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Weekly Weekend Update

I had such a good weekend with my two boys.

Fridays have become my absolute favorite day of the week. Luke has Fridays off so this is our day to just relax and hang out around the house. Before maternity leave I was always jealous when I had to get up and go to work and Luke was still nestled in bed (which I'm sure is how he feels on Sunday mornings) but now we get to hang out all day together with our little man. I love it.

Friday morning after my early morning nursing session with Eli we all just hung out in bed. We watched a movie on TV and just spend the morning relaxing. Well actually we spent the whole day inside relaxing and getting chores done. It was a cold day (well cold for April, I think it was only 62 or something) and incredibly windy. I do not like to leave the house if it is cold and windy. So I didn't.

I was giddy all day because Friday night was a very special night. It was the night that my favorite show of all time premiered for the season for the last time. Tear.

Friday Night Lights is the show I am talking about.

I have debated for awhile as to whether Lost or Friday Night Lights ranks as my favorite show of all time. It was a close call but I finally went with FNL (that's what us devoted fans call it). I obviously have big dilemma's in my life. My next biggest dilemma is deciding which group of Housewives is my favorite. Tough call.

So Friday night I fixed a very special meal. Well I was planning on it. And then I remembered I have around 16 pounds to lose. So instead of fixing a tasty fried chicken parmigiana I fixed a tasty baked chicken parmesan. And had no dessert. Feel sorry for me.

Dinner was very good and I plan to find a lot of recipes from that website. And of course the episode of Friday Night Lights was wonderful. I want to BE Tammi Taylor. Ok y'all? (only devoted fans will understand that, if you want to be in the know you need to watch it ASAP, best show ever).

The rest of the weekend was very laid back. I spent a lot of time reading Water for Elephants and finished it by Sunday night. I never had any interest in reading it until I saw the movie preview and then I was intrigued. The book was great although I did have trouble picturing Robert Pattinson as Jacob but I'm anxious to see him in the movie. I'm sure he will do great though, I think he is an amazing actor (and that's coming from a team Jacob person). Whoa I just put it together that he is playing a person named Jacob in this movie. Ironic. (is that the correct use of ironic? I get confused about that).

Sunday at church I used my Moby wrap for the first time in public. Up until now I have just used it around the house and outside our house but it worked great at church. Eli slept in it all through service, I think it reminded him of the womb! :-)

After church we went to eat with some friends and Eli slept the whole time. I loved getting back into the swing of things; church and then eating with friends. It was a great end to the weekend!

Even though I'm sooooo tired, and have feelings of uncertainty about the future, and have days where the only thing I can smell is my regurgitated breast milk on my sweat pants that I've worn for two days I am so thankful for this season of life and for my little family of three. We make a pretty good team.


  1. Sounds like you're slipping right into motherhood just fine :).

    And I'm really glad the Moby is working out so well for ya! (my favorite thing about using it in public is that it keeps people's germy hands off your babe).

  2. Sounds like a fabulous weekend, my friend!!! :)

  3. It sounds like you all had a great weekend! I'm waiting for the final season to come out on netflix. I love to spend a whole week watching the season from beginning to end.

  4. I seriously was so mad...our DVR failed to record FNL, or maybe it was because the owners failed to record it! Either way, now we're gonna have to result to watching it on the computer!

  5. happy 1st month, Eli! you are so blessed, megan. i'm so happy for you and your sweet family. :-)

  6. You're a natural at this mommy-thing girl :-) I loved Water for Elephants! So good :-)

  7. I just saw the movie preview the other day, and have been thinking I need to read the book ever since! Now I guess I have to :-)

  8. There is nothing like being a mother. Even in the hardest moments. And there is nothing like staying in bed on a Friday morning :) I remember doing the exact same thing when my son was about 6 weeks old. It's one of my favorite memories.


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