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Weekend of Showers!

This was the weekend of baby showers!

First of all on Saturday morning a wonderful group of women from my office hosted a shower for me and Eli. I was so excited about this shower and it was an amazing shower. They thought of every detail.

Food and Decorations:

In front of those cupcakes are pickled Pringles, mustard and cheez its. Some things I have eaten at work during pregnancy. I LOVE to dip the pickled Pringles in mustard. YUM.

I have seen different diaper cakes but I had never seen anything like this, it was incredible. This is a motorcycle built out of diapers, burp rags, receiving blankets, bottles, bibs, teething rings, and a basket thingy to go in the dishwasher. It was seriously so amazing. I was so proud of my friend Melody for making this. I don't think I ever could!

The gorilla on the motorcycle even had a personalized jacket:

Opening gifts:

With the hostesses:

And my mom:

Once again we are so thankful for the baby shower's that people have taken the time to put together for us. And for everybody that has gifted us. Eli has no idea how many people already love him!

After the shower my mom and I tackeled Eli's room. We got EVERYTHING washed. All clothes, sheets, blankets, etc, etc. We hung up decorations, got the closet organized and just cleaned up the room. I am SO happy that my mom was here to help me do it. We worked hard on it until around 11:00 that night. You can actually walk in his room. Yay!

Onto the second shower......

Sunday afternoon I helped host a shower for my friend Jodi who is due 5 days after me. I've said it before but it really has been so fun being pregnant together. We discuss a lot of TMI pregnancy subjects that would gross other people out, share our cravings, talk about how THIS TIME NEXT YEAR WE WILL HAVE A -insert appropriate age here- BABY and so on. I can't wait to experience motherhood with her.

First off our usual pic. 36 weeks:

The pretty food/cravings table. She is having a girl and the room colors are pink and green:

Good Friends:

Her shower was wonderful and she opened presents for almost 2 straight hours! Lots of cute little baby girl stuff. LOTS of pink!

It was a fun, productive weekend!


  1. "Pickled pregnancy"? Girl, you definitely are sufferin' from some preggo brain! Happens to the best of us! (I should know!)

  2. That motorcycle is perfect! It is such a thoughtful gift. It sounds like you had a great weekend celebrating baby Eli :)

  3. The Motorcycle is AMAZING!! Props to her creativity!!
    You look amazing too! :)

  4. Aww what a great weekend! I LOVE that diaper motorcycle... it's amazing!

    So cute that Eli's first girlfriend is going to be born right around the same time as he is. Adorable.

  5. What beautiful showers! The diaper motorcyle was amazing! So creative. And how fun to share your pregnancy with a good friend. You both look fantastic.

  6. Love that motorcycle diaper cake!! Such a unique idea! I love baby showers and I've enjoyed getting to see all of yours. I can't wait to see Eli's room!

  7. That is an amazing diaper cake! I have never seen anything like it!

  8. What adorable showers!! Eli might have his first gf before he's born! You two look fabulous!

  9. That motorcycle is awesome! baby Eli is so loved already!!

  10. wow, that is one impressive diaper motorcycle! someone is very creative and i love the little jacket that has eli's name on it!! too cute!!
    all the pictures are great!! you look so cute hun :)
    does eli have an arranged marriage already set up with your friends little girl?!
    my bestie has a 3 month old baby girl so we've decided that my cullen and her baby teegan will be having an arranged marriage ;)
    you will have to take pics of the nursery since you and your momma made so much progress! i wanna see!

  11. that diaper motorcycle is amazing!! i sent this link to my crafty friend so we can recreate it!

    also- i want to see the nursery!

  12. That diaper cake is seriously impressive :-)

  13. Girl, you have had some awesome showers! You look precious and I LOVE the diaper motorcycle. Very impressive.

    What gifts did you end up getting your hosts? I'm starting to stress about mine. I'm fresh out of ideas! Need help.

  14. WOW!!! That motorcycle is AMAZING!! Oh my stars, you have some talented friends.

    You are so cute and looking really forward to seeing Eli's nursery all ready to go.

    Have a Blessed week,

  15. You're parties look amazing! Especially the treats! They always make me feel so bummed because my friends and I could never plan something that cute!

  16. You look great. The shower pictures are beautiful.

  17. you've had some great showers! That diaper cake is so awesome, I've never seen one like it!

  18. What a fun weekend!! And that diaper cake is amazing! Someone put a lot of thought and work into that. Wow! You look so cute pregnant! Not too much longer now ;)

  19. The showers look great and so do you!!

  20. what is in the tall glass containers on the table? looks amazing! they thought of everything!

  21. What a fun weekend!! You've had some amazing showers, and how fun that you can help host for other friends while your pregnant. I look for any excuse to eat a cupcake. :) I'm so excited to finally meet Baby Eli when he gets here (obvi not as excited as you and Luke. Duh. LOL)

  22. Goodness gracious, you are adorable! Such a pretty pregnant lady. :-) Aren't baby showers the best thing ever? I just threw one for my brother and his wife. So much fun to celebrate them and their little one!

  23. Do you think your friend, Melanie, could do a guest post to explain how she made that motorcycle?! I NEED to know because it's SO freakin' cute! Super talented and creative!


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