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The Great Weight

It is safe to say that I worried about my weight a lot while I was pregnant.

Well not sure if worry is the right word. I thought about my weight a lot. However I did not let that thinking effect my decisions when it came to eating food, or drinking drinks. Lots of soda to be exact. Sweet, sugary, calorie-loaded soda.

I didn't want to drink diet Coke while pregnant so I switched to regular Coke. Yes I could have given up that poison all together, but I tried, and it lasted about a day. I have no self control when it comes to food and drinks.

Which is why I gained what I did.

I stopped posting on my blog how much I gained, but now that it's all said and done, I feel like I can share. I gained 40 pounds. Eli was 6 lbs. You do the math.

Just for fun here is my 39 week picture that I never posted (because I went into labor) and then me holding that sweet babe when he was a few days old. It STILL amazes me that he was inside of me!!

Now, I will say he is worth every single pound. However I don't think he is the reason for every single one of those pounds. I think pickled Pringles, and lots of cheez-it's and SODA SODA SODA are the reason for those pounds. Oh and Mexican food. We can't forget the Mexican food.

So here we are on the other side of pregnancy and I've got a long way to go. I know it was wishful thinking but I was sort of hoping that my stomach would shrink back to normal on it's own. By the time I left the hospital. I was a naive girl. Poor naive girl.

I've never been a person who had to work to maintain my weight. It just kind of happened on its own. Well that TRAIN HAS LONG SINCE SAILED. Or whatever the saying is.

I realized I'm now in my upper twenties, and I just had a baby, the metabolism ain't what she used to be.

As soon as I get the go ahead from my doctor (in about 3 weeks), I'm going to start working my butt off. I plan on starting the Couch 2 5k plan again. Back when we lived in our apartment I did the C25K and I was able to go about 3 miles by the end of it.

Today I huff and puff walking to the mailbox.

I also, for the first time in my life purchased a scale for our bathroom. I've never in my life weighed myself consistently. But now is the time.

So pretty soon I will be couch to 5k'ing it and also Shredding it up while Jillian yells at me about 400 pound people doing jumping jacks so I should be able to do jumping jacks.

Fun times.

And why am I putting it all on the blog? Well two reasons:

1. Because I talked about my weight so much while pregnant this is my follow up to that
2. Accountability people. If I put it out there then it means I have to do it.

I know this all probably sounds very vain, but one reason I want to get back to pre-pregnancy weight so quickly is because we can't afford to buy me all new clothes. So my goal is to get back into those clothes quick.

And I only have winter maternity clothes so I can't wear those in the summer.

So here goes nothing.....

Goal for this week: walk to the mailbox and back twice.

Baby steps people.


  1. If it's any consolation, you look great! But good luck with the Shred - I just started. And every time I hear that jumping jacks comment, I cringe!

  2. thank you for being real and know you are not alone. i feel your pain - only i gained 60 pounds. ugh - how is that even possible??? good luck - when you get the OK from the dr - with your C25K - hope you blog about your journey! i've always wanted to try one of those. and i LOVE your blog by the way!

  3. I think you look amazing!! And 40 lbs is not that much. I gained 35 with Harper and never lost much of it. This time I didn't gain much and it's almost off.......but I still have about 30 from Harper I HAVE to lose. And being in my upper 30's makes it REAL tough. And I HATE working out. So I feel your pain.
    I really do think you are TINY and they say it takes 9 months to grow a baby - and it should take 9 months to get back to normal - so give yourself a break!
    P.S. eli is tooooooo cute!

  4. you look fabulous!!! my little girl is 6 months and i am trying to lose the last few pounds that i gained. remember, it took you 9 months to gain it all so dont stress if it takes you a month or so to start seeing results! i think you are nursing, and that REALLY helped me too as I burned more calories daily and it helped my tummy shrink back to its almost normal size!

  5. You look amazing! And you have so much motivation already which is going to help get you to your goal. In addition to running, pilates will really help your core and there are lots of free ones if you have on demand on your tv. Great job!

  6. I personally, think you look great. I really do. I gained 40 with BG and I hate to say it, but I'm just now losing the rest of it. But.... I lost it all quickly thanks to nursing (aka her sucking the life out of me) but then I let it creep back on. I was back in regular clothes in two months though. It just fit different. The good thing is, it will come off.

