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Project 365 Week 7 and 8

I didn't do a post for my Project 365 last week so I'm catching up.

Week 7:

Sunday February 13th:
Just a normal Sunday, except I didn't have bible study on this day. So Luke and I spent some of the evening watching the Grammy Awards. This is just a random pic of Luke watching somebody preform. Not sure who...
Monday February 14th:
The beautiful flowers Luke sent to me at work. I love Valentine's day. After work we went to eat at my favorite restaurant.
Tuesday February 15th:
I sat and read almost this whole book in one sitting on Tuesday night. It was ok. There were parts that made me laugh out loud. It was a quick, very easy read, but not the best book. Kinda gross.

Wednesday February 16th:
I tried these girl scout cookies for the first time on this day. They might be my new favorite.

Thursday February 17th:
One of my goals for 2011 was to try a new recipe every week. Thursday I tried this recipe. It was very yummy.

Friday February 18th:
I haven't had a ton of energy lately and most Friday nights I feel like staying home and just relaxing. So this Friday we got some pizza and enjoyed the night in.
Saturday February 20th:
This was the day of my baby shower thrown by some wonderful women from my office. This picture cracks me up because it shows just how big I've gotten. We played this "guess how big the belly is" game at my first shower and my growth between that shower and this shower is insane. It takes hard work (and good food) to grow a human!
Week 8

Sunday February 21st:
Sunday was my friend Jodi's shower. Here we are in front of her food table. I'm anxious to see who has their baby first (we are 5 days apart). It would be fun if we had them on the same day!
Monday February 22nd:
I had some girls over for an Arbonne party on Monday night. It was a fun girl's night.
Tuesday February 23rd
No picture on this day but I finally got a car! Woo hoo! Luke and I shared a car for a month and really it wasn't that bad, but it's nice to have my own car again. I feel like such an adult!

Wednesday February 24th:
I had a taste testing at work on this day. We sat down and tried many different salads, entree's and desserts to find the perfect meal for a ceremony in April (when I'm on maternity leave). I took a picture of every plate to look back on to help with the decision process. This is one of the meals (with one of my salads in the background)
No picture Thursday or Friday.

Saturday February 26th:
The day of my last baby shower for Eli. This one was put together by our church and was so wonderful. They did a book theme and the cake was a scene from the Hungry Caterpillar book. It was SO pretty (and delicious).


  1. Love the pictures! :-) I cant believe Eli is going to be here so so soon!

  2. Oh my gosh, that cake is adorable! I love The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
    Eli will be here before you know it, so exciting!

  3. The Hungry Caterpillar cake is adorable! What a great idea!

  4. You are ALLL belly in that baby shower shot. Sweet boy is ready to bust out of that joint soon!

  5. I am in LOOOOOVE with that Hungry Caterpillar cake!! It is so stinking cute!

  6. I'm eying the beautiful comforter behind the Belly Laugh book. I believe it the one that I have been looking at every time I go to Target!

  7. Looks like a GREAT week!!
    You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL by the way!!!
    Love the Book Theme for a baby shower!!! Very cool!! Hope baby Eli received lots and lots of books for his mommy and daddy to read to him!!!

    Hope you have a GREAT week!

  8. Well I still think you're one of the cutest preggers ever. That cake is amazing...what a great idea to do a scene from the book! Happy you got a car - did you get what you wanted?? :)

  9. I love the book Belly Laughs!! I agree parts were gross, but parts made me feel a little normal! I enjoy reading your blog!

  10. you're choosing do-si-dos over tagalongs? who are you? just kidding ;) I haven't even had one GS cookie yet this year! I love seeing all the pics cute mama!


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