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Mother's Day 2011

Obviously this year was my very first Mother's Day. It is still so very crazy to me that I am a mom and I participate in things like "Mother's Day".

Our day was pretty normal. Luke got up for church and wished me a "Happy Mother's Day" before he left and then Eli and I went about our normal routine.

I got Eli ready for church and he wore his little hat that my mom made him for the first time. I love a little baby boy in hats. Girls have frilly bows and headbands so the boys have to make up for it somewhere.....hats!

After church we came home, rested, and Luke let me watch what I wanted on TV since it was my special day.

During non-football season time (is that the correct way to say HEAVEN?) I usually get to watch what I want, but Luke usually mocks my choice of shows. I'm not real sure what he has against the Real Housewives as I think they are endearing, but he makes comments the whole time.

So Sunday in honor of Mother's Day my TV viewing was comment free.

Later we went and ate pizza (ALWAYS my choice when I get to choose). I've been craving vegetables lately (not real sure what that is all about, it's WEIRD) so I got a veggie pizza. It was super yummy.

Some pictures from the day with my sweet baby:

My handsome boy dressed and ready for church:

It was an amazing first mother's day!

Today (Monday the 9th) we had Eli's 2 month appointment and he got his 2 month shots. I've been keeping track of questions to ask the Dr on my phone so during the appointment I whipped out my phone and began rattling off my questions. Luke looked at my like I had 2 heads. I thought it was VERY smart. I would rather ask the Dr these questions instead of scaring myself silly on webmd.

I thought they were very normal questions such as:

"When he goes #2 it is very loud, is that normal?"

Luke's face when I asked that question was priceless. He of course thought that it was both hilarious and ridiculous, but a mom needs to know!

And for the record it is normal.

It was hard to watch Eli get his shots, he cried a lot. But he sure looks super cute sporting his hot pink band aids!

Smiling at his daddy:
Dad isn't a fan of the pink band aids.

I need to take pictures of him in his cute "2 Months" sticker and do his 2 month post.

And I've already started working on my questions for our 4 month appointment.


  1. my sister has 3 kids and she always pulls out her palm pilot during pregnancy and her kids apts and rattles off her questions. Her Dr loves it! Thinks is is smart and she gets the answers she needs! So you are super smart and you rock!

    At my sons first shots he cried a ton too, but his next ones he didn't cry at all!!! Hallelujah! My mom said it is because they have a little bit more muscle so it doesn't hurt as bad! Also we gave him some medicine about 30 min before his apt, and that seemed to help SO much. Then he just slept for 2 days straight!

  2. What a sweetie your boy is!

    Glad you enjoyed your first Mother's Day. :)


  3. So glad you had a good first mother's day! :-)

  4. Sweet boy! I think it was very smart of you to keep track of all your questions!

  5. I love that hat he's wearing! You're right, it's a fair trade off when girls get all the cute bows on their heads.
    I love the stories of you and Luke, you guys remind me so much of my husband and I.

  6. Happy 1st Mother's Day! You look like a very happy mama. cycon

    Eli in that outfit - SOOO adorable!!

    My hubs is always mocking my tv choices, too. His comments are always so distracting and annoying. :-) That's why I almost always wait to watch Real Housewives and the like until he's gone!

  7. Ooops! Somehow the word verification "cycon" ended up in my comment above!

  8. First of all, Levi is so cute. Secondly, good for you for asking questions. I drive my son's doctor crazy with questions, and I don't plan to stop anytime soon. Glad you had such a great first Mother's Day.

  9. Such a precious angel! You do not even look like you just had a baby!

  10. I'm so glad you had a great first Mother's Day!! Eli looks absolutely adorable in his little hat.

  11. I think saving the questions on your phone was very smart. And oh my goodness, he's so cute in his hat and sweet church outfit.

  12. Look at your handsome little man! You look great, too. Also, I keep track of questions to ask at my monthly prenatal appointments, and I know I will do the same after little Peanut arrives. Happy belated first Mother's Day to you!

  13. Your baby is a sweetie pie! Such a precious baby!

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  14. oh my goodness! Eli's little church outfit with that hat!?! too cute!

    And I am lovingly cracking up about the two month appt questions. Isn't it hilarious the things you want to know as parents?? It's all so glamorous huh!


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