    You do look so good already Megan. I hope all is well. I've been thinking about you!

  7. ugh, I say you return that scale!!! ;) You know when you're back to the size you like ...your clothes will tell you, lol. I think you look adorable regardless ...and Congratulations, btw :)

  8. OMG! Walk to the mail box twice! I LOVE IT!!!

    I just had a baby 7 wks ago, and I feel the same way! Holy cow, just walking to the bathroom takes my breath away!!

  9. Girl, you can do it!!!! Don't be so hard on yourself!!! :) And seriously, that 400 lb statement by Jillian is the only thing that gets me through the shred. You just can't argue with that, ha!!! I'm on my second week of c25k and I'm loving it!!!

  10. Girl, you are still tiny! 40 lbs is nothing compared to what most of the women in my family gain - 80 lbs. And most of them don't even pig out - that's just what we gain.

    Anyways, I too am back to Jillian and her evil ways. Damn those jumping jacks.

    I'm a little too scared to get on the C25k wagon. I scared.

  11. I agree w/ everyone above. You look great, and I'd happily be in your place 2 weeks PP. I still have 8 weeks to do more damage, though. ;)

  12. You look great!! Seriously!

  13. Hi Megan...this is my first time to comment, but I have been reading your blog for forever!! I love your sweet spirit and your honesty! I had my first baby around your age and I gained 40 pounds too. Trust me, it is hard to have that "jelly belly" and wish that you had your flat stomach back. It will come back, but it may take a while. Remember that it took 9 months for you to gain the weight and it might take that long to get back to your starting weight. You will probably end up being even thinner than you were to begin with!! Your doing a great job being a mommy, so just keep your chin up and the rest of the stuff will work itself out!! Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!!!

  14. I think 40 lbs is normal. I only wish I looked like you just after having a baby. I do understand wanting/needing to be back in your old clothes and to feel good about yourself again. Amelia is 17 months old and I'm still trying to lose. Between pregnancy + fertility drugs for 3 man. My doc says I need to lose 15 more lbs. I say I need to lose 30!

    Good luck and give your body time to completely heal. I have a feeling as young as you are - it will come off quicker than you think. Either way - you look great! :)

    Love when you post pics of the boy...he's so darn cute.

  15. You look great and 40 pounds is not that bad! I'm sure once you get the go-ahead to exercise plus all the running around you'll do with a growing baby that you'll be back to your old self in no time! Don't be too hard on yourself... you'll get there!

  16. Hi Megan!! I have been following your blog for a LONG time. It is great. I have 3 boys and my youngest is almost 9 months. I gained almost 60 lbs with my 2nd. Give yourself a break. it will come off. I have been doing Weight Watchers since the 6th of January and have lost 16 lbs. LOVE the program. Good luck.

  17. The Shred is such a good workout. I just started doing it again. Ouch, I'm sore!

  18. You look great! Thanks for being so candid with your readers. :)

  19. You really do look great for JUST having a baby. I've been reading since this fall and I look forward to your posts!

    I do want to share share that if you continue to nurse- you are burning about 500 calories a day! I weighed 166 pounds before I got pregnant with my son. I nursed consistently for 6 months and watched my calorie intake. I am now 145 pounds. I was able to lose baby weight and then some. It took some time, but it does happen... but again, you look great AND you have a very handsome little man on top of that. Congrats. :)

  20. Hi! I have been following your blog for a while now. I found it through Emily. Congrats on the birth of your sweet boy - he is adorable! Just wanted to say that when I had my daughter (about a year) ago I was nervous about the weight loss too...I went on lots of long walks and the weight just kind of melted off! You'll be fine!! And you look GREAT by the way!

