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Project 365 - Week 9, 10, and 11

Well I've gotten pretty behind on my project 365 posts but I don't want to miss any of these days so I'm going to play catch up right now.

More than anything these posts are just for me to come back and read - I'm not sure they are interesting to anybody else. But I dont want to forget anything about our first days as a new family of 3!

Sunday February 27th:
Sunday morning I woke up extra early to work on my Abraham bible study I have been doing. I have absolutely loved this study and it has come at just the right season in my life (no coincidence there, right God?) Monday February 28th:
I had been waiting and waiting for this frame to come in. I ordered this at the craft show I went to earlier in the month. It goes perfectly in Eli's nursery. And the saying on it makes me tear up every single time I read it. It says:
You are a child of God, you are wonderfully made, dearly loved and precious in his sight, before God made you he knew you, There is no one like you!
I wish everybody truly believed this about themselves and pray that Eli always knows this.
Tuesday March 1st:
I was craving meatballs on this day like no other. So I made some yummy meatball sandwiches. They were delicious. In fact I could go for one right now!
Wednesday March 2nd:
I got these stickers in the mail from my friend Hillary. I can't wait to use them each month to document Eli's growth. Actually I can wait to use them cause it means my little baby is getting older! But these are super cute, thanks so much Hillary!
Thursday March 3rd:
I kinda can't believe I'm showing this and it's absolutely disgusting but kind of funny at the same time. This is what my feet looked like the week before I had Eli, SO SWOLLEN. My body was in full "getting ready" mode. I was about to have a baby!Friday March 4th:
My mom and sister came to see me and we went to lunch together. When I look at this picture I think I just look DONE with pregnancy. Swollen face, swollen, feet, ginormous belly. Ha! Saturday March 5th - no picture

Sunday March 6th:
This is the last picture I have of myself before I had Eli:
Monday March 7th:
No picture this day, I was in too much pain

Tuesday March 8th:
The day I was having contractions at work all day. My paper I kept track of them on:
Wednesday March 9th:
The day our lives changed forever and we became a family of 3:Thursday March 10th:
Hanging out in the hospital all day. One of my favorite pics. My mom with her girls and grandbabies:Friday March 11th:
The day we went home from the hospital (tear). Eli had a bit of jaundice so we had to let him get some sun. We sat him in front of the window and let the sun shine on him. He was not a fan:Saturday March 12th:
My new reality: Huge cup of water, burp rag, bobby, shirt half way off, feeling exhausted, iphone at my side (reading material while nursing) and a sweet sweet baby on my lap. P.S. that white thing is a tank top not a bra.Sunday March 13th:
My mom had to run out and buy Eli some new PJ's cause he is so tiny and they were all too big. He is modeling his new PJ's:

Monday March 14th:
Eli with his wubba nub pacifier. These things are AMAZING and he loves them:

Tuesday March 15th:
On Monday night my sisters and my nephew came to stay with us for my birthday. This is my nephew with Eli. Sweet cousins:Wednesday March 16th:
This was the day my mom left to go back home. I was SO sad for her to leave! She helped so much while she was here. And I know she was sad to leave baby Eli.

Thursday March 17th:
Eli wearing his green for St. Patrick's DayFriday March 18th:
I love this picture. Nothing better than your new baby sleeping on you:
Saturday March 19th:
Some of Luke's family came to visit us on Saturday so I actually got up, got dressed and put on makeup. So a picture was in order:It feels good to be caught up!


  1. Those pictures so perfectly describe what the first few days with a newborn is like. I love the one of you looking exhausted. Real life, huh??? Hope you are doing good!!

  2. I think you will really be glad you caught up with these. The first couple weeks after having a baby always seem like such a fog when you try to look back on them.

    Also, your new reality will get so much easier. Nursing won't seem like such an effort. Look forward to it! It's an awful lot of work at first!!

  3. I love all of these pictures. What a cutie! And I love the pictures of your new life. I totally relate! : )

  4. I love all of these sweet pictures! He looks sooo tiny!

    You'll be excited you documented everything later on!

  5. Megan, Eli is absolutely PRECIOUS! Seriously, I'm going to be flat-out honest here... 96% of newborns? Look like scary aliens to me. I usually start ooohing and aaahing when they're about 2 months old. Eli? SO ADORABLE already - 'nary a scary alien in sight!

  6. Newborns are exhausting! But they are so worth it. Just sleep as much as you can and don't push yourself to do too much. He is so precious. Before you know it he will be running around and talking.

  7. You have such a cute little family :) Your baby is adorable! I can't wait to have my own little family someday!

  8. He's too cute! I'm glad we got more Eli pictures.

  9. I'm loving all these Eli pictures! I need more!

  10. love all your little eli pictures! he is so stinkin' tiny and adorable!!!
    meatball subs sound so yummy...i think i need to make them a night this week ;)
    your little family is so cute!

  11. So sweet and so tiny! I especially love the photo of Eli in his new PJs. You all look so happy!

  12. i have been following for a long time, just never commented! But, I just had to tell you how stinking cute Eli is! So so excited for you! Enjoy these precious days, even when they seem long!

  13. Oh goodness, Eli is just precious!!! I hope you're all adjusting well!

  14. Megan,
    Eli is so sweet!!! I love all your pics.

    Have a Blessed evening,

  15. You look so happy! Eli is just precious!!!!!

  16. I love all of the pics! y'all are so cute, Eli is a-dorable, I love all the pics with your fam, y'all are so sweet! Eli is lucky and blessed to have a wonderful family and a lil cousin to grow up with :) I loved reading the birth story too (didn't have a chance to comment yet when I was able to read it), I am so glad that everything went well and lil man was ok! We had some scares with BabyBoy too but all was great and we have some sweet stories about it now :) But glad you went to the hospital! ;) I would have been the same way! Big hugs, friend!!


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