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Random Random

1. I just realized I never took a pregnancy belly picture this week. It never even crossed my mind. I am slowly but surely losing my mind. I will try and take a pic tomorrow.

2. I have been working on a post all week about something that God is teaching me. But the words just aren't formulating. I'm thinking that means God is still teaching me about this particular issue. I'm still open to learning but ready for the LESSON TO BE LEARNED.

3. Luke and I are still sharing one car. We have been doing this for one month now. I have complained off and on about this, but really it isn't that horrible. The worst part is waiting for Luke to pick me up after work everyday. I just look at it as we are getting lots of quality alone time together before Eli gets here! Even if he thinks I talk a lot while in the car.

4. I'm getting my hair done tomorrow and I can't decide if I want to go darker or lighter. Always a dilemma.

5. I saw newborn pics of a baby named Eli today and I got incredibly excited. I cannot wait for our sweet baby to be here. And I'm just assuming he is going to be sweet. My mom tells me all the time that she hopes I get an easy baby. ME TOO MOTHER. I think if I keep calling him sweet that means he will be sweet. And a good sleeper.

6. Every time I watch episodes of Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy I get sad about how good it once was. What happened?!? They both went downhill.

7. The weather this week has been so beautiful. I've been wearing short sleeve shirts with a light cardigan and flats. Very spring like. I just heard on the news that we have a cold front coming again next week. I loved the snow last week, but I loved the warm weather this week and want it to stay that way!

8. I really need to finish Eli's nursery. I also need to clean my house. You don't even want to know how long it's been since I've cleaned. I just move much slower these days and by the time I've finished cleaning one room I'm done with that nonsense.

9. I make my bed every single morning. No matter how messy my house is, or how many clothes are on my floor if my bed is made I feel like everything is put together.

10. I am so glad that I get to watch Oprah on my maternity leave before she quits (retires?) I get her for about 2 1/2 months before her show is gone forever. I'm so happy.


  1. Maybe go with whichever hair color is more natural? That way it grows out really well incase it is a bit until you get it done again?

    I can't wait to see pictures of Eli's room!

    I was never a GA watcher but have been faithful to DHW (watching right now...) I'm so sad that it's gone downhill but I can't stop watching...

  2. I'm so excited to see pics of Eli's room!

    I hope the cold front isn't too terrible. Oklahoma has the weirdest weather, always has!

  3. you'll have to post a picture of your belly AND new hair!!

    and i hope the car situation gets fixed real quick for you guys. i know the quality time is good but i know it's hard to have to rely on what the other one is doing...

    i've never watched desperate housewives, but i do watch grey's. and i think between last season {and even the beginning of the season} and now, it's sooo much better. but it could be my mind has been trained to accept what it has become :)

    have a wonderful weekend!

  4. TOTALLY agree about Grey's. I gave up about a year ago and haven't missed it at all.

    As for your hair, I really think you look great both ways. Not something most people can do!

    And finally...I think Eli will be sweet too. How can he not be sweet and adorable and wonderful?!

  5. I would go darker - or as close to your natural hair colour as possible... that way when the baby comes if you don't have time to get your hair done for a while you won't have long roots!

  6. I still love Grey's. I cannot give it up, lol.

    Making my bed in the morning is mandatory. Even if I'm going to wash the sheets later on in the day.

  7. Dont' feel bad about not cleaning! I'm not even pregnant and still seriously lack the motivation to deep clean. I justify it by tryign to keep the house as clutter free as possible...and by making the bed! Have a good weekend!

  8. What did happen with Grey's and Desperate Housewives?! They used to be SO GOOD. And then, now, notsomuch.

    I also have to made my bed every single day or else I feel all stressed. I need a clean bed. My mother would be so proud!

  9. i totally feel you on the whole one car thing. the hubs and i shared one car for 16 months. yikes. and i say go lighter for spring :)

  10. I can't get excited about the spring weather because I know it will just end and we'll get cold again before the real spring. I always hope the weather won't break my heart but it always does. ;)

  11. You will get your stamina back in no time after the baby is born. I have a son also named Eli short for Elias. I love the name and now he and his wife are expecting their first baby in May. His name will be Mason Grant. I will be a first time gramma I am so excited. Take plenty of belly pictures you will look back on them as the days go by. Have a great weekend.


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