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Finding the Perfect Baby Carrier

Before I begin this post I need to make it clear that when I took all these pictures below I NEVER intended to put them in a very public place. Most of the time I take a picture to send to Luke or my mom only, however after trying 5 different baby carriers I decided to share my experience with each and the pictures help, regardless of how I look in them.

And I'm totally not a girl who only shows herself looking perfect. That really gets on my nerves. So here I am, un-showered, unkept, and in my daily outfit of tank tops and comfy pants. Word.

My baby carrier story begins with the BabyBjorn. You see before I was pregnant I never gave baby carriers much thought. I had a friend at church who used some sort of sling to carry her baby in but other than that I never thought about them or thought I would want one.

Then in October Luke and I went on a little trip and while at the airport I saw the cutest dad carrying his baby in a BabyBjorn. As soon as I saw that cute dad I knew I needed a BabyBjorn. Not for me to use but for my cute husband to carry our cute baby in while at the airport.

Necessities people.

So I added it to our registry and never thought about a baby carrier again.

Somebody gifted us with the BabyBjorn and I put it in the Eli's closet to use once he arrived. Again, not giving another thought to baby carriers. I had a BabyBjorn I was set.

Fast forward a couple of months. Baby Eli was here and I realized two things.

1. Just how flipping heavy that car seat is and lugging it everywhere is annoying
2. How many things I would get done around the house if I had Eli in a carrier and could use both my arms

So one day I remembered that I had the BabyBjorn tucked away waiting for Luke to use one day at the airport (p.s. we have no future trips planned, nor does Luke have a clue that I'm planning on him using the Bjorn). So I went and got it and put baby Eli in it.

He looks SO tiny in it:

I liked the BabyBjorn but it wasn't what I had in mind for a carrier for myself. In my opinion this carrier would be good for use at an airport (I mean how many times can I beat a dead horse?) or hiking (I've never hiked in my life) or at the zoo or something like that.

But I wanted something for more daily use, such as shopping, chores around the house etc.

Then I remembered that I already had a sling. While I was pregnant I received a free code for a Seven Sling. I was so excited when I pulled out my sling. I thought it was perfect and just what I was looking for. I read the instructions about 20 times and could never get it right. Then I figured out I had ordered the sling way too small. I went by the sizing code but clearly I was wrong.
Eli smooshed in the Seven Sling, he looks miserable:

There was no way this was going to work so I started researching wraps/carriers/slings. I had NO IDEA there were so many options. Seriously there are a ton of options for moms looking for something.

I still liked the idea of a sling so I eventually decided on the PeanutShell Sling. From what I could tell it was perfect.

One thing I love about the PeanutShell Sling is how many cute fabric options there are. Very stylish. I loved this grey color and thought it would be easy to keep clean. Plus it had super thick sides that seemed like it would keep Eli safe. I thought this was a winner for sure.
I brought it home and tried it on lots of times. I could never get Eli in it just right. His chin was always against his chest (which is a big no-no as it disrupts breathing). He looked very uncomfortable and I felt like he was far from my body. There was no way I could go shopping or run errands with him in this and feel like he was safe. It felt like he was just swinging around in front of my body, not very secure. So I returned it to the store.

I then realized that I needed something that was close to my body.

Lots of people on Twitter had been raving about the Moby wrap but it seemed so complicated to me. But after some persuading by friends I decided to give it a try.

The Moby wrap is great because you can get it at Target. Anything you can buy at Target gets bonus points from me! (however my Target only had one color, black).

I purchased the Moby, came home, watched the instructional video and put it on. It was like magic the first time. I have NO idea how I got it perfect the first time but I did. Here is Eli nestled in it the first time I tried it, he fell asleep instantly:
I was sold. I loved the Moby Wrap.

I love that you can carry your child in several different styles, Here is Eli sitting up:
I thought I was done with my baby carrier search, but overtime I grew frustrated with the Moby.

