move it up and down it will bounce, but it is not something that happens on its own. However I still love it. Eli hangs out in this while I'm taking a shower, or cooking, or running around cleaning. When he was tiny he hated his swing, but loved to sit in his bouncy chair. It vibrates and I always turn that on and he seems to love it. Now that he is older he tries to kick the little birds that hang from it. Actually I thought they were birds but I think they are insects or something. WHATEVER they are he tries to kick them. He has never cried while sitting in his bouncy seat.
After typing this I realized that our bouncy seat is no longer carried by Babies R Us or Target so maybe it is discontinued?

7. Diaper Bag Dispenser

I love love love this Arm & Hammer diaper bag dispenser. I ALWAYS have it with me in the diaper bag and use it all the time. Each bag has baking soda in it and smells nice and fresh, so if you are at a place where a trash can is not close by, or at a friend's house who doesn't have babies and you don't want to stink up their house with a dirty diaper you can put it in this bag, tie it up tight and stick it in your bag to throw away later. Seriously, these are life savers. I have used them many times when I had to hurry and change a diaper in the car, or when I went to visit my office and didn't want to stink up the office with a diaper and while visiting friends. This is a great invention.

8. Snugabunny Swing

Eli hated his swing at first, but I think it was because he was so tiny. Somewhere between 1 and 2 months he started to love his swing and even sometimes fusses until we put him in it and then is calm and content while swinging away, he just needs his alone time sometimes! I have no complaints about our swing and I would suggest it because it plugs in. No need to keep endless amounts of extra batteries in our house!

9. K'tan Wrap
I blogged about my love for the K'tan wrap here. I still use it and still love it. P.S. the fact that this picture says "a womb with a view" makes me laugh a lot.

10. Ipad

This may seem weird and silly but this thing SAVED me during those late night feedings. It is so much easier to hold than a laptop and I would keep it on my night stand for easy access when a 2:00am feeding came along. Those first few weeks you are so exhausted and it takes everything in you to not fall asleep while nursing in the middle of the night. This thing was my life saver. I would watch movies on netflix at night, I would read books, get on Facebook and stalk everybody I'm friends with, read blogs from beginning to end and even tweet in the middle of the night.

And there we go. Our top 10 products. I am already compiling the list for months four through six!


  1. Addy loved being swaddled and we swore by the Summer swaddler. She slept great while swaddled and it was a LIFE SAVER! I agree with the infant monitor - we have the same one and I am SO glad we have it. . I need to go buy some arm and hammer diaper bags!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this list! I'm so happy to see quite a few items we already have and a few more that are on our registry that I need to go purchase. I've never heard of those pacifiers but they sound great.

  3. thank you for this! i just registered for that diaper dispenser--such a great idea! and we'd already registered for most of the other stuff on your list! thanks again! :)

  4. Definitely adding this to my favorites list when we go do our registry! Thanks for all the fabulous info!

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I need that wuubanub pronto! Those bags are great too!

  6. Thanks sooo much for sharing. This helps me alot. My husband and I recently found out we are pregnant with twins and have no idea about any of this baby stuff. haha

    --Stacey Yarbrough--

  7. Thank you for sharing all of this! It is amazing how many genius products are out there. I am going to bookmark these tips for *hopefully* future use :)

  8. I loved my video monitor, but I have to admit that when my son started rolling over I would look on the monitor and see him on his stomach and run and roll him back over. Then my doctor told me to stop and let it go, and so I did. I used the monitor (not with the screen always on) until about a month ago (my son will be 4 in October), and then it died on me. It was worth every dime.

  9. We seriously have the same brain. These are almost all on my list except for the swaddle design blankets (I'll try them next time) and the Baby K'Tan. I'm trying to decide if I should still invest in one for Griffin-- do you still use it with Eli? The iPad has saved me many a night and day. GREAT post!

  10. Fun to see what others love! I have never seen that diaper bag dispenser but now that we've added rice cereal to the mix and he is making bigger diapers in general, seems like a great thing to have!


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