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Some thoughts and Week 38

Whenever I am overwhelmed with a To-Do list instead of tackling the list I will sometimes stare at it and then avoid it because I have no idea where to start.

I also do that when trying to clean out a closet. I will empty the entire closet and then stare at it, like "What in the world did I just do"? And then leave the pile of stuff sitting there for far too long.

That's how I have felt lately with my thoughts. I have so many thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions to make, etc going through my mind that I can't make them come together and formulate sentences to express myself at the moment.

I really want to capture my thoughts and the going-on's in my life at this point as we prepare for Eli but I just can't get the words to come together.

Right now everything is baby focused. It seems that everything in our life is working towards getting ready for Eli to be here.

From getting the nursery together, putting up gifts we've been given, washing clothes and blankets, taking back duplicate items, figuring out what we need to get and just talking about how we can't believe we are about to be parents.

Plus in the midst of all the baby getting ready Luke started to have a panic attack that we didn't take birththing classes. As the girl aren't I supposed to be the one who is freaking out about that?!?

The other night I was having some braxton hicks trying to figure out if it was real or not and Luke reminded me that THIS is why we should have taken birthing classes.

Clearly I wasn't in labor, but there is nothing like thinking "am I in labor?" to kick you into high gear. I have a lot to do before little man gets here!!!!

Which brings us to today, I've now got two spreadsheets that I am working on. One is a Personal-To-Do before Eli and one is a Work-To-Do list before Eli. Luke has a similar list he is working on that he started in AUGUST, I'm staring mine the month of Eli's birth. I think it is safe to say that Luke is more of the planner out of the two of us.

So we are on the official "countdown to Eli". Obviously I still have two weeks left till my due date, and I don't think he will come early, but ya never know! I want to be ready when he gets here!

Here is my Week 38 update:

How Far Along: 38 Weeks!!!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Well all the pregnancy books say I should have quit gaining by this point in pregnancy. I haven't.

Gender: BOY!! Eli Tree

Movement: Definitely less movement. At my appointment on Monday the nurse was a bit concerned so she sent me for a non-stress test at the hospital (my 3rd since getting pregnant, is that some kind of world record?) and everything was fine. They said he looked perfect. So I guess I just have a calm baby? I don't feel like he has ever moved as much as other people say their babies move.

Sleep: I was better this week. Luke said I started snoring. Not sure what that has to do with pregnancy but I never did it before.

What I miss: A good night's rest and being able to eat food without worrying about whats in it.

Cravings: Asian food and meat balls. But not together. And hard boiled eggs.

Symptoms: I've had a lot of cramping this week. It feels just like menstrual cramps. Also my feet started sweeling this week. And Eli's feetsies get all up in my ribs a lot. It is definitely a strange and uncomfortable feeling.

Also, not sure if this considered a "symptom" or not but everytime I see a new-ish baby in a store I start tearing up and want to scoop that baby up and hold him/her (bonus points if it is indeed a boy) and I think they are all adorable. I NEVR thought newborns were cute before I was pregnant. Now I love them ALL. I just can't believe I'm about to have my very own newborn!

Best Moment this week: We had our last shower on Saturday given to us by our church and it was wonderful!

And my favorite husband quote of the week:
When disucssing what to pack for me for the hospital he asked:

"Do you think I should bring my xbox"

For real.


  1. haha!!! that quote was one of my most favorite yet!

    you still look AMAZING!:) Rock that belly girl.

  2. Oh, lucky you! I pray you really do have a calm baby. Seemingly I have a maniac in here. And, yup. Snoring is normal b/c sinuses swell. Fun times.

  3. Love the Luke quote!! You look great! I can't believe Eli will be here so soon.

  4. He should definitely bring his xbox! It can get pretty boring in there if you have a long labor (with an epidural, not so boring wihtout) OR after Eli gets'd be nice to have some other form of entertainment.

    Also, you look fabulous! I can't wait to hear the news that your sweet little babe has arrived :).
    (contractions with my second started out feeling like menstrual cramps...just sayin')

  5. I know you seem stressed about the weight gain but you seriously look great!! Really cute! And I LOVE Luke's quote of the week... Cracking up!

  6. I don't think I've ever commented, but have been folloing you for a while. I'm so excited to hear about the arrival of your little guy! And I love this week's husband quote. That is my favorite yet, and totally something my husband would say (except it would be his PS3.)

  7. I love the husband quote this week! I can guarantee that will be my husband when the time comes for us, only it won't be a question he will simply be informing me that he is bringing the xbox! You look amazing and I am so excited for you guys! Good luck with these last couple of weeks!

    Blessings to you all!
    Amanda from

  8. Men and their video games. It never fails to amaze me :-P

    By the way, you look great! I'm so excited to see what little Eli looks like!