First off, it is just one giant piece of fabric, so no matter where you put it on fabric is going to drag on the ground. I learned this the hard way at church one day during service. During the sermon I stood up and tied and retied this thing about 20 times trying to get it perfect. Inappropriate timing? I thought it would be a quick thing but it took several tries.

You have to get the fabric JUST perfect. It can't be too loose or too tight. Again I'm not sure how I got it perfect the first time. Every time I used it I would end up adjusting it a million times before getting it right. This started to get very frustrating. I still liked the Moby but hated that if I didn't get it just right it felt all wrong.

I decided to try one more carrier, the K'Tan. It is similar to the Moby but has much less fabric.

Ding, ding ding!!! We have a winner. The K'Tan is everything that I love about the Moby without all the fuss of messing with the excess fabric.

With the Moby I had to watch several videos trying to get it just right. The K'tan was so simple. I read the instructions and then put it on perfectly. So easy. Here we are the first time ever using it. Clearly Eli is a fan:

The K'tan keeps Eli close to my body and he feels very secure in it and he always looks comfy. Plus, like the Moby you can wear it several different ways. So far I've done the cradle position, and let him sort of sit up in it (sort of since he can't hold his head up yet). I'm definitely a fan of the K'tan and have already used it a lot.

Look how much Eli loves it!

I will probably use the Moby from time to time as I think it is better for the newborn hug hold than the K'tan is, but the K'tan is definitely my go-to wrap.

So if you are thinking of getting a carrier/wrap/sling for everyday use I highly suggest the K'tan first and Moby second. You can't really fail with either but I prefer the K'tan.

This was crazy long and boring, but I hope that it helps someone somewhere.

And yes, my bedroom is always messy.


  1. You'll really want to get the Kokopax backpack for when Eli gets older. It's lightweight, and comfy for both parent & child.

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  2. I'm so glad your search for the perfect carrier/sling/wrap is OVER! The k'tan was well-liked by me and my little guy too. :)

  3. ugh. i wish i knew this like 7 months ago! all i have is the bjorn and it BREAKS my back. for the second go around i am totally going to reference this post and go with your recommendations. thanks for the insight!

    lauren from

  4. A sure sign of a new pants and nursing tank tops!

    I loved your reviews. I was also cracking up at the airport things, you are so funny! I have a Moby from baby #1, but am now persuaded to get a K'Tan for baby #2.

  5. First of all, you need to book a trip somewhere you have to fly to so that Luke can carry Eli in the baby bjorn in the airport. And, I'd never heard of the K'tan! I love it! I only used the moby, which I feel the same way about all the fabric and it's a bit cumbersome, but once you got it right, it was awesome :) I'm going to have to try the K'tan next time!

  6. You're "unkept" self is making me sad - You look GREAT! And heck I don't know what you were talking about before in regards to eating better because it seems to me like you shed the pounds.

    And poor little Eli looks so uncomfortable in some of those pictures.

  7. I don't have kids, but have known so many ladies that LOVE the Moby. Glad you found one you like and that's comfortable for you both.

  8. LOVE this! i bought a sleepy wrap (pretty much identical to the moby) but have been obsesseed with the k'tan too!

    also, our bedroom is constantly messy too! it's like some sort of black hole for random items of clothing, hangers and who knows what else.

    and your "unkempt" self puts me to shame.

  9. This definitely helped me. I'm in the process of registering so ANY good review from a fellow blogger is almost an immediate "add to registry" for me :) Thanks!

  10. I like hte moby, but could never nurse in it or anything and always had a hard time keeping the fabric off the ground. My other frustration is what to do with the heap of fabric when I wasn't actually wearing it. There's no way that thing could be shoved back in the little bag it came in.

    There are actually studies out now that say the bjorn is bad for the baby's back. I think it's because all of the weight rests on their spine instead of their seat. Some great soft structured carriers that are better are the ergo or teh boba. I did like how easy it was to get the baby in the bjorn though and mine was a hand me down, so I didn't feel as bad about not using it a ton. Can't use it anymore though because I accidentally left it on a plane. Called as soon as I got to baggage claim and of course, it was long gone :(

  11. I have the Moby wrap as well and I've only used it twice. The first time was perfect and I loved it. It put K right to sleep. The second time? I couldn't get it wrapped right and she screamed the entire time. So it's been sitting in the nursery ever since haha

    I have the infantino carrier for outings and she LOVES it. Super comfy for the both of us and it can be found at Target :)

    I've heard great things about the K'tan as well, do you know what weight it goes up to by chance??

    Thanks for sharing your reviews! and you can tell you're a new mom by the yoga pants and tanks! haha!! I'd still live in them if I wasn't back at work!

  12. I think you look cute in all those pics! And the one of Eli in the too small sling is hilarious!

    I think this is a great review post. You explain the important stuff and I thnk it'll be really helpful to a lot of folks.

    Glad you found the K'tan. I had never heard of it before.

  13. first of all, YOU LOOK AMAZING!!! SOOO TINY!! gosh you look great! Second, you are tooo too cute:) Third, love Eli:) He is such a precious little buddy:)
    love this post:)

  14. Ahhh look at the cute baybeeee in all those slings! He's so stinkin cute!!

  15. Very thorough review. Super helpful. Thanks girl!

  16. I was cracking up at this post because I absolutely planned on getting my husband a Bjorn for the exact same reason...airports (although we usually just drive) and hiking (although you will never find this girl hiking). And now, my husband doesn't know about the Bjorn in his future either :)

    Love all of your reviews and will definitely be looking into the K'tan!

    Also, my bedroom looks exactly the same right now. Not ashamed.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. oh thanks for sharing your wisdom! :-) I want to get a carrier for our next little one :-)

  19. When your son gets older, I highly recommend an ERGO carrier! I absolutely love mine!! (and I've tried several different kinds)

  20. Love my moby and have heard great things about the Ktan! If you're looking to try a sixth(!!) carrier, my Eli loves the Ergo now that he's a little older, and it's a lot more comfortable than the bjorn, in my experience!

  21. Thank you, this is so helpful! I've heard about the k'tan but never from someone who has used it. I will definitely get it now - sounds like the best option.

    Also, you look fantastic!

  22. Megan, you are really going to love the Ergo when your baby is about 4 months old! And then for a long time afterwards! You cannot buy it at Target though.

    Also, maybe the sling will work for hip hold when your baby is older and can hold his head up. Maybe! The peanut shell did work that way, but actually only the fleece one, not the cottony one.

  23. LOVE this!! Thanks for sharing, mama! And could your little peanut be any more PRECIOUS!!?!!

  24. One of my friends was just telling me about the K'Tan yesterday! She loves it. We got an Ergo with the infant insert, but I'm also considering getting the K'Tan with now two recommendations!

  25. Hi Megan! Thanks for this post- so informative! I just had baby #3 and have tried different slings and carriers every time with no luck! i bought the moby this time and my son is not a fan of it. i think the k'tan looks perfectly what i'm looking for. your cute little guy looks so comfy in it! question: as far as the sizing, do you think it's accurate or does it run small or big? thanks! the compnay should pay you b/c you totally sold me on buying one!

  26. love this thank you SO MUCH for posting! we registered for the k'tan but i had no idea about it - i was just scanning! haha:) and thank you for posting the pics, i definitely needed to see them on a real mom! you look awesome!
    thank you for always being honest about pregnancy, being a mom, etc. it's so refreshing to hear what life is honestly like as a new mom! THANK YOU for that!!!

  27. Very informative, although I think Bodey is a lil big for a carrier. This is what I really wanted to say look amazing! So tiny!!

  28. This is really informative since I'll be in the market for a carrier in a couple months. I hadn't heard of the K'Tan before. Eli is adorable!


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