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Eli is 2 Months!

Our sweet baby boy is 2 months old!!! It has been two very fast months. Every day he is growing more alert and more fun. I can remember what life was like before Eli but it seems like it was pretty boring (although it wasn't at the time).

There definitely wasn't the excitement of sitting and staring at a baby trying to get him to smile. That can provide endless hours of entertainment. Seriously.

I could get all sappy right here and talk about how I never knew what this kind of love felt like until he was born - but I will save that for another day. But seriously sometimes I just look at him and cry because I can't believe that he is our baby.

He had his 2 month shots last week and it was so sad, he had a shot in each leg and just cried and cried.

At the dr he weighed 9 lbs and 8 ounces and was 21 inches long. He is still our tiny guy. I've been so worried that he isn't as big as other babies his age but the dr. assured me that he is gaining weight and that is all that matter. He has gained 3 lbs since he was born.

Eli, here is what you have been up to this month:

- You are still eating every 3 hours during the day

- Most nights you are sleeping 8 hours, you still have nights here and there where you wake up at 4:00 and want to eat but for the most part you are sleeping all night. Momma LOVES THIS.

- You recently found your hands and you love them. You are always sticking them in your mouth.

- Sometime in the last month you started smiling SO BIG and doing this little "laugh".
We usually spend the time after your morning feeding (sometime between 6:30 and 7:00) just sitting together and cooing and "talking" together and making lots of eye contact. You smile and laugh the whole time.
- You fell in LOVE with your swing and love to just sit in it and look around. Sometimes I feel guilty for putting you in it but you love sitting in it.
- You still wear newborn size diapers but I put 1's on you sometimes.

- You are in 0-3 months clothes

- You are such a good baby. You are so content and calm most of the time

- You do get fussy some nights between 6 and 9ish. Not sure what causes it and there isn't much we have figured out to do to ease your fussiness but usually by 10:00 you are OK again.

- You are learning to put yourself to sleep. You never cry when we put you down in bed, but sometimes you fuss for a bit and then eventually fall asleep (after us going in and putting your pacifier in your mouth several times)

- You still sleep in a cradle by our bed. I'm not sure when we will move you to your crib. I NEVER in a million years thought we would have kept you in our room this long, but alas, I am THAT mom.

- You love your play mat and have lots of funny conversation with the octopus hanging above your head

- You have started to love bath time. It has become one of my favorite parts of the day is to give you a bath.

- You love your daddy and he is crazy about you, he was gone for 3 days last week and wanted me to text him pictures of you all throughout the day.
We love you baby Eli and are thankful to be your parents and so excited to watch you grow and learn!


  1. He is such a cute little guy!!!

  2. Such a cutie! They grow up so fast, cherish these moments!

  3. JW loves the octopus on the play mat. Eli is adorable!!!

  4. He is such a teeny little thing! Every time you post photos I try to decide which one of you he resembles the most...I can't decide yet. He's just all cute baby now!!

  5. He is so so SO stinking cute!! What a sweetheart.

  6. What a precious boy, I love his little smile!

  7. He is so cute! My boy just turned 13 months and really time goes fast. Don't feel bad putting him in his swing because right now that is perfect for him. Trust me when he gets to moving you will not feel guilty putting him in there at all! That is so sweet you spend the AM cooing with him. They truly are the best gift from God you can ask for! You have such a sweet little family on your hands!


    TWITTER~ @CMsmommy

  8. Man! That picture of him in the orange, under the playmat, looks JUST LIKE LUKE! And I love that he is rockin' the pink band-aids!

  9. He's such a tiny little babe!! I love it!!

    And in other news, how is he two months old?! Because I swear you JUST had him!!

  10. Cute boy! I bet his "talking" is the cutest thing!

  11. Look at that handsome boy!!! Two months definitely flew by! Sophie had her shots today... one in each leg too. SO AWFUL. Loved seeing the pics of Eli!

  12. He's pretty cute! I found your blog through Megan's blog (inthiswonderfullife). My baby just turned 2 months on May they are close in age! He too is small weighing 9 lb. 15 oz. at his 2 month appointment. I just thought I'd say hello and let you know I enjoy reading your blog! It's fun to hear from someone else that has a baby close to the same age! :)

  13. He just gets cuter and cuter! Aren't the shots horrible? They are still hard for me every time. I dread his dr appointments. Before Cooper was born, I laughed when my friend made me borrow her bassinet so he could sleep in our room. I was like, no he will just sleep in his crib from day one. Hahahahaha. Yeah, the first night we were home I made my husband whip out that bassinet and he slept in our room until 10 weeks I think, and only moved him out because I was going back to work and didn't want to wake him when we got ready.

  14. Every time you post photos I try to decide which one of you he resembles the most...I can't decide yet. He's just all cute baby now!


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