  21. You are so cute..and sooo funny. Thanks for being honest. :)

  22. you crack me up!!
    i do have to say though, you look great hun!!
    i plan to do the same thing as you, take to the blog after baby to lose those extra pounds. it's a good way to hold yourself accountable.
    i'll be up 40 by the time baby comes as well. and i'm guessing i'll have a little peanut too.
    i hope all is going well with your adorable little man!! :)

  23. You, of course, look beautiful as always - but I totally understand how you feel! And one thing I always had to remind myself is that it took 9 months to put that weight on, so dont be too hard on yourself in rushing to get it back off :-) good luck though - I hate exercise haha

  24. Don't be so hard on yourself! You look so great!!! I will say though, it is not about the weight. I dropped a lot of that pretty quickly...your body is just different. I never believed people until I experienced it for myself! It takes some time. Give yourself a little slack. And Eli is so precious, he is definitely worth every single pound!

  25. Megan- I just love you! I know you will get back to your pre-pregnancy weight! I am not worried about it at ALL and neither should you! I encourage you to work hard (I know you will) but I also encourage you to not feel like you have to bounce right back or jump right into it as soon as the Dr. says you are healed. That "9 months up, 9 months down" thing is really true...especially if you are nursing. You should do what you feel like and give yourself permission to go at your own pace...and keep giving yourself permission to prioritize that little cutie pie!! I didn't even start working out again until Avery Kate was 5-6 months old...and of course everyone is different...but I would just encourage you to enjoy your baby and tell yourself (and make yourself believe it!!!) that there really is PLENTY of time to lose that weight. There really is and you will do it. I gained 30+ pounds before I even got pregnant with AK from fertility meds, etc. so I had that to lose PLUS my pregnancy weight and it took time and sweat and all that good stuff but it happened. It will happen for you, too.
    (Sorry for the long seemingly preachy comment!! ) :)

  26. This is my first time commenting on your blog, but I am 7 months pregnant with my third and so I totally understand where you are coming from. I just wanted to encourage you that I did the SHRED for about 6 months very consistently and LOVED it! It didn't completely make my belly go away, but I lost all but about 2 lbs of baby weight and I gained muscle. I felt great! I also recommend any and all of Jillian's other videos. They really work. Enjoy your baby-moon!

  27. Lol.. you make me laugh. Good for you, Megan. You can do it you can do it!! :D

  28. I love how real you are!!! I think you look fantastic, but I also understand the confidence boost of FEELING fantastic. Good luck!!

  29. Hey Megan
    I've been wanting to comment and found a good one to comment on. I love your blog, by the way. I found you through Whitney, we went to church together before I moved.

    Anyway- I wanted to tell you 2 things: (I have 4 kiddos, the oldest is almost 9)
    1. You were thin before you got pregnant, maybe a little underweight? I start off underweight and gain about 35-40 pounds before pregnancy. It's recommended to gain more than the standard 25 if you start off weighing less. I go with 100 pounds minimum for 5 feet tall and then 5 pounds for each additional inch. I'm 5'4, which means my minimum should be around 120. 40 pounds is really not that much for pregnancy. I know lots of people that gained 60 plus and still lost it all.

    2. If you plan on nursing for a while, do NOT diet or exercise heavily. I know so many people who have lost their milk because of insufficient calories. The pounds really will fall off much more quickly with nursing. By the end of my baby's first year, I usually need to gain a little weight.

    Anyway, I just had to get that off my chest when I saw that no one else seemed to warn you about the nursing thing! I've been quiet in the past and watched first time moms become devastated when they can't nurse anymore.

    Enjoy these long, sometimes hard days. They will become golden memories that you will treasure forever!

    And to add to this already too long comment, give yourself permission to buy some clothes that fit in between. You will be thankful if you have more babies in the future!

  30. I am so glad you are doing this (on your blog) I will certainly follow (and cheer) you along! I've already begun thinking about this (i.e. dreading this) process!

  31. Hi Megan,
    I have been following your blof for awhile-congrats on such a beautiful baby!
    I had a baby last April and gained 45 pounds. I lost it all quickly due to nursing, running, and P90x. I highly recommend this workout. It did wonders to my post baby body in just 3 months-and you can do it right at home next to your little guy.
    But for now, rest and enjoy EVERY moment. It seems like she was just a newborn and she will be one next week!
    Meghan C

  32. You're such a cutie! Also, wanting to fit into your clothes so you don't have to buy new ones isn't vain ... its economical and budget oriented and brilliant! :)


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