  9. TWO WEEKS!!!! I am so excited for you guys!

  10. ha, too funny! that is totally something my husband would say!
    try not to worry about your weight gain hun, i still have 8 weeks left and i'm still gaining and will be over the "recommended" weight. maybe because we are smaller framed our bodies needed to gain more for baby's sake ;)
    and now you have me hungry for asian food, meatballs and hard boiled eggs...i can't stop eating! haha!
    i can't believe you only have 2 weeks left!! time has flown! i can't wait until i only have 2 weeks left!!
    have a great day girly!

  11. hey! you look fabulous- i am almost 20 weeks pregnant and look forward to the weight gain :)

  12. You look so great! Seriously, not big at all!

    Love the quote from your hubby, too! Men and their priorities...

  13. How are you so cute still?! :-) i love your belly and cant wait to "meet" Eli!

  14. You are all belly girl. Have you seen the show "One Born Every Minute" ? Luke asking about the xbox reminded me of it. I am officially stalking yours and Kelly's pages to see any baby news. My daughter was 2 weeks early so yes it can happen any time now. I hope you don't go over though. lol

  15. Haha, that quote sounds like exactly something my husband would say!

  16. Ahhh! You are getting close, I am so excited for you and Luke!

  17. OMG!!!!! I can't believe he's almost HERE!

  18. Feet swelling, cramps, less movement....all of that happened to me about a week before I had Addy! And for me, the first contractions felt like period cramps (mine are/were in my back) and then the real contractions were just TORTURE. Get that epidural so you don't have to feel them!!

  19. haha! Josh would totally say the same thing..although I think his would be more of a statement than a question. You look fabulous and I can't wait to "meet" him!!

  20. You would be wondering "am I in labor?" even if you did take the birthing classes...and I agree...the real contractions start out like cramps. Your body's getting geared up! Yay! And YES! to the XBox! But on the condition he can only play it AFTER the Eli has arrived. :)

  21. The weight gain is scary girl, but for real, you will lose so much so fast your head will spin. And the rest will come off. I complain constantly but all I would need to do is quit stuffing my face and I'd see results. I seriously gained all at the end too. You know that last week when you aren't supposed to gain?? Yea, I gained four pounds. Take that What To Expect..

    I had a nonstress test every single week from week 30 on. Good times.

  22. You're so close and you look fabulous! If it makes you feel better, our hospital's birthing class was pretty much a waste of time. You'll be just fine! Oh and I'm a week behind you but still gaining (ugh and rapidly!) as well. I threw out all the books a long time ago ;)

  23. oh my goodness you are so close to meeting your little Eli!! I can't wait to meet him too! You look adorable, miss all belly! Seriously! I am the same way when there is so much to do! I just think about everything there is to do and then just sit there staring wondering what to do first! :) But the lists, oh the lists, they definitely help :) Still overwhelming sometimes but I do love a good list. I hope you're feeling great and y'all are doing great!

  24. hey! i have been following your blog since late last summer. i love your writing style and i have really enjoyed it. i had my first baby last wednesday. you have been just about a week or two behind me the whole way. mine came at 38 weeks and 5 days. she is perfect and healthy and amazing! we are crazy in love already. you are going to blown away. nothing can prepare you for how amazing your new baby will be! you just stare at them and watch every breath they take. anyway, i was inspired to comment today because i, also, craved meat balls during my pregnancy...many times. and they are not something i would usually eat ever. ha! it is funny, bc, i started following you right around the time you did that first trimester post and i felt the same way about so many things. anyway, i have enjoyed (silently) going through my pregnancy with you, and i cannot wait for you to share the same joy i feel at holding your baby in your arms.

  25. Oh my goodness!! Two more weeks! So excited for you! I know you are counting down the days. You look really amazing girl!

    I am the same, now when I see a baby I just want to snuggle it up and squeeze it... but Germans are weird, I think they just think I'm a crazy American that wants to steal their baby!!

    Good luck finishing your to do list. I know it seems overwhelming, but you'll get it done!

  26. I love your husband's comment. Thanks for the laugh! So excited for you!

  27. YOU ARE SO CLOSE!!!! I am SO excited for you! Cramping is good. :) My doc told me that cramping meant he was on his way soon!

  28. "DO you think I should bring my XBox?" Oh MY!!! :) I am so excited for you, Megan! Eli will be here SOON!!! My feet swelled so bad! Try to elevate them at night if yours start bothering you!

  29. please share a post about 4d ultrasounds pics that can be awesome

  30. I didn't take any birthing classes and was just fine... I'm sure you'll be fine too. Also, you will DEFINITELY know when the labor cramps are real, because instead of just feeling tight and pressure-like, they actually cause pain.

  31. Actually, he should bring his XBox or something similar. There's a lot of "sit around and wait" at the hospital...during labor and after delivery...and he should have something to do. My hubby brought tons of DVDs, his laptop and ipod and I'm really glad he had something to keep him occupied. YES, he still was toally by my side...but Luke should have something else to do as it can get VERY boring--especially if you end up in the hsopital for 4 days like I was with both my pregnancies (2 c-sections.) Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't think it was a silly question!


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