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Our First Road Trip

I mentioned on my blog a few times that one of my good friends was pregnant the same time I was.

In fact we found out we were pregnant within a day of each other and our due dates were 5 days apart.

We talked everyday before we found out we were pregnant, but during pregnancy that number increased greatly. We would call, text, and g-chat many pregnancy type questions throughout the day. It was so fun to go through this experience together.

Our babies ended up being two weeks apart. Eli came a week early and her baby girl Halle was 2 days late.

So yesterday morning Eli and I hit the road and drove 2 hours so that we could introduce Eli and Halle.

I was a bit nervous about the "road trip" with an almost 3 week old, but I just put a plan in my mind and decided I COULD do it. So I did it.

Basically my only plan was to get him good and full before the drive with a clean diaper and hit the road quick.

I'm happy to say he slept the whole way there and the whole way back. It was such a relief.

We got to their house around noon. Our other friend from college came and brought her little girl also. I had so much fun talking about mommy stuff with them (i.e. breastfeeding, routines/schedules, newborns, etc) and just hanging out and relaxing. It was such a good time.

Here is a picture of Jodi and I during pregnancy. I have pictures of us further along than this, but this was when we were in the middle of the 2nd trimester "glow" so this is the one I chose to show:

And finally with our sweet babies:

Eli and Halle together:
I love this shot because they are in the same position, we did not put them that way!
Watching something intently (I think the TV)
Eli is longer than Halle but right now Halle weighs more. We have a tiny little guy!
College friends and our kiddos. So thankful for these girls!
Even though we don't live in the same city we see each other often and I hope that Eli and Halle are good friends. It will be fun to watch them grow up together!

It has been VERY dreary and cold here this week. In fact so much so that I keep forgetting what month it is. All day yesterday and today I have thought it was October. Clearly I need to start getting out of the house more. I'm losing my mind.

After our big road trip yesterday Eli and I have spent this cold day at home on our PJ's. A friend brought dinner over so I'm about to put that in the oven. I'm loving this lazy day!


  1. How fun to share this experience with such a good friend! I've always wanted a "pregnancy buddy!"

    You look fabulous by the way!

  2. When I was pregnant (I've got an 8wk old), I had 25 friends who were pregnant along with me. Um yeah. There was SOMETHING in the water!!!!! It is SO fun to be able to talk about mommy things with friends who know what you're going through!

  3. Yay for a fun adventure! And yay for close mommy friends!

  4. How fun! I love the last picture of Eli and Halle. He looks like he's telling her some good gossip!

  5. So funny b/c I wrote a similar post yesterday. Y'alls babies are beyond cute AND you look amazing. Seriously.

  6. Look at you...way to get out and just do it.

    And umm girl you look so great!

  7. Such cute babies!!!!! How fun!

  8. Don't you feel like wonder woman now that you've taken Eli on a road trip, alone?! I remember being so proud of myself the first time we just went ot target together, haha :) How fun to have a friend to share this whole experience with. You look awesome!! Seriously! And of course, Eli is just adorable! I think he looks like the perfect mix of you and Luke.

  9. so stinking cute!! those pics are adorable.

  10. Isn't it the greatest to get to experience your first pregnancy with someone close to you? I had a friend who was preggo at the same time and our kids are only 6 days apart! We don't live in the same city but still live close enough that we get to see each other often. We've both since had a second child but we weren't preggo at the same time the 2nd time around. I really missed being able to compare notes and feelings with her.

    Congrats on your first road trip. That really is an accomplishment!

  11. I'm so glad he slept for you the entire way and back...such a good boy! The pics are cute. :)

    We've been in our pjs all day too. It's yucky here. Ready for sunshine tomorrow!

    You look great girl!

  12. I hope I'm lucky enough to have a good friend pregnant with me one day!! Must make it so much more fun.

    Little Eli looks adorable. So teeny and CUTE!

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  14. how neat to be pregnant along with a close friend! My sister in law and I were pregnant, and our boys are 2 months apart, and the couple who introduced my husband and I had their son one month before we had ours!!! It was really nice to have good friends to talk to :)
    ...your son is adorable!

  15. Fun! Eli looks like your husband!


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