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Easter Weekend 2011

Our first Easter with our sweet baby Eli and it was a good day.

Obviously we have to be at our church for Easter, so we invited both of our families to our church and then to our house for lunch. I have been stressing for awhile on what to cook for the day but ultimately decided on BBQ.

Our church had an baby dedication on Easter so Luke and I dedicated to raise Eli in a Godly home and teach him the ways of the Lord.
After church we attempted to get a picture of Maxton and Eli with their coordinating outfits... poor baby Eli wasn't too happy.
He was ok for a minute:
And then lost it again:

I was so stressed about the day that it wasn't until now that I realized I never got a picture of Eli by himself in his outfit. I will do that later this week.

I am so thankful for my little family of 3 and for my boys.

The night before Easter I went to bed stressed about the next day, but woke up with a peace that can only come from Him. Too often I satan tries to distract us from the true reason for the day. I was worried about getting the food ready for everybody, getting to church on time, figuring out where to feed my child, other people, my family's safety on the road during the bad storms that morning, my new body and weight, etc, etc.

But I decided to let it all go. For today at least.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.


  1. I think this is the first time I have ever got the first comment. This is the best news of the day. I am so glad that your day was wonderful.

  2. yay for dedicating Eli! We are doing ours on Mothers Day and I am excited!! You look beautiful and I love the last picture of the 3 of yall!


  3. Check out your sassy shoes! :) what a precious weekend for your family.

  4. Meg! Your little family is adorable! You are so right about having to just let things go sometimes. I think of Martha and Mary everytime I get caught up in trying to make everything perfect. It's easy to forget to step back and enjoy it in the process. It's a delicate balance that comes with time and incidentely lots of patience. Love u guys and can't wait to meet your new baby :)

  5. What a beautiful picture of your whole family! You look wonderful.

    So glad you felt a peace on Sunday. Only He can provide that. I'm right there with you on letting Satan take over and becoming stressed and anxious about events. I know that feeling all too well.

  6. Such a cute little family! And I think you look wonderful, but I know that it's hard to adjust to a new body..I think I'm till adjusting, haha! I'm glad you were able to relax and enjoy the day :)

  7. What a special first Easter with your family! Glad things went well and you look great!

  8. I'm so glad you all had a good Easter!

  9. You look amazing and little Eli looked so handsome!!!

  10. Greast post with a great reminder about what it's all about. And by the way you look pretty awesome!

  11. You all look so good!! Glad y'all had a great first Easter with your precious little man!

  12. You look beautiful and your little family is just precious!!!

    So cool to have Eli's baby dedication on Easter.

    Have a Blessed evening,


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