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Since having Eli I feel like I've hit a bit of a writing slump.

I love blogging because I love writing. I've always had a blog of some sort and I am always formulating blog posts in my head.

But lately they haven't been coming together as easily as they did in the past. I think I'm still learning how to balance everything with the addition of Eli to our lives.

Last week, one of my twitter friends Meagan asked me to link up to her weekly post Tips and Tricks from Moms. I love the idea of moms sharing tips with one another, and I want to link up with some tips and tricks that I have learned since bringing Eli home from the hospital 11 weeks ago, but my mind has been drawing a blank.

So I thought I might open the question up to friends who read this blog.

It seems that I have several new mommies and expectant mothers who read right now, so I thought I would open this post up and ask, does anybody have any questions about pregnancy, delivery, new baby, etc etc?

I by no means feel like I have this mom thing figured out, but I do like to hear tips from other moms so I thought it might be fun to share some of mine, if anybody had specific questions.

So if you have a question let me know!

I hope to be back to normal blogging soon!!


  1. My question is how are you guys handling all these tornadoes and storms? I'm in Michigan and freaking out.

  2. Anything you wish you had taken to the hospital with you? Or things you took that most people don't that you are so glad you did?

  3. I think you should blog about how you manage Eli's schedule! I think it seems like you have a really good system worked out and I want to hear it. I'm way too anal about David's schedule so I like to hear what other people do! : )

  4. my 2 questions were related to Ashley's and Dianna's.

    I want to know what you took to the hospital that you did not use/need. I've packed so much!

    And how you got Eli on a schedule/what is his schedule?

  5. I'm three months pregnant and as I'm reading books one of the most overwhelming things to read about is nursing. I had no idea until I picked up a book. So my question is are you nursing, and if so was it difficult to begin with and how did you work through it?

    ps. I know nursing is a very personal topic for some people so if you don't want to blog about it I completely understand.

  6. can you spread the word, please I am so sad for these poor animals :(

  7. Did you take pain medications or have an epidural? What was the pain like?

  8. Do you intend to be a Stay at home mom?


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