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May Events

A couple of weeks ago Luke told me that he had a conference to go to in mid-May so he would be gone for around 3 days.

I knew that I would want to make plans for those 3 days that he would be gone. Being alone all day long and all night long did not sound fun to me.

The first night he was gone I had a slumber party at my house complete with college friends and sweet babies.

We ate dinner, talked, watched the Thunder game, ate cookies, played with babies and talked some more. It was so fun to have a sleepover with girlfriends. It felt like college all over again, it the addition of 2 babies. Slumber parties with friends are few and far between post marriage and babies so they are fun when they happen!

I love getting these two together and taking their picture. It will be fun to watch them grow together.
Jodi and I with our babies:
My friend Tambra drove up from Houston and met Eli for the first time:

The day after our slumber party I headed home to spend the night with my family and watch my baby sister graduate. I seriously can't believe she is a high school graduate. I am getting old!!

Haley and Eli:
Our family (minus Luke)
Luke is back home now and we are back to our normal routine. I had a good time while he was gone but I'm glad he is back! We missed him!


  1. What a fun weekend for you and Eli! He's getting so big already!

  2. You are looking great!! And Eli is looking cuter than ever :) He's getting big!

  3. Oh Eli! I can't wait to see you in June! You are such a doll!

  4. A slumber party sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you got to have one.

  5. A slumber party sounds so fun! Little Eli is so precious and you look great, Megan!

  6. oh. so. cute!! and you look GREAT mama! how fun, so glad you got to have a fun sleepover and spend some time your cute fam. glad Luke is back home with you now! hope you're doing great!

  7. He is getting so big! Oh my goodness, I just want to hold and love on him for a little bit. So SWEET!


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