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Random Thoughts

1. When I was pregnant the hair on my legs quit growing. Like completely quit growing. By the time Eli was born I hadn't shaved my legs since around Christmas and they still had no hair on them (for real). I was hoping they would stay that way and I would never have to shave again but slowly the hair has started to return. Darn.

2. I truly believe that you "reap what you sow" and right now I am living proof of that. My poor body is reaping the affects of how I ate during pregnancy. I've honestly always been a person who can eat what I want, so that's what I did during pregnancy. APPARENTLY I can't do that anymore. Stupid absent metabolism. Oh if I could turn back time. Well I would probably eat bad because I enjoyed it but I am reaping the effects of my poor food choices.

3. Isn't it weird how different tooth brushes feel totally different in your mouth? If somebody replaced your tooth brush without you knowing you would TOTALLY be able to tell once you started brushing your teeth.

4. Is "tooth brushes" the correct way to say that? Tooth brushers? Tooth breeshers? Maybe I should have re-worded the paragraph to say "a toothbrush" it was probably completely incorrect grammar. Oh well.

5. I'm not going all crazy over the royal wedding. However since I'm usually up in the early morning feeding a certain sweet baby I decided I would stay up (get up?) and watch it. It's history and I think it will be neat to say I watched it. I asked Luke if he would get up with me and we could pop popcorn and fix some snacks and watch it together. He said he would, if I promised to watch every NY Giants football game with him and I wasn't allowed to tweet or read blogs during the games.

6. I will be watching the royal wedding alone on Friday morning.

7. Luke and I are all about saving money right now (that's a nice way of saying we are poor) so Luke asked me to try and not go grocery shopping this week. Instead of feeling sorry for myself that I can't make a daily run to my favorite place EVER, Target, I decided to enjoy this time and learn to be creative. Every night for dinner I try and come up with some fancy concoction using ingredients in our home. I've been getting pretty creative. Just add "chef" to my resume.

8. I just realized my random thoughts are really long. This just should be titled "Random Paragraphs"

9. I would LOVE more than anything to go on a beach vacation with my two boys. I would love to rent a house, and relax by the beach under an umbrella while Luke read some leadership book and our baby slept and I sipped on a margarita. Mmmmm that sounds so nice.

10. It's weird to me that Eli doesn't talk. I feel like we talk to each other all day long.


  1. The hair on my legs has almost stopped growing too. It's the greatest thing! I'm bummed to hear it wont last.

  2. I haven't commented in forever, but I've been reading!!! :)

    Crazy about your leg hair, I'm jealous! And you look so great in all thepics you have posted but I totally get the issue with losing the baby weight. It is so hard and with breastfeeding everyone told me that I would just drop the pounds in no time! I lost the first 20 but the last 15 were SO hard to get off! Just know you look great and you are so not alone in the uphill battle of the baby weight saga! I'm dreading losing this weight this fall, which is going to be even harder with Thanksgiving and Christmas, sheesh! Best of luck and you have such a precious precious boy!! XO

  3. No leg hair?! HELLO!! My grandmother can't grow leg hair. I always wished I got that gene...

    My eye lashes fell out after I gave birth. Not my hair and I didn't get those baby bangs, but my eye lashes. The same thing happened to my sister. They are only half the size as before, and she said they never grow back. Is it vain to be really sad about this?

    I live in the UK and we get the day off work for the Royal Wedding! WOO HOO! I wish I would have known you wanted to watch, I would have sent you a flag to fly at your house. (everyone in the UK will be flying little British flags with Will & Kate's face on them!)

  4. Your last thought is the BEST! Love it!

    And I'm sorry your poor and have a temporary ban on Target (it is also my favorite place and I have instituted the same ban on myself)but it's so refreshing to know that every blogger isn't rich and Martha Stewart.

  5. I seriously love this post! You are so lucky on the leg hair thing. Mine is growing faster during my pregnancy!!

  6. I will be watching the Royal Wedding with you!!!!

    Oh, and #10???? Hilarious!!!

  7. I'm all about that beach vacation. Wait, I am going on a beach vacation....with Ty's family. Not quite the same.

  8. Re #2 - don't stress about it...I thought the same thing and by 9 months out, EVERYTHING was back to normal (including my metabolism). By the time Eli's about a year, you'll have trouble keeping weight on because you'll be chasing him around non stop. Don't fret about it!

  9. Hang in there mommie! The weight will come off soon! Love your random thoughts! Especially the last one!

  10. It's definitely hard, but sometimes fun to menu plan out of the pantry! I tried to do that this week and spent a very minimal amount at the store!

  11. what i would give to have my leg hair stop growing. what.i.would.give.

  12. oh a beach vacation just sounds lovely. Sigh.

  13. I read #1 about the lack of leg hair and thought being pregnant sounds like the greatest thing ever. Then I read #2 about no longer being able to eat whatever you want afterwards, and now I'm conflicted. I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens someday.

  14. That is so awesome that your leg hair quit growing! I would love that!

  15. I love your random thoughts. Awesome. I'll be watching the Royal Wedding alone because my husband could care less about the whole thing. But it's my Super Bowl and I will watch all the commentary.

  16. Giirl... just get on the twitter for the Royal Wedding, I'll watch it for you.

    Mmm, beach vacation. That sounds freaking heavenly.

  17. My leg hair didn't grow while I was pregnant either. Odd. But it makes up for it now. Boo.

    I want nothing more than to go on a beach vacation with the hubs and babe. Great minds...

  18. wasn't lucky enough to have my leg hair stop growing during pregnancy, but can i just say how completely awesome that is?! on the contrary, the hair on my head started falling out right after i gave birth! crazy and sad and every other emotion that goes along with the fear of going bald!

    i love that you feel like you and eli talk all day long. hamp and i do the same. :) it's a mommy thing and it's a special bond. so glad to hear that you are enjoying your time with your precious baby boy.
    i read often but don't always stop to comment. glad you're doing great. you look fab and do NOT worry about the weight thing, it WILL come off! :) xoxo


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