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Productive Weekend

This weekend was a good and prodeuctive weekend! We got a lot done in preparation for little Eli to come.

And let it be stated, that now that I'm almost 39 weeks (Wednesday) I'm ok with Eli coming at any moment.

In the past I heard women talk about the uncomfortable feeling at the end of pregnancy, but of course I never really understood it...... until now.

I told Luke we needed to buy new furniture because ours is completely uncomfortable, but he thinks it could just be me. Not necessarily the furniture.

Also, I feel like my face is getting bigger by the minute. Of course I try not to worry about the weight aspect of pregnancy but my face is outta control.

Anyways, Friday my baby sister and mom came to my town to take care of some things, so Luke and I met up with them for lunch. My mom was hoping I would just go into labor that day since they were already here. It didn't happen.

Here we are after a hearty lunch of chips and queso. Yes I complain about weight gain in my face and then eat chips and queso. Whatever.
Friday night Luke and I ate with some friends and then hung out for a bit afterwards. Of course we talked many times about how this could be our late couples date without a baby in tow! Craziness.

Saturday morning we had a house cleaner come to clean the house for us. This is not something we normally have, and most definitely will not have the money for it after the baby comes, however many moons ago, I asked Luke if we could PLEASE set aside money for it for the month of March. I've decided to be a whiny baby this month and part of being a whiny baby means I do not want to clean. So my sweet husband set aside money and Saturday morning was the glorious day that our house was deep cleaned and I didn't lift a finger. Thank you Lord.

The feeling of coming home to a sweet smelling, freshly cleaned home is priceless!

Luke and I spent the day running errands. We returned duplicate items that we got at showers and picked up last minute items, like our swing, video monitor and pack and play. I'm so excited to get everything set up and ready for Eli!

I was so exhausted Saturday night after running around all day. I came home and put my pj's on around 6:00 and I was ok with that!

Sunday after church we ran a few more errands for baby/nursery items and then came home and started putting stuff together. Well Luke put stuff together, I just organized diapers. I feel like we have a million diapers (so thankful) and I'm curious to see how fast we go through them. I've heard you go through them much faster then you think you will!

I've been having lots of period-like cramps still. But thats it, no contractions or anything (however I have had lots of people tell me they only contractions they had were similar to period cramps) I go to the Dr. Monday morning, I am anxious to find out if I have progressed at all.

As we near the end of this pregnancy I have lots of emotions going on. I am going to do my best to put them in writing as I love going back through my blog/journal reading how I felt at the time. Hopefully I will do that sometime this week.

Now it's times for me to go to bed and have some of those crazy pregnancy dreams. Last night I had a dream that I was in labor at the hospital and WE FORGOT THE CAMERA. I was freaking out in my dream. It reminded me of the crazy pre-wedding dreams I had before we got married. Those were scary.



  1. Your face getting bigger? Um, you look great!! I can only hope I will look half as good at 39 weeks pregnant someday. Good luck in these last days of pregnancy :-)

  2. As always, you still look adorable! I can't believe that Eli is already so close to being born!

  3. I'm so excited to see your little miracle. PAck everything you need in a nice little bag so you won't forget anything. You'll do fine! I hope you and baby Eli are well after the whole hospital ordeal. Stay strong. Also, I'll keep you in my prayers for the next few days!

  4. I just want to say that when I'm pregnant I hope I carry my weight as well as you do. You complain of your face filling out but in all your pics all I see if baby belly. You look fab

  5. I can't believe it's almost time! These 39 weeks have flown by! I can't wait to see what the little guy looks like.

  6. You look fantastic! I love the outfit you are wearing in the photo above.

  7. I know you don't feel like it, but I think that you look great! I can't believe you're 39 weeks already! Seems like it has flown by! I hope that you're able to stay as comfortable as possible for the next week or so! Can't wait to see Eli's precious face..and of course, all of that hair that he will hopefully have :)

  8. I didn't realize how much bigger my nose got when I was pregnant until way after the fact. My husband casually mentioned that my nose had gotten huge. I disagreed, until I looked at pictures. Hubby was right! I later heard that your face gets alot bigger when you are having a boy. Never fear, it returns to normal soon enough!

  9. You look great! :-) Facial weight gain is the worst part of pregnancy, I hate all pictures of me from late pregnancy for that very reason . . .

  10. Oh I think you look beautiful!! So exciting--he could be here SOON!!!

  11. You look so great! I can only hope to look that good when I am about to have a baby! Hope you have a wonderful week and great appointment today. Your little boy will be here so soon!!

  12. I remember by the end of my pregnancy, I felt like I could barely see out of my eyes - they were so swollen. I think you still look so cute...can't believe you're 39 weeks. I hope Eli comes this week. I can't wait to see how much hair he has....he's going to be a gorgeous baby.

    You might want Luke to set aside money to have the house cleaned for a couple of months following E's arrival too. :)

  13. I think you look great. Seriously. And your face doesn't even look swollen. I remember I felt humongous though and everyone kept telling me that I didn't look that big, so, me telling you this probably won't help, but it's true ;)

    I can't believe how close you are to being a Mom. So, so exciting!

  14. you look FABULOUS! i am praying for you and the delivery of mr. eli! he will be precious and i cant wait to meet him via blog land!

  15. You are 39 weeks preggers and wearing cute, adorable clothes and not a mumu. Therefore your weight gain is practically nothing (minus the baby) and therefore you should probably eat queso like the bowlful... Eli is going to be here soon and you can only use his cravings as an excuse for a little while longer.

    Hang in there! I am SO excited for you!!

  16. You look terrific girl!!! WOW it is getting so close now.

    Looking forward to hearing what the doc has to say today.

    Have a Blessed day sweet one,

  17. You look adorable!!!!!! No kidding! I gained 55 pounds with my second....and I am only 5' 3"!! I lost it all though....and you will too!! You look so good....and so does your mom and sister. Your mom could be your sister too. Amazing how young she looks!

  18. Oh my goodness, you look fantastic! Eli will be here before you know it, so exciting!

  19. Girl, you look great! Eat more queso!

    And, plan on about 10-14 diapers a day...that's what we're averaging here in week 4 (boys are haaaaaard with their incessant "accidents" - ha!)

  20. I am so excited for you Megan!! I can't believe the time is HERE!! Sweet Baby Eli is about to be in your arms. Yay!! He is going to be the cutest little thing and bring you so much joy. I am praying for you this last week. Enjoy your last few days with just you and Luke. Everything is about to change forever. (For the best!) :